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  1. People walking out early, or the ones that do not show up once the team is out of the playoff race. The fans in areas like KC and GB show up regardless of the teams record not the case with the NY fans

    Both GB and KC also hold a lot less fans than the Meadowlands. I bet you that if both the Jets and GB/KC go 6-10ish and are out of it early on, they will both recieve about the same amount of people at the games. The percentage, however, will be higher for either KC or GB because i dont think either of those stadiums even holds 70,000 people, while the meadowlands holds close to 80,000.

  2. I know Jets fans are a dedicated bunch, and they definitely should be ranked higher than 29th, but one thing that does tick me off about fellow Jets fans is no matter if they are winning or losing, alot of them will leave the stadium by the third period, even though anything can still happen.

    I know traffic sucks, but it is expensive to go to games, you pay out the ass now for tickets, parking, and if you get any concessions, forget it! you will be paying out the ass for that hotdog and beer!

    So after paying all that dough, they will leave not even knowing what the outcome was? the Jets need the fans there to root them on to victory! and it is kind of embarrassing when everyone leaves and the only ones left with me are rival fans waving their flags at me in our own home!

    When I go to games, win or lose, I stay to the end, and if they win, I have my fun tailgating in the parking lot while the stadium traffic thins out.

    I agree with you that those type of fans piss me off. I understand during preseason or even late in the reg. season if we are already out of it and are either killing or getting killed, but not when the games still mean something!! However, I disagree that "alot of them" will leave early. Last year I was at the week 2 Jets vs. Pats game and the Stadium remained almost full through 4 quarters despite finishing the first 3 down 24-0.

  3. Wow. If there was a Homer of the Week Post award, I would nominate you.

    Mixed in there with some valid points, is some conclusions drawn from pure speculation.

    The Phins, a team that is rebuilding mind you, thought so much of Barnes they went and signed a 34yo FB over retaining Barnes. Kyle Eckel, an undrafted free agent from last year, was retained over Barnes. I am not sure Eckel is even out of the Navy yet.

    Stuckey, the 32nd WR drafted in the draft, "can be huge in the slot." Really? There has to be a reason a guy who had a solid college career slipped to the 7th round behind a guy from Florida International, Boise State, East Carolina, Miami (O), UTEP, Fresno State, Central Florida, San Jose State, Illinois State and Lane? Where the F is Lane and why was Stuckey drafted 162 spaces behind him?

    Then there is Chad. :rolleyes: Chad is good as he is going to get. His arm is not going to become Peyton's cannon. It is what it is. Barely adequate.

    1) Barnes fits our system better than he fits the Dolfags. 2) Stuckey was drafted in round 7 because of being injury prone in college. Most predict he would've gone in rds 3-5 if he hadn't gotten a foot injury his Sr. year. Plus, Brady was drafted in Rd. 6, and there were probably a good 10-15 QB's selected before him and none of them have been nearly as succesful.

  4. Evans is a good young player with a lot of promise, but I can't stand trouble makers. This incident goes against everything that the Dolphins were trying to accomplish by ridding the team of bad character guys like McMichael and Ricky. Evans might not be around for long.

    Oh yeah, that really explains signing Porter:shutit:

  5. Yeah i love that quote someone pulled up, it was an 'undisclosed' patriot player saying "the jets? all you have to do is hang with them for 3 quarters and they'll give it to you in the 4th"...

    that's SOB, too bad he was right.

    Yep. I remember reading numerous articles about that quote by an "anonymous patriot's player". Mangenious at least makes the other teams earn their victories if they beat the Jets.

  6. So a coach rats him out for text messaging???

    Same old stuff week after week, nothing new in the system???

    Was this last year during Herm's tenure??? Or was it before last year...

    In one quote he sat in the back with only a coach behind him, then he says he doesnt sit in the back.... Does he mean he doesnt sit in the back anymore since he got caught texting and he is trying to look like a good guy to get a better contract????

