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  1. Maybe if you would take your boyfriends weiner out of your own mouth long enough to read the thread you could see I just debated and destroyed your little buddy. Let me sum up for you, I said that Stallworth was every bit as productive a NFL WR as Branch was, your little buddy called me crazy, I responded with "facts" to back up my statement, he ran away, then you dropped in and said somthing stupid. There I think that brings us up to date, any questions?

    I did not run away, sorry that I have a life other then this forum.

    Anyway, back to the debate.

    Stallworth may have been just as productive as Branch as far as numbers go, I'll grant you that. But, Branch has 3 SB rings and a SB MVP award in his career and Stallworth doesn't. Also, if you look at his yearly breakdown, Stallworth did his best when he was a #3 WR. He certainly wasn't very effective at being a #1 guy last year (38 rec., 725 yds). Problem is, you're paying him a #1 contract, at least 3.6 Million for one year and over 30 million if he stays for 6 yrs. Thats a pretty heavy salary for a guy that has been a good #3, an avg. #2, and a subpar#1 if you ask me.

    Also, back to off the field/ character issues, Stallworth is currently in rehab for drug use and is under NFL supervision. He's also been known to complain about his contract and demand more even though he didn't deserve it.

    Anyway, this debate was supposed to be about which team (Jets or Pats) has a bigger character issue...I think it is clear from the fact that you still haven't been able to name 3 Jets with bigger or equal character problems as Moss, Stallworth, and Samuel that you are the one that has ran away from the debate.

    BTW, don't open your mouth in this forum again unless you're willing to stick to the debate. If not, you can stick that mouth back on Brady's weiner where it obviously belongs.

  2. Wow, I can see I'm dealing with a limited I.Q. here, so let me get this right, your saying that the only reason Moss cut his pay was to come to New England and win a Championship, and thats a bad thing?????????????:confused:

    Second maybe your not aware of this, but Stallworth was drafted the same year as Deon Branch, and has put up just about exactly the same amount of production as Branch has, similar TDs, catchs, yards, all without playing with Tom Brady. So which is it this week jet fans? The Pats where crazy not to pay Branch his top 5 WR contract, or now they are crazy to replace his production with a player for half the cost. :rolleyes: Which is it?? Dude everything write gets dumber by the letter. ;)

    Are you kidding? Where do you get this BS about Stallworth from Shasta?

    About Moss, the point is that he doesn't care about the team, he cares about himself. He took a paycut so he can get a ring on his finger before he retires so his status isn't lowered because he didn't win a Super Bowl. If the Pats finish w/out a playoff berth this season, he'll be the first one to request out or demand higher pay.

  3. That's it, trade Kendall and a pick to the Steelers for Alan Faneca. The Dolphins won't make the playoffs next year mostly because their O-line sucks balls. It would hurt the Jets if they waived Kendall and he got picked up by Miami. You don't want to help the Dolphins improve their biggest weakness.

    No on the trade, price would be way to high for 31 yr old Faneca. Why dont we just calm down and wait and see what happens in camp before we do something that may backfire on us.

  4. Why didn't you mention key players such as Brady, Seymour, Vrabel, Bruschi, Harrison, etc? All veterans who have a lot more say in the locker room than a Moss or Stallworth.

    BTW: Asante isn't get much love from his teammates. A lot of them would kill to make $7.9 million guaranteed in one season.

    The point is that the Pats have more character issues with players in much more important positions then do the Jets. Of course the Pats have great leaders, how else would they have won three SB's in the past decade? My point about Moss and the others was made simply to counter Shasta's opinion that the Jets have more character problems then the Pats.

    BTW: I was just using Samuel's words...He obviously feels he deserves a long term contract.

  5. That's a great idea actually. An undersized OG so our undersized DL and LB can actually push someone around.

    The point is, if he can win the spot in camp, he'll be on the team next year. If he doesn't either because he is not good enough or doesn't want to, he'll probably be released or traded by the end of training camp. Nothing much will happen before that.

  6. Wow you just may have broken the record for one of the dumbest posts ever.

    1. Randy Moss, so selfish he cut 6.9 million off his contract to come to play for the Patriots for 2.5 million and no bonus. He could care so little about the team that he canceled all his off-season plans to come into Foxbro and work out with the team three weeks before passing camp, and decided to stay in foxbro and keep working.

