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  1. Haha. I'll bet you anything, anything, you don't sweep us. Marshawn is going to be better than lazy ass Willis, especially now that we have a much better o-line.

    But the only challenge the Jets had recently with the Bills was stopping Mcgahee. Its not like we can't stop him, as we have stopped better RB's then him. Its just something about Mcgahee where the Jets weren't able to touch him.

    Anyway, the Bills were the only team in the division to NOT improve over the offseason. Sure, you added some draft choices, which every team does but other then that you essentially traded Mcgahee for Lynch...Not a very good deal in my opinon.

  2. I am not denying that. I am just saying that we shouldn't annoint Herman Edwards as the Humanitarian of the Year after the way the sniveling piece of **** slinked out of town.

    I disagree, leaving was very humanitarian and definately the right thing to do.

  3. My main criticism of Mangini is that he can be too aggressive.I don't like the surprise onside kicks and going for on it 4th down even though we have the momentum,but it's better to be too aggressive than too conservative I guess.

    well, we can bring back Herm so he can run on 1st and 2nd and kick the FG on 3rd so we dont have to make a decision on 4th down...

    I'd rather Mangini.

  4. A life coach?

    Did you forget about the way that rat bastard skipped out of town?

    That was good for everyone! He wanted it, we wanted it, and the Cheifs wanted it... Leaving was one of the best things Herm did for the Jets.

  5. I'm sorry, but a 3 day Mini Camp doesn't tell all.

    You, ecurb and other Chad lovers continue to ignore and over look the fact that your savior boy sat on the bench for 2 whole years and then for the first 4 games in his 3rd year and wasn't going to see the field that season either until Vinny got hurt in the Jacksonville game and Chad made $64 million off of a 12 game fluke season.

    Oh, and BTW, Pennington was also the #3 his rookie season, Clemens was only #3 for half of his.

    I'm not a Chad lover. In fact, if you read my posts you would see that I actually hope Clemens can turn it around in Training Camp and not only win the backup job, but also give Chad some legit compettition for the starting QB spot. I'm a Jet lover, and I support and hope for whatever will be best for the Jets and whatever will help them win games. If Clemens outplays Chad in camp, I'll be ecstatic. Having said that, if Chad clearly eliminates the compettition, as he did in last years camp, he should be the starter.

    As I said, Im going to stop worrying about Personell decisions that are not only not in my hands, but I know nothing about. Whatever happens, I'm going to support my team and enjoy the season.


  6. Serphnx I've read this board for a long time and I really like you as a poster, but this argument (and every other Kellen haters argument) is so out of whack it is completely unreal. When Barton, 124, or whoever criticize Chad, atleast their argument is based off of history. KC has zero history. None. So what makes him a surefire bust? There is nothing to base that, or his super-stardom-to-be, off of. I'm not sure if KC will be good, I'm not sure if he will be bad. But thats why he needs to play, so he can create his own history and hence we can judge him the same way we judge Chad.

    If he cant secure a backup spot from an already known complete bust in Tuiasasopo, thats plenty evidence that so far, hes been a bust.

  7. chad will never win a superbowl

    Oh, I wish people would just shut up about what Chad will, can, wont, or cant do. Personell decisions are in the coaches control, not ours. We're fans and our 'job' is to support our team. If you don't believe in your starting QB, you don't belive in the coaches and you don't believe in the team (which makes it hard to support them). No, Pennington is not a top 5 QB and never will be. He'll probably never win an MVP award or make a Pro Bowl. But what difference does it make? Obviously the coaches feel that he's the best we have and I have to trust them. I don't know about you all, but I'm going to stop making all this fuss over Chad Pennington and what he's capable of doing and just enjoy the season and support my team. You're all welcome to join me....


  8. The Pats don't have a Kendall type situation.

    Asante has been offered a $7.9 million guaranteed contract under the franchise tag (I believe that is a 1000% increase over his 2006 salary).

    Kendall is going to hold out even though he is under contract for 2 more seasons.

    I doubt Kendall will hold out. After all, his main concern isn't a long term deal. its money. If he holds out he gets none, if he doesn't he gets about 1.7 million. If the Jets dont trade/release him before then, I bet Kendall comes to camp focused and ready to win the starting job at LG. If he does that, the Jets may even be able to justify giving him a little raise...