    I agree, I am against guys holding out for a new contract, but Herm is going to run him into the ground... I almost feel bad for him... He should demand a trade.

    what do you mean he is Going to run him into the ground?

  7. If Clemens loses the backup job to a useless piece of crap like Tuiasosopo his draft pick will be one of the worst in jet history.

    You can't say that until he retires or is forced out of the NFL... How many good players (especially QB's) do you think came out and were all pros the 1st year on the job? Not many. It takes learning time to adjust to the NFL, especially if you're a QB who has to focus on everything that he, the offense around him, and the defense is doing. Kellen Clemens should be given time before we label him as "one of the worst draft picks in Jet history."

  8. Actually, Pennington was a 3rd stringer during his rookie year in 2000. The reason why was because in the previous 1999 season Ray Lucas had the best year of his career. At the time Lucas actually looked like he was developing into a solid NFL QB and then he came back to Earth. Penington became the second string back-up in 2001, his second season.

    The Jets are not going to sign Daunte Culpeper unless they lose all confidence in Clemens. We need to find out this season if Clemens is the real deal or not. Enough with the excuses about him not getting any playing time during the regular season.

    I agree... We should DEFINATELY NOT sign Daunte. As for Chad, I'm pretty sure he was the 3rd string both his 1st and 2nd year. And was moved to #2 his 3rd yr and then #1 later that yr.

  9. If that is true and he wins the spot from Clemens then it is safe to say we do not have our qb of the Future in Clemens

    Not necessarily true...Pennington was a 3rd stringer the first two-three years in the league as well, and didn't start until I believe it was his fifth season.

  10. If Pennyboy gets hurt....Kellen goes in. If Kellen gets hurt and we have a season like a few years ago, we'll bring in Jeff George or some guy that will take the spot away from Tuiososopo....anyone..... No way I would ever want to see that guy play.

    Actually, it seems Tuisasopo is winning the offseason battle for the backup spot...

  11. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of Kendall 1st. He certainly has the motive and the past reputation to do it. I'd let the Rat Fink rot on my roster if I were the Jets.

    If it was Kendall I'd keep him on the roster and make him a 3rd string...Even if we don't have a 2nd string.

  12. Hey I love your optimism, but I think we'd have to have someone like Carson Palmer under center to really be considered an elite offense. But like I said, our offense is good and solid, and if the D plays well, we can make a serious run into the playoffs. I still gotta see how big an impact TJones will make.

    I don't know, having 2 top 25 wr's, a top 10-15 RB and a top 15-20 QB is a pretty damn hard combination to stop.

  13. If we get big contributions from our new draft picks, and our defense really steps it up, we have a good chance. Our offense is not great, but it's good enough. The Jets are back for a second year under the same system and coaches, they should only get better.

    Ummm our offense is great considering everyone stays healthy. Seriously, teams had trouble stopping us last year and we had NO running game. What team do you honestly think can defend against Coles Cotch and TJones all at the same time? Not many, if any. If we can get an avg/above avg contribution from the D this year, we can go deep into the playoffs.

  14. I only trust the Coleman pickup because Mangini knows Parcells and Coleman came from Dallas... Parcells had no reason to lie to Mangini considering he isnt coaching...

    Don't know if you heard this but apparently Parcells also asked to join the Jets FO this past offseason before he took the job with ESPN.

  15. chad, cotch, coles, leon, barton, brick, robertson...list goes on.

    And if any of those started bitching about their contract the way Kendall is, the Jets FO would react similarly to the way they are now with Kendall.

    I agree with the rest of your post.

  16. I think another thing the Jets are doing is signing guys that have the character qualities they're looking for and have won, or at least played in a big game. Mangold won a championship and played in 2 i think at OSU, Vilma played in 2 championships and won one at U Miami, TJones was in the SB last year, Harris played in one of the two National Championship games last year when OSU played Mich. Many of the leaders of this team have at least been in big game, big pressure situations...

    The point I'm trying to make is that, while Mangini values character type guys, he also wants guys that know what it takes to win, and Kendall hasn't won a thing in his 12 years in the league...

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