    2. Donte Stallworth, so selfish and money hungry, he told his agent to turn down amuch lager contract with Denver, so he could play for Tom Brady and B.B. By the way Stallworth, since being drafted has produced every bit as much on the feld as Deon Branch.

    3. Asante Samuel, so sick that the teams treating him so awful that they are only going to pay him8 million bucks for one season. :rolleyes:

    Bottom line,,, you don't know what your talking about, get the picture ganggreenman??

    1. Please, Moss took a paycut so HE can win a Championship before HE retires, you know that he couldn't care less about the Pats. Wow, he cancelled his offseason plans to come to Foxboro?? Thats unheard of, coming to camp instead of going on vacation? No one else does that...He's a hero!!

    2. Stallworth, yeah okay, that big contract he signed with you guys...Not worth it. He's a good #3 - avg #2. Thats about it.

    3. Asante Samuel has said that he is sick of the Pats' way of treating the players that work so hard for them...thats why he is holding out until week 10.

    I don't know what I'm talking about? Tell me three key players for the Jets who are worse character type players then Moss, Stallworth and Samuel, and I'll tell you three that mean much less to the Jets then Moss, Stallworth and Samuel mean to the Pats.

  7. This is funny stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed your unbiased analysis! hahahahahaha....they key players on the Pats are Moss, Stallworth and Samuel. Damn, no wonder I come t o JN. It's football acumen like that you can't get anywhere else.

    They're all more key to your franchise then Justin Miller and/or Pete Kendall are to ours. I don't see how the Jets have more of a character problem then the Pats, which is Shtstain's point.

  8. Nice personal attack, thats a sure sign of an intelligent poster. By the way maybe you could answer the question and explain to all of us just how classy this JET team is. Lets see if the Patriots abandoned the principle of having high character players as you say, then what does that make the jets? Are you saying the Jets don't still have a roster spot open for a scum-bag CB that punched a 110 pound woman in the mouth because she wouldn't give give him the time of day? Are you saying that the same scum-bag didn't lead police on a foot chase through the streets until they caught him hiding in a parking garage? Thats character and class all right.:rolleyes:

    wow. Lets see, who are the Jets key players? Chad Pennington, (strong work ethic, intelligent, team first attitude) Thomas Jones (Team first attitude, strong work ethic, "workout warrior") Laverneus Coles (Hard worker, one of the toughest WR's in the NFL who never takes a play off even if he's injured, and will do w/e it takes to help the team) Jerricho Cotchery (Hard worker, never complained about PT, even when he was severely underused by Herm Edwards, team first attitude) J. Vilma (Smart, team first attitude - went along with 3-4 and tried to do what he could to help the team even though it made his stats worse, role-model type leader) K. Rhodes, (Smart, hard worker, gamefilm analyst, team first attitude, role model)...

    Now, lets look at the Pats key players heading into '07.

    Randy Moss (lets little injuries nag, tanks on plays where he is not the focus, does whatever is best for him and doesn't care about the team) Donte Stallworth (Selfish, wants lots of money even though he's at best an avg #2 wr) Asante Samuel (so pissed at the team that he is threatening to hold out until week 10, sick of seeing the team treat people this way)...

    Get the picture Shasta?

  9. All of you relax...Kendall is not going anywhere so fast, especially if the most interested team is in the Jets division. There's no reason to get rid of him if we have the cap and the roster space to keep him on. If he knows that the only way he'll be playing football this season is if he comes to camp and wins the spot, maybe that'll straighten his ass up. But he'll be the one that decides if he will play for the Jets next year, not the Jets.

  10. I'm not sticking up for Bush (although I think he is much better than Leon) I'm trying to stick up for Maroney.

    DefenseWinsChampionships stated in another thread that Leon was much better than Maroney.

    Can we all agree that Maroney is the only real RB in this conversation?

    Sure, he may be a "real" RB considering that he has the power to run between the tackles and the speed to take it outside. I'm just not sure if he'll be good at being a "real" back. I think he is a nice change of pace type of back who would do well getting 12 or so carries per game...But I'm not sure how he'll respond to being hit with 15+ carries every game. I feel much more safe with TJones and Leon than I would if we had Maroney and Faulk/Morris.

  11. I wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and think of Ray Lucas.

    Whenever I have an important decision to be made, I always think to myself, What Would Ray Lucas Do?

    I have a tattoo on my arm that reads, WWRLD?

    Ray Lucas, #1!

    In all seriousness, Ray Lucas is the biggest Jets homer I have ever seen and I'm glad I didn't see the show because my television probably would be on the front lawn right now and I'd have a broken window if I actually saw someone say that Leon & Jones, Jacobs & Droughs and Jordan & Rhodes belonged in the Top 5 for 1-2 RB punches.

    San Diego: LaDainian Tomlinson & Michael Turner

    New Orleans: Reggie Bush & Duece McAlister

    Jacksonville: Maurice Jones-Drew & Fred Taylor

    Washington: Clinton Portis & Ladell Betts

    Minnesota: Adrian Peterson & Chester Taylor

    Dallas: Julius Jones & Marion Barber III

    Carolina: DeShaun Foster & DeAngelo Williams

    Agree on the first 3 or 4 and maybe Dallas, bur CAR and MIN? What about KC with L. Johnson and Bennett? I also think Jones & Leon would rank higher than Foster&Williams(CAR) and Peterson&Taylor(MIN).

    Also, its hard to rank the top 5 RB teams because it depends on what you're looking for. Its hard to just look at stats for any of this because they can vary based on the quality of the team the RB's play for and the toughness of their schedule. But, if you are looking at stats, which ones? just rushing yds, or total yards? Just TD's? I think it would be easier to rank these teams' running attack if all of that was more clear.

  12. I seem to remember a BIG XII conference team winning a National Championship against a decent PAC 10 team not too long ago...but, whatever, this is an NFL message board. As for you comparing Leon to Peterson and your high value of Jones, well...


    haha, no not quite. I actually think the Jets deserve more credit then they're getting for the offensive firepower they have now. I agree that teams such as SD, KC, Jax, and NO all have better run games then the Jets. I think teams such as the Titans, Cowboys, and Raiders are about even with the Jets and teams such as MIN and NE a small step below those teams. Leon Washington had over 900 yds last season (650 Rushing) and wasn't even on the game roster until about week 3. He didn't start until maybe mid season, and even then he was splitting time. At the same time, T-Jones had over 1,000 RUSHING yards his past two seasons while splitting time with C. Benson in Chicago. So, using that logic, T-Jones and L. Washington may be able to combine for over 2,000 total yards this season, and over 1,500 rushing...No, I don't think MIN's or NE's backfields are even close to capable of producing those kinds of numbers.

  13. After 16 years of NFL in Europe, Commisioner Roger Goodell has decided to shut down the developmental league less than a week after the final World Bowl. The reason, however, is contrary to what many would believe. NFL officials have said that the move was made in order to continue to spread NFL popularity, and not because the NFL had lost hope at acheiving an international fanbase. Since its induction in 1991, both game attendance and TV viewer numbers have increased significantly, according to NFL International. This past World Bowl, the nearly 50,000 people who were in attendance was an NFLE record, and the game was also televised live in both Germany and the Netherlands.

    So, why take it away? Well, first of all, the NFL was spending nearly $30 million per year on NFLE, and, according to Goodell and other NFL officials, it had served its job to "lay a solid foundation of NFL fans and supporters outside of the United States." Now that the goal has been acheived, and a fan foundation has been laid, the NFL will move a preseason and at least 1 regular season game outside of the United States. NFL officials are confident that, due to the success of NFLE, there will be enough of an interest for people to attend these games and/or watch them on T.V.

    Another interesting idea that the NFL is working on is a plan to televise some preseason games in China. While the NFL has laid a foundation and is looking to become more popular in Europe, it is also apparently trying to find a way to crack into Asia as well. Obviously, there are a lot of kinks to be worked out before games are broadcasted in China, an area where most people have never even heard of American Football.

    So, I guess the NFL feels more confident that spending on 1-2 reg. season games outside of the US and on figuring out a way to crack into Asia is better then spending on NFLE. Its an ambitous plan for sure, but at the rate the NFL is growing, there's no reason they shouldn't be ambitous.

    Sources: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/football/nfl/06/29/nfl.china.ap/index.html


  14. I cant wait till see players such as Davis Harris, Revis, Leon Washington, Brick, Mangold all in the Preseason.

    When you have great young talent, the pre-season is exciting.

    no it isnt...The first half of the 2nd and 3rd games are okay, but even then neither team is completely up to speed. By the end of the 1st half usually the 1st team and most of the 2nd team are already off the field and you're watching a bunch of guys that may make the team as 3rd stringers and/or Special Teams players. Not exactly how I would like to spend over an hr of my day.

    I'd rather go to LI and spend a day or two a week watching training camp because thats where you'll really get to see the compettition all around. Preseason's purpose is mainly to give backups the playing experience just to see how they react... The time would be much better spent going to training camp and/or reading training camp reports and MAYBE catching the 1st half of either the 2nd or 3rd game if possible.

  15. Cupcake schedule? BIG XII Haus...not so much a cupcake conference; likely no.2 maybe 3 in the nation. Hey, Jones is a great back, and I would like nothing more than for Jones/Leon to go for 3,000 yds, but Peterson is a prototype RB with only injury in his way. I have been watching Peterson since High School; he's the real deal...

    Please, Big 12, You honestly consider that a tough conference? Sure, one team makes a BCS game per year from that conference and gets crushed by teams from either the Big 10 or PAC 10. But the only reason a Big 12 team makes it is because they play such an easy schedule that its impossible not to finish with a top 8 record. Having said that, I do not think Peterson will be terrible, but I honestly don't see him being too much better then L. Washington, and he's certainly nowhere near T-Jones.

  16. Pete Kendall is fastly turning into a huge pile of scum and should be released in the coming weeks. I don't care if there is a fall off with either Adrien Clarke or Wade Smith, we do not need this **** spewing out from him and it seems to me that he was definitely the culprite, trying to get Mangini & Co. in trouble by playing tattle tail to the NFL PA. Be tough and get over it Pete. Oh, and have fun finding another NFL gig that will give you more then $1.7 million a year. You're 34 years old and on the down side of your career. Good luck scum.

    No, he shouldn't be released. We have the cap room to keep him on for his 1.7 million dollars. If he wants to play another season in the NFL, he'll have to work hard in camp to win the spot over Clarke/Smith. If not, he can sit on the bench and rot away the rest of his career. Its that simple. The Jets should not stoop to his level by overreacting in a way that may end up doing more harm than good.

    And if they're going to release him, it will be right at the end of training camp when it is totally clear that he either doesn't want to or is not good enough to contribute to the team this coming season.

  17. This would be a good time to lock up Rhodes.

    We'll probably offer him a contract sometime towards the end of training camp, or, at the latest, around the trade deadline in week 6. With Vilma, we'll probably wait till the end of the season and see if he can make the transition to the 3-4. At this point, I'd say its more likely than not that Vilma will not be playing for us in '08. Especially now that we have a young replacement in 2nd rd. pick David Harris.

  18. I think the combination of Taylor & A.P. should be better than the Jets RBs. Similar, actually; Peterson and Jones are hard runners, but Peterson has more shake; while Taylor and Leon are almost identical IMO. Thus, MIN gets the edge. Close call, but Peterson promises to have a huge career that should start right away with a bang.

    Please, Peterson was good in college, but against a cupcake schedule while playing for Oklahoma. T-Jones is a proven all around, complete back who can rush for over 1000 yds without being run into the ground. Leon Washington, with his speed and quickness, will make for a nice change of pace back and will allow us to be even more creative on offense. I'd much rather Jones and LWashington over Taylor and A.P.

  19. Unless we have some unknown player to put in there break down and compromise for now and give Kendall the money or some of what he wants.

    Why? Don't give him crap, just keep on the team for what his contract says and make it up to him whether or not he wants to work hard to win the starting job or keep dogging through the practices and complaining to the media to sit on the bench and rot away the rest of his NFL career.

  20. Please...

    Cinci (Rudi & Perry)

    Jax (Taylor & Jones-Drew)

    KC (LJ & Bennett)

    SD (LT & Turner)

    DAL (Jones & Barber)

    WAS (Portis & Betts)

    MIN (Taylor & Peterson)

    NO (Bush & Deuce)

    No particular order, and they are all easily worth a higher ranking than Jones/Leon. There are other debatable combos too. Not saying the Jets RBs won't outshine some of these guys, but you have to give respect where respect is due. Not to mention Lucas' picks of the Giants at #4 and Oakland at #5; please.

    No way is MIN's Taylor and Peterson better then NYJ's Jones and Washington, and I don't think DAL's Jones and Barber is as good either, but theyre better then MIN.

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