  9. Go write a book about it.

    17 tds in 16 games is pitiful for a 7 year veteran. Pitiful.

    Call him whatever you want...He got the job done and got us into the playoffs last year. At the end of the day, its not how well he does in fantasy football, its how well he does for the team. I think everyone on the Jets agreed that Pennington gave the Jets the best chance to win last season for a number of reasons.

    What's there to write a book about?

  10. Maybe I do have it a little backwards... But last season it's not Vilmas fault we had Kimo on the D-Line instead of J.Abraham.

    With the 3-4 D... I know the having a true NT is so important but at the same time if you have 4 play-makers flying to the ball in terms of LB's... I really feel that the 3-4 Linebackers are so important. This year im gonna enjoy watching Bryan Thomas, Vilma, Harris and Hobson plugging the holes. And Barton is going to get alot of playing time if not still being the starter.

    If we keep Barton on it'll give us A LOT of flexibility on Defense. Especially with DE/OLB guys D. Bowen and B. Thomas on the roster.

  11. The Jets have no chance of winning the division. Seriously. There is no way in hell that NY is a better football team than NE.

    Hope and pray for a Wildcard seed.

    Usually when teams exceed expectations (the Jets) in one season, they take a step back the next.

    Of course they have a chance. Heck, at this point the Dolphins and Bills still have a chance. The outcome of a football season is not determined by offseason success. One of my favorite quotes is "the NFL season is a marathon, not a race." While one team might look like SB champions by the end of the offseason and even the 1st half of the reg. season, that same team might fall apart in the 2nd half to miss the playoffs completely. Other teams will start 4-4 or even 3-5 and end up making the playoffs at 9-7 or 10-6. Especially in football, where injuries are more likely and more detrimental (because of the short season) to teams, a lot of the unexpected is bound to happen.

  12. I hate that Pats more than anyone, there has to be something wrong if you don't think their going to make the playoffs.

    I tend to agree with you Ghost, but then again, I would've said the same thing about a person last year who said the Jets ARE going to make the playoffs! So you never know, especially with a team that went on such a huge spending spree and acquired so many new players that won't necessarily fit in.

  13. We have no running game because the defense doesn't have to worry about anything over 7 yards. So they just cheat everyone in. Speaking of which, the run game was actually ranked 20th, 5 spots ahead of the 25th ranked passing offense we put up. So which is holding back which?

    The QB and OC get a lot of credit when things go well, and they deserve a lot of blame when things don't go well. Tom Brady had NOTHING last year, yet he still was productive. He won a super bowl with no run game, and not much of a receiving corps either, nothing near Coles and Cotch at any rate.

    But that isn't really the point of my post. What has Schott proven? You can make excuses for why he isn't great, but how does that qualify him as a HC? Why not take a guy that actually has shown results? I think this is a case of Jets fans wearing green-tinted glasses again. Schott has done nothing to convince anyone that he would be a great coach. The Dolphins expressed interest I believe, but they are in shambles so they'll take anyone at this point.

    Regarding the POINT of your post...

    What had Mangini done that qualified him as a HC? Many people doubted Mangini would even beat out Herm Edwards in terms of coaching. If you told me at this time last year that the Jets would make the playoffs at 10-6, Pennington would start all 16 games of the season, and Mangini would be nominated for NFL Coach of the year, I would've called you insane!! B. Schottenheimer is one of those guys who is young, but certainly not inexperienced. He is smart, a creative thinker, hard worker, and has been around football his whole life. Those traits are the ones that many teams are looking for when they are in need of a head coach.

  14. If our offense is just as productive as it was last year, we are going to go 4-12 and Mangini and Schott will worry about keeping their jobs. 17 teams scored more points than us last year, and this was with one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. In terms of total offense, we were ranked 25th in the NFL. Our passing offense was 17th.

    Our defense was 20th in total, and 6th in terms of points allowed. This was with a terrible start and players out of position.

    Either Schott sucks, or Chad sucks, they can't both be free of the blame for an offense that simply was not playoff caliber. If we were 6th in points scored, we would have more wins and probably have gotten further in the playoffs. Instead, everyone falls all over themselves to rag on our defense and give our offense free passes to be mediocre. I don't understand how Schott is getting a HC job on this, unless the entire league things Chad Pennington is a **** QB, and that Schott just couldn't overcome him.

