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  1. Then you do not want to know that of the 4 losses I could see, your team was not one of the teams beating them.

    Why again would Moss clash with Stallworth?

    The Patriots spread the ball. Stallworth and Moss both signed contracts knowing this. Stallworth wants to be great so the Patriots pick-up the remaining 29 million of his 30 million dollar contract. Moss wants a ring. If anything, Moss' will drive Stallworth to succeed because he knows he has to be that much better to get the ball. Especially in a system that spreads the ball.

    Why would Brady force the ball to appease either of them?

    Brady, at the very least has two guys he is familiar with and a 10 years younger version of Troy Brown in Wes Welker. Again, his favorite receiver is the open one. I would have Peyton Manning type money if I got a buck for everytime he said that.

    The AFC.

    The AFC is a beast. The one thing I agree with you on. The Patriots are nowhere near a lock to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy. Last year, I thought we would be beat the Jets and be bounced by the Chargers. They were better as were the Colts. While both teams had worse off seasons, the Chargers are still very good and have LT. Peyton still has all the weapons and now a young dynamic WR in Anthony Gonzalez that is in a perfect situation. Great team. Great QB. Has two other great receivers ahead of him leaving him one on one with a LBer or a team's third best corner.

    Everything you can look in the AFC Championship game as a possible reason for the Patriots demise. The Patriots have addressed. Wes Welker alone improved the receivers. If Stallworth and Moss contribute positively, even better. The LBers are better. Maybe not younger, but barring injuries...Eric Alexander should not be starting any playoff rematch with the Colts.

    The Patriots are in a fight for the AFC. However, the Jets are not on that radar. Colts? Yes. Chargers? Yes.

    Even the Ravens, Broncos, and Steelers could be beasts. The Jets? No. They will make it interesting, but the Patriots should have the division all but wrapped up by 16 December.

    As for your AFC predictions... How can you possibly determine that before training camp has even started...never mind the preseason or reg. season.

  2. Gimme a break.

    We could dig up Vince Lombardi, George Allen, Hank Stram, and John Madden and Chad Pennington would still be a ****ty QB.

    Explain to me how he isnt top 15 in the NFL today. Can you name 15 better than him. And prove it with numbers etc...?

  3. When Minny was winning, all he ever did was pump up the team and Daunte. When things started to go bad he become such richard's noggin. For the Jets sake I hope he doesn't get off to a good start and runs the Pats down the tube. But, unfortunately I don't think that will happen. If the Jets can't win the super bowl I'll root for whoever is against the Pats.

    No, he was only happy in Minny because HE was the main weapon in their success. Even if the pats have success and he's not the 'primary target', you better believe he's goinna start something. As I said in my above post, Sure, he wants to win, but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS EGO.

  4. Was our running game also non-existent from 02-04, whenever Chad got to hand the ball off to a HOF RB and yet, still couldn't get the job done.

    If Chad Pennington was REALLY a top ten QB, then we would not have to surround him with top ten talent in order for him to be successful.

    I didn't say he was top 10, I'm just making the point that he is not 32. He is probably right around the 15 mark. And btw, 02-04 cannot be blamed on Chad. Its called COACHING.

  5. My guess is theyll make the playoffs but not the super bowl. They will probably win the division with somewhere between 10-12 wins in the regular season. The reason they will not dominate the league is because with all of these new egotistic, character issue players, such as Moss, Stallworth, Merriweather, and now the whole Samuel situation on top of that...Team chemistry has to be affected. Considering football is more of a team game than an individual game, its the teams that work as teams, rather than 11 individuals, that tend to advance to the super bowl and dominate the league. Because of talent and still some positive leadership from Brady and Bruschi, the Pats will win somewhere between 10-12 games and will probably take the division. However, my prediction is that they dont make it past round 2 of the playoffs...

  6. Okay, now explain to me how Chad's success was really his and wasn't the team around him. And please do it without mentioning the words "Brooks Bollinger".

    Because our running game was next to non-existent and we relied on the passing attack almost every game.

  7. Trent Green is an upgrade???

    Dolphins would have been better off giving Daunte and Lemon a shot and keeping the 5th rd pick...Remember, Tom Brady got drafted in round 6. Green is an oft injured 36 year old who can MAYBE squeeze in 1 more year or 2 at the most. So now the dolphins will end up will end their season with 2 overpaid QBs in Green and Culpepper, Lemon will be starting, and the Phins will have lost a draft pick.

    Dolphins will battle for 3rd with the Bills AT BEST.

  8. This is pure speculation... but Im assuming they told Kendal to go through camp... pre-season... and maybe even a few regular season games... proving he can still be a starter, stay healthy, and not loose a step, and THEN they will think about paying him more.

    Remember last season he started to drop off and missed some time due to injury...

    I agree, and if he still disagrees Mangini will pull the old NE trick where you let the guy threaten to hold out knowing he'll end up wanting to play either way because its better than sitting out a season and not getting paid (especially for an older player like Kendall).

  9. you forget where we've been before mangini took the reins. the smartest move he's made so far is taking a job where correctly determining how many seconds are in a minute will make him look like a genius compared to his predecessor.


  10. Yes, he has been in the past too, just not for that high school franchise they have out in Oakland. That still doesn't make it okay...but I understand...:lol:

    Im assuming Minn was a 'high school franchise' as well?

    Seriously though, Moss knows the Pats aren't going to cut him at the first signs of slacking or they never would have traded for him in the first place. Don't fool yourself, Bellicheck is a great football coach, but he is not a psychotherapist. Moss, Stallworth, Merriweather, and Thomas will still be the same people and will carry the same attitudes with them no matter where they are playing. Sure, Moss wants to win, but he'll never do it at the expense of his ego.

  11. Clueless.

    First, we have not had the first round bye since 2004.

    Second, we usually lose to the Dolphins every year. The exceptions to that happening in 2