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  1. I have to agree with you. But how is our o-line going to be without Kendall. While I know he is not gone yet, barring a miraculous change in position by either the Jets or Kendall, he won't be palying for us next year. Our running game was not that good, Jones should give it a lift, without a good guard the running game will suffer.

    I'm actually willing to put some money down that Kendall will be playing for the Jets this season.

  2. Great read, and having actually never played football or rugby, I found it even more interesting. I wonder what the average life span of a pro rugby player is, I could be wrong but i remember hearing that the avg. age for a pro football player is around 50. Anyway, real great read.

    Thats wayyy off. 50? Sure, there are few retired players that die young every year, but 50 the AVG.?? That would mean approx half of the players that play in the NFL die before age 50!! C'mon you gotta do some thinking for youreself and not just believe everything you hear.

  3. If you go on stubhub.com to buy Jets tickets...It tells you whether or not the tickets come with the parking pass for that game. Since I'm not a season ticket holder, I don't know how to buy one for the whole season if you didn't buy one from the team.

  4. how do people think the pass situation will affect the games?

    the density of the parking lot will be greater, they are busing people in but it's going to be a process... by game time you will have the same 80k people in half the space - could get rowdy?

    Getting out could be better? half the cars means less volume at the roads - and those should be fine with the construction (or will they get torn up too, making it even more of a nightmare?)

    Also what about all the trucks and winnys - i didn't really read the policy on big vehicles the first time around but sounds like it's going to be tough to just bring a big tailgate vehicle without multiple passes? special passes?

    I can see alot of season ticket holders either sellng the passes and going to less due to the trouble or perceived trouble with construction. No offense intended to the NJ'its but who really wants to drive from LI or Westchester to get bussed in from Seacacus? That last leg of the journey might be the straw that broke the camels' back.


    Its going to be an absolute mess for this seasons and maybe a few seasons afterwards until the new Stadium opens and this one is knocked down. In fact, I was at a Red Bulls game at the stadium a few weeks ago, where approx. 10k people showed up, and that was a mess. I can't even begin to imagine how much of a mess it will be when 80k come for the Jets games.

  5. NY is trying to get money out of them even after they stayed in NJ & still kept the NY name. If anything, NY would sue the Jets & come up with the grounds for the lawsuit afterwards.

    NY won't throw a crapload of money to keep them in NY unless a healthy bulk of the money is promised to get funneled right back into Shelly Silver's pocket.

    Well, they poured about 25 million to the Bills this past offseason to ensure that they don't move out of NY. I'd say the Jets have a much bigger fanbase in NY then the Bills.

  6. I understand what you are saying but there have been many games over the years where regardless of the score the fans start to bolt in the begining of the 4th quarter

    Some fans do, but from all of the games I've been to, almost all stayed until it was clear that we were going to win or lose. Personally, I think anyone that bolts at the end of the 3rd no matter what needs mental work...If I was THAT compressed for time I would either sell my tickets to other Jets fans or I wouldn't SHOW UP until the 4th quarter. I would never leave at the start of the 4th quarter.


    hell there were some games last year when the Jets were playing for something and there were surprising amounts of empty seats.

    Well, I was at the Pats game in week 2, it was packed, the Chi game in week 11 i think, it was packed. Those are the only 2 I went to last year but I heard from friends that the Buffalo game, Dolphin game, and Raider game were all completely packed... So I'm not so sure if I believe you. (Unless maybe 100 is a surprising number to you.)

    regardless of the score fans in areas like GB, KC and Pitt support their team in different ways then here in NY.

    Not exactly sure what you mean here. I did, however, realize that by the 2nd half of the 4th quarter of the Jets vs. GB game last year, the Packers Stadium was almost vacant.

    Sure the Jets have a great fan base and the stadium is sold out for the next 100 years but in NY that should not be a surprise.

    I agree with that statement, but I definately think Jets fans are at least top 10 in the NFL.