    Ummm we actually faced a very tough defensive schedule in Miami X2, NE X2, Chicago, Minnesota were amongst some of the best defenses in the NFL last year. We also played Buffalo X2, Oakland, and Cleveland, all of which had at the very least, avg. defenses. Also, being ranked 20th in rushing with a 4 man by committee approach is pretty impressive.

    Pennington threw some bad interceptions at times, but as many on the team have said, he was the unquestioned leader who took blame for losses and deflected credit for wins. 17 TD's and over 2000 passing yards in a season where most people doubted he would last more then 5-8 games is pretty impressive.

  15. EXactly.

    Or you find yourself in a similar situation like with Chad. A player that sits on the bench for two years into his third. Finally gets a start, shows some potential a second before his contract expires.

    Ummm. Wrong. Sorry, not everyone gets lucky like the Pats and is able to win 3 SB's with a 6th rd draft pick that only started his last 2 yrs in college. With every other team besides the Pats, the best player has to play in order to win, which is the main objective.

  16. You have to think big picture. We need to find out about Kellen now. Not 3 years from now when Chad's shoulder is finally busted for good.

    You have to understand the big picture. We need to win games now and in the future, the only way we win games is by playing the best player. If Clemens proves to be the best QB on our roster in Training Camp, then we should put him in and see how he does. If he is beat out by both Pennington and Tui in camp, he should be a 3rd QB. The best player plays, thats the strategy you have to go by if you want to win games.

  17. I don't care if Tui beats out Kellen in camp. We need to see this year if Kellen is the real deal or not. I'm not a Kellen-believer at all but I want to see if this guy is as good as the hype or if he's just a Jay Fiedler clone or worse.

    I don't want to be hearing the same "Chad sucks, Kellen is a god, you just haven't seen it yet" crap three years from now. Let's find out now.

    Dude, if he doesn't deserve to play, we're not going to play him. If he looks like the next Troy Aikmen or J. Elway at camp and Pennington looks like Ryan Leaf, Kellen will probably come out as the starting QB. Best player plays, thats how you win.

  18. JC!

    He swung on one of three men who attacked him, then left the scene. You make it sound like he evaded already present police-men. He approached the arresting officers and returned to the bar where he apologized to the woman he accidentally hit.

    I heard that cops actually found him hiding in some warehouse.

  19. He is considering sitting out and will make much less money. If he shows up after 10 games I bet that Belichick won't play him.

    Asante has a huge ego. As I've said in other posts he isn't getting much support from his teammates over this holdout.

    I think he will be in a Pats uniform on opening day.

    If I was him I would play this season for a guaranteed $7.9 million and then test the free-agent market in 2008. It's a win-win situation for him.

    At least Asante isn't holding a press conference on the practice field saying he was thrown under the bus by taking a pay-cut like Kendall did.

    No, but he has said that he's sick of the Patsies treating their players this way...And the fact that he is willing to sit out 10 weeks and get paid THAT MUCH LESS, then thats a much bigger statement then anything PK has said. In fact, PK has said numerous times that whether or not he will come to camp if he is still on the team is 'up in the air'.

  20. I think Romeo is better friends with Mangini... the bigger concern is who will replace Shotty when he goes off to be a HC...

    I agree. And no, Mangini won't allow Crennell to come on as a D.C. Mangini wants this to be his team, and certainly its his defense.

    If the offense is just as/more productive then it was last season, Schotty will be at the top of the pecking order in terms of teams in need of a HC.

  21. Has a New England Patriot been arrested this off season?

    Samuel wants a long term deal worth big bucks. The Pats franchised him and will pay $7.9 million to him this season if he accepts. How does that make him a bad character guy?

    Umm, he doesn't want to play for your team, and is willing to sit out and make less money because of it. If thats not considered a character problem then I dont know what is. As far as people getting arrested, no, no one from the pats this offseason perse but Merriweather did have some tussels with the law in the past. (including stomping on the head of 2 FIU players during an in game brawl that got him a suspension from the NCAA)

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