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  1. Does anyone know what we might get in return if we trade him ?

    Not much...considering he's 34 and wants a big contract. On top of that, most teams also know that the Jets will probably release him if they can't trade him, so that brings down the value we'd get in return as well.

  2. stallworth and moss could possibly be the BEST COMBINATION OF INJURY PRONE AND COMPLAINING RECIEVERS....that leaves them with welker and gafney after week 3...so pretty much that then leaves the pats with gaffney (like last season) becase welker has only done one thing in his career and that was return a punt like 3 years ago for a touchdown...go jets

    Ahhh JV51, you're forgetting, no one can complain or get injured if theyre playing for the pats!!! Haven't you read the reports on ESPN etc... :yawn:

  3. Denver, Pitt, and Carolina are considerable, but New England ?

    With Moss, Stallworth, Walker, and Washington ?

    Lets see...Moss is only beats out Coles by a little bit, Cotch kicks Stalloworths ass anyday, Welker has been a no show so far....He was a 3RD WR FOR THE DOLPHINS!!! And Mccariens is probably better then Washington....So yeah, I think the Jets WR's a just as good, if not better, than the pats.

  4. so Mike what exactly is your plan after getting rid of Kendall? just say the line sucks and F it? sounds pretty ignorant to me...the line has some chemistry and he helps the youngs guys a ton..this is all haggling over a one year deal. Unless there is some stud out there the Jets have an eye on losing him will be a blow to whatever progress the jets line made.

    It sounds like the Jets brass would be content to have Wade Smith and Adrien Clarke battling for the LG spot. So far, reports have said that Clarke has been less than impressive, but there has still yet to be a real practice with pads and stuff...Of course, I think everyone would be more comfortable if Kendall played and was happy.

  5. For all the chad haters and Clemens lovers out there, most OTA/Mini camp reports say if the season were to start tomorrow, Clemens would be the 3rd QB behind Tuiasosopo and Pennington. While I am not a Pennington lover myself and I do think someone with a stronger arm will be a help, I'm a believer that the best player should play...And, according to numerous reports from Jets Minicamp and OTA sessions, Clemens has a long way to go before he can beat out Chad for the #1 QB spot.

  6. Will the Feud be big this year? I mean do you think after we beat the Pats in the first game, Bill will like get all pissy again?

    According to sources, Bellicheck and Mangini want to end the feud and become friends again...Until Sept. rolls around that is.

    Jets/Patriots is quietly becoming one of the bigger rivalries in the NFL, and if the NYJ can pull another win in '07, it won't be so quiet anymore.

  7. I love that idea. I've been saying it all along. It actually makes sense for all parties involved.

    Kendall gets more money this year (around $3 million he's used to)

    Pittsburgh gets a veteran player with pass-blocking skills.

    Faneca gets a long-term deal (which is his big deal; not his salary, but the length of his contract)

    Jets get a veteran presence who excells at run-blocking.

    He said he's looking to make roughly 3-4 million per year and a 3-4 year deal, and he's 30 and will be a FA next year anyway. The deal wouldn't be worth the high draft pick we'd have to give up.

  8. Then how do you explain the Jacob Bender selection?

    I admit that I was NOT comfortable with our OL situation coming into the offseason, and this concern was not assuaged by the events during this offseason. However, I trust that Mangini knows something about the OL that I don't, and that will suffice for now. If the OL is not ready to go or is ineffective (especially in run-blocking) when the season starts, THEN I'll be worried.

    But I am quite confident "Tangini" knows what they are doing. Between improved versions of Ferguson and Mangold (at the 2 most important positions on the OL) and some under-the-radar linemen that are reportedly emerging as contenders for starting roles, I'm not going to lose any sleep at night.

    I tend not to lose any sleep at night until the season is at least 10 days away or so.... I'm not all that worried about how well we practice. :P

  9. Herm was just about the sloppiest and least disciplined coach and the just were usually among the least penalized under him.

    the just? I'm assuming you meant Jets. Penalties aren't the only sign of discipline or lack their of. Discipline is also your focus on the next play, not making mistakes such as fumbles, blown coverages etc...

    Jets were also one of the best in the TO ratio this past season under Mangini. And they didn't have a HOF RB to run into the ground the way Herm did and is doing.

  10. If I wanted someone to teach the new guys, I'd make Kendall the offensive line coach.

    However, you do not give a 34-year old who can't push anyone around anymore a significant raise like the one he is asking for. We need a road grader for our running game, and he is not that, at least not anymore.

    I get the feeling that Mangini and Tannenbaum see no urgency in getting this done because they feel they have solid depth at the G position. If this is the case, that is excellent news, since I see the G spot as our biggest concern at the moment.

    No, If Tangini really thought they could do without him at G, they wouldnt have kept him around just to be a complainer and a locker room cancer.

  11. Those guys are crappy coaches... thats why the players quit...

    Mangini pushes the JETS damn hard... nobody quits because he works damn hard and is a good coach...

    If Saban did to Jmac what Mangini did... it would have been a different outcome...

    Now look at this season... Jmac is working his ass off in the offseason...

    With Mangini it works because he is not constantly dogging and throwing hissy fits on his players. He gives constructive critisizm, and during the season he only makes players that made mistakes run laps. As evidenced by the discipline the team had last year, the threat of running decreased the amount of slopiness...

  12. With all the hype surrounding the Kendall situation, its good to view this type of conflict from both sides... Here's an article that Kendall wrote himself for Jetsconfidential.com ....

    I had a conversation with Mike Tannenbaum two weeks ago. Mike said what I was asking for wasn
  13. I thought about that to, but there seems to be nothing doing on that front according to people close to the Jets. When you think about it, that deal wouldn't be good for either side. Faneca wants too much money, Kendall is too old, and pitt will probably demand a pretty high draft pick for him. Considering this is Faneca's last year anyway, this deal just wouldn't be worth it.

  14. Well he wouldn't be the first to go from football to acting, worked for Butkis and Brown etc. Sad thing is though he'll probably leave football a little earlier than we would like.

    doubt it... Not until he wins a Lombardi Trophy at least...

  15. your right of course there doesn't seem to be anyone out there worth signing now. but like with the kendall signing 2 years ago you never know who may become available before the start of the season.

    BTW, how much cap space do the Jets have now? Is that info posted online anywhere?

    Thats impossible to tell until all of the rookies are signed or cut and all of the numbers of every contract agreement over the offseason are publicly disclosed....which has yet to be the case.

  16. Good post 80. I also dont think, considering the off the field baggage Moss brings with him, I would rather have RMoss over LColes.

    Cotch, as 80 mentioned is definately better than Stallworth and B.Smith is better than Welker. Put it this way, WELKER WAS A 3rd WR FOR THE DOLPHINS!!! How good can he be?

  17. Do not think it is that far of a stretch.

    New England x2






    7 games I think the Jets would be lucky to be much more then 2-5 in.

    Outside of KC and Cleveland, I do not see the Jets as a prohibitive favorite in any game.

    8-8 is a strong possibility. Under that is not that big of a stretch.

    How bout the Giants, Phins X2, Bills X2, and Redskins? You think they're all better than the Jets?

  18. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Moss is happy...Great.

    It's nice to feel wanted...But does anyone here actually believe that when the 'honeymoon' ends, Moss will give a damn about the Pats when he starts getting doubled and Brady stops throwing to him cause he's not open??

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