  7. Nothing against New Jersey... But I would be so pissed off if we were called the New Jersey Jets. And honestly I think the Jets would lose ALOT of fan suport.

    Me... I would still root for the Jets but it would not be the same.

    It certainly wouldn't be the same. I seriously doubt it will ever happen though, there's no reason to. Plus, NY will throw in a crapload of money to keep them 'in' New York.

  8. Gangreenman I have to call you out here...it is hard to root for your team when they are having a bad year like in O5? so does that mean you only root for them when they are doing well. Funny in 05 I did not root for the Jets to lose any games no matter how bad they were playing..guess that is just me. In addition I am sure many other season ticket holders can verify the poor attendance the end of that year or in the 4th quarter of most games

    See thats my point. Going to the games would only get me depressed because at the end of the day, I wouldn't have been satisfied with either result. If I go to the game and we're 3-11, I root for the team to win (obviously) and we do, at the end of the day its only going to lose us a few picks in the draft. If I go to the game and we lose, I'm also pissed off that every time I watch the team play, the get their asses kicked and are an embarrasment. I still watched most games on TV until we were getting blown out and I was getting too frustrated to watch. However, if we're 6-8 and have no shot at the playoffs thats a different story, because at least we're playing for respect and have the opportunity to finish right around .500.

    The point is, to say that Jets fans aren't commited because they don't pack the Stadium during breakdown seasons like 05 when literrally half of the practice squad players are starting, does not carry a whole lot of weight. I bet we got the same amount of people to most games that year that any of the teams on the top of that list would get if they have similar years.

    About your 4th Quarter comment, I think it definately depends how close of a game it is entering the 4th and how much is at stake. I agree with you that if by the 2 min warning and it seems as if we have no chance, the stadium empties rather quickly. Personally, I've never left a second early to any regular season game I managed to get tickets to no matter what the score or situation. But you must understand, people have jobs, families and lives to get back to after the games and it would be rediculous to expect all of those people to stay fore every minute of every game even if our team doesn't have a shot.

  9. why would the jets pay kendall $1.7 million to sit on the bench or be a back up? its obvious they have to let him go one way or another.

    Because its better for them than letting him play for a division rival like the Dolphins. Plus, the Jets can afford it, they're well under the cap limit according to the latest estimates.

  10. Ive never seen a bandwagon jets fan, I didnt even know they existed.

    Amen. I hate when people critisize me of being a frontrunner because I'm a Yankee fan. I have to remind them every now and then that I'm a Jets fan. It's impossible to be a fareweather/frontrunner fan and a Jets fan. They just don't go together.

  11. you have to be insane to think that in the Jets 4-12 year there was anywhere near 60,000 people in the stands towards the end...hell the game on news years day was a ghost town...they must have huge bathrooms?? I do not need to believe any stat I was actually there but believe what you want.

    I wasn't at any of the games that year, so I can't say I saw for myself. But, from what I saw on TV, it seemed like at least a slight majority of the seats were occupied for the majority of the games in the last 4 home games. Its hard to go to root on your team if theyre having as bad of a yr as they had in 05. Plus, a lot of fans wanted the Jets to lose the last few games in order to move up in the draft...I definately wouldn't go to a game if I thought it was better for the Jets if they lost. According to SCOUT magazine, 'Jets stadium' was in the "top 10 hardest places to play" based on las year. Ahead of them was GB, Buffalo, Cleveland, Baltimore, KC, and Oakland (there may have been one other, but I forget who). So, if we were ranked number 7 or 8 in the league last year in the "toughest places to play" category, that says something about our fans.

  12. I was at that game too - and it looked to me like plenty of folks were clearing out mid-third qtr. My section (lower end zone) saw approx. 1/4 of the fans leave. Too bad. They missed a heck of a fourth.

    The stadium, from my view, was still just about packed heading into the 4th.

  13. Kendall will not be playing for the Jets anymore. It's now just a matter of when they release him and who replaces him.

    Clark and/or McChesney are definite possibilities. Remember Clark played with Mangold at Ohio State for 2 years so that could be interesting.

    On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if Tannenbaum picks up a player later on, maybe even for a draft pick. If they do they will certainly have a lot of depth on the line.

    Kendall is not going to be released. The Jets are going to keep him on with the feeling even if he doesn't play they'll be okay with Clarke and Smith competing for the job. The choice is going to be entirely up to Kendall, does he choose to sit out and rot on the bench, or does he come to camp and work hard to beat out Clarke and Smith for the starting job.

  14. but the Jets are not the Pats...if he is on the team he will not rot on the bench as he is the best they have and he will play..you play the best players no? You pick and choose your battles and this one to me is stupid..Why not save some coin by getting rid of Kimo or is that signing that not cap friendly?

    Yes, you play the best player. If Kendall comes to camp ready to prove that he's the best player, he should start, no question about it. At this point, we cannot afford to give Kendall what he wants because it will set a bad example for the rest of the team by saying that all you have to do to get what you want is to complain to the media. Thats not a good example to set.

  15. yeah how about actually being in the stands like I was and seeing over 40,000 empty seats for those games. Those numbers are pure bs put out by the teams. As everyone knows all the seats for Jets games are sold out before the games and they tinker with the actual attendace in each game

    I trust them over you. Nothing against you, just I doubt you counted every empty seat and compensated for people who may have left their seats to go to the bathroom or visit the concession/souvenir stands. You probably saw a good 20,000 empty seats, which seems like a lot of empty seats. But no team has attendance over 55-60,000 when they go 4-12 like the Jets did. Heck, there are a lot of teams out there who would do almost anything to average 60,000 on a good year.

  16. for this year the Jets need him..and that is what he is haggling about a one year deal

    Maybe. But if he holds out and/or keeps complaining, he'll just rot on the bench and will make the same amount/less money then he would be if he gets his ass in gear and works hard to win out the spot. Its how the Pats did business for years with Ty Law and numerous others who have complained about their contracts... Almost every time, the Pats got the better end of the stick.

  17. I love the NY fans that try to defend the hard core fan base that is not really there. Lets call it like it is...any ny team that sucks has no chance of any attendance because of other things to do or the fans are fickle. Football means alot more to the people in other areas. Yes the Jets have a very loyal fan base but those people are not in the stands

    Actually, in the 2005 season (the yr the Jets went 4-12), attendance was around 70% avg. for the 2nd half of the season. Thats just under 60,000 people per game when the team was completely out of it!! I'd say thats pretty loyal.

  18. none of them and if they do a complete mistake by the so called geniuses

    Kendall will be done a year from now anyway, if he's not already. Plus, the Jets aren't going to release him so fast. They're going to keep him on the roster and let him decide whether or not he wants to work hard and win back his spot.

  19. wow everyone now hates Kendall, I guess Tangini is the best thing that ever happened..just like after Herm's first year. I would love to know how you would all act if this bs was happening to you..but wait I know how you would react..the same way Pete is

    The NFL, afterall, is a business, and both the teams and players need to do what they feel is best for themselves.

  20. you don't cut him now, that's what he wants. Let him stew, he has no leverage. He'll limp back into camp with his tail between his legs because he won't give up the payday, or else he'll sit out and his career will be over. Its a tough business and the Jets can't give in or else every player will have their hand out.

    Thats's exactly what the Jets are going to do. Its quite obvious that the Jets feel comfortable going into camp with the LG position to be a battle between Adrien Clarke and Wade Smith. So, if Kendall wants to play and make the money he's due on his contract, he'll come to camp and work hard to beat out Clarke and Smith for the starting job. If he decides to keep complaining, he will rot on the bench, if he holds out, he'll rot on the bench and won't make any money. With Clarke and Smith in place, the Jets are prepared to sit back and let Kendall call the shots.

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