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  1. You are more in touch with locals, as I am in florida. But you have to bring up better facts than "well there's more jersey plates at the games, so there must be more jersey fans"

    Do you go around counting NY and NJ plates? :lol:

    And how about when the games were at shea? Logic says there were likely more NY plates there than NJ plates, so there must have been more NY Jets fans in the 80's than NJ fans, right?

    The total population of the state of NY, compared to NJ pretty much automatically means there are more Jets fans in NY than NJ.

    Wow, this is the first intelligent post I've seen Barton make.:P

  2. What is the point of this debate, man?

    I said it's time for Brady to get some of his due-bruises, which might impact his career; and our success in the division. Brees hurt his arm and was traded outside of the conference. Thats my point!

    If Brady went down for a year, do you think the Jets would have a better shot at clinching the division? Would you rather convert this thread into a generic "QB's who falter, hurt their team" debate??? I could've sworn this was about the AFCE and the near future.

    Stay on topic, man.

    I said I agree with all that. I was just responding to your comment "the pats are too reliant on their HC(BB) and QB(T.Brady)

  3. Come on man. Couldn't even post the position he played?! Hell, I can make up stuff better than that.

    [There's a rumor floating around that a soon to be released DT will be traded for a certain "disgruntled player" the Jets currently have on roster. Specifics were not included in accordance with Jets FO policy, but reports should leak out of mini-camp come late July. The soon to be acquired player cant wait for his opportunity to showcase his work ethic, which was virtually unrecognized in the NFC-West division].

    hahahahaha. There you go again GS3.:P

    Seriousness aside, his name is D. Jackson and he played CB for Iowa St. in college.

    Another cornerback on the mend who received good news is DeAndre Jackson.

    The former Iowa State star, who graded out as a first day pick when his senior season began, also suffered a serious knee injury, though it occurred seven games into the 2006 campaign.

    Back to full health, the New York Jets have told Jackson the team will offer him a contract if he passes the team's physical in two weeks time. Jackson's skills coupled with head coach Eric Mangini's ability to develop secondary talent and the Jets lack of depth in the defensive backfield are all positive signs for the cornerback.

    Link: http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=65&p=2&c=653422

  4. I can see what you're saying, and am excited about it's implications. Cassell leading the Pats is nowhere near as frightening as Brady. Similarly, Belichik having a Martz-like season-ender wouldn't bode well for the wishfull champions. The Pats haven't endured an injury they couldn't "overcome" like we had to face in '05. Sure they had the Bruschi scare, and the Harrison drought.... I think that was fore-shadowing for whats to come.

    Also, where would the Colts be without Manning? exactly. Who's their back-up? exactly. Our team is not that far off... We're actually in a better place should trauma occur then the AFC "super-teams" it's all about depth.

    And if Pennington goes down for the Jets, or something happens to Mangini, the Jets will be worse off as well. If Drew Brees goes down for the Saints, they will be worse off. Etc...Etc... The point is that every good team has to rely on and have faith in its starting QB.

  5. To tell you the truth... I never wanna see our Punter on the field. When we bring up the FG unit, thats O.K cause it might be 3 pts. But I dont ever wanna see our Punter on the field.

    Of course not. I would also never wanna see our defense give up a first down, but lets get real. Punting is a very important aspect of the game and can very easily be the difference between a win or a loss. As OSU coach Jim Tressel always says "the punt is the most important play in football."

  6. If I dont get some jets news or something soon Im going to flip out...anybody hear something? Hell can someone make some up?

    I actually heard that the Jets have offered a contract to an undrafted FA, who played and started for his college team his FROSH year and half his Soph year and did well. Then he got a bad foot injury and and a knee injury the next season which limited his playing time/ability significantly his Jr. and Sr. years. The contract being signed is dependant on a physical to take place sometime next week....

    Sorry, seem to have lost the link, I'll look around for it.

  7. '05 was a huge pitfall. Following a playoff year, (where one kick would've sent us to the title game), we lost our center, our running-back, and two QBs.

    If anything, '06's return to the post-season was a reflection of how good this team really is. I imagine Brady's injury-free days are numbered... and once they expire the team that is based solely on Belichik and Brady will have to survive with half of the puzzle. I think the team is a bit too reliant on the two, and their lack of failure will be riding the coat-tails of their good health.

    I'm not a fan to wish bad health on anybody... I'm just saying, our team endured some devestating blows and rebounded after one 4-12 season. Not many teams can do that. Not even the Pats. I think once Brady goes down, or BB for that matter; the team is done.

    I agree, but basically every team in the NFL relies pretty heavily on their starting QB and head coach. You can't sign good players to back up your team leaders sometimes because it shows that you don't trust your leaders. This is a bad message that may affect both the performance of the player and the team.

  8. I wanted them both. that trade was dumb, and made no sense. but I guess I'm still pissed we wasted a #1 pick that we got in the Coles deal (along with our original #1) to trade up for DRob. :rolleyes:

    The trade wasn't dumb...It was letting him go to Wash in the 1st place that was dumb!!

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  9. Actually it's Maroney and Faulk, maybe you guys forgot about him, he's been the best third down RB in the AFC East for the last 5 years. ;)

    T-Jones, L. Washington, C. Houston>Maroney, Faulk, Morris.

    Shasta, Washington is a change of pace back behind T-Jones, who ran for over 1,000 yds his past two seasons. The Pats don't have a C.O.P. Back because Maroney and Morris essentially play the same game (and are both injury prone) and Faulk is simply a 3rd down back. So, I'd much rather TJones and Washington as my 1-2 backs than Maroney and Faulk/Morris.


  10. You mean character like the Jets have for keeping a player that just few weeks ago punched a 110 pound woman in the mouth because she wouldn't give him the time of day? Thats the kind of character players the Jets have. :rolleyes:

    No, he means the type of character players such as L. Washington, C. Pennington, J. Cotchery, T. Jones, J. Vilma, K. Rhodes, Darelle Revis, Hank Poteat, etc... etc... Not players such as R. Moss, D. Stallworth, and Merriweather who tank on the field, throw hissy fits about contacts, and stomp on opponents heads during games.

  11. 1998. No question, but 04? Are you kidding me?

    The Pats were much better than the Jets that year. The Pats won the first game 13-7 and the second game 23-7.

    Pennington's stats in game 1: 19-30 for 162 yards (no TD's or INT's)

    Pennington's stats in game 2: 22-36 for 252 yards (1 TD, 2 INT's)

    He had an awesome completion percentage in both games.

    The Pats went 14-2 and won the Super Bowl. The Jets went 10-6.

    If we had a somewhat decent coach that year we would have been playing you in the AFC Championship game that year. In fact, we almost were... even with Herm.

  12. Not impressed at all. Is that youtube clip his career highlights?

    Tackling a player out of bounds. Tackling a running back on a draw play. Sacking a QB when one of his teammates was right there. Not to mention the High School footage.

    I agree, I also found it interesting that UMiami lined him up at RE instead of LE(usually goes to the best pass rushing lineman because its usually the QB blindside).

  13. I just used google, and here are some sites that I found that stated that the avg. life span was 55, I just took out the small sections that did. Although, I can't find any record that this is actually an official stat, it seems that it's more of a stat that people just automatically assume correct, and then back up by using the growing size and endurance of modern day professional football players.


    While U.S. life expectancy is 77.6 years, recent studies suggest the average for NFL players is 55, 52 for linemen.


    It's no wonder the average life expectancy of an NFL player is 55 - about 22 years less than the average American.

    I still have a hard time believing that approx half of the people that play in the NFL will die before age 55. Maybe for lineman it's 55...But how bout those DB's, QB's and WR's who have to stay in good form in order to be effective players at their positions? It doesn't make logical sense to me.

  14. You know Alk, that (Jr. going down) and Maroney unable to "really" play are the reasons. Sad but true. I swear the reason Thomas was so sought after was because of Indy TE burn.

    BTW - who do you like better? Bug Eyes Caldwell or Jabbar Gaffney? I suspect one of them will stay on. News out of camp was that Washington looked like poop. I'm hoping for Gaffney. I just can't get myself to forgive Bug Eyes for his Indy gaffe.

    So if those are the real reasons, why bother to stock up on problematic recievers such as Moss and Stallworth this offseason?

  15. i'd be surprised if the jets keep a disgruntled kendall around. besides, i don't know that you can rely on a player like kendall who might be retiring after this year, even as a backup. it sounds like they didn't like his mouth before this dispute and i doubt they'd like him around poisoning the chemistry and camaraderie the team is developing.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all. If Kendall wants to play this season he'll have to come to camp and be prepared to work hard in order to win his job away from Smith/Clarke. If not, he'll rot on the bench. It's that simple. The Jets have him under contract and do not have to give in to his demands simply because he is running his mouth at the media. As for developing the camaraderie and chemistry, with the team first positvie attitude leaders spread all around the Jets roster, I doubt Kendall would really be a deterrent to the locker room if he is a backup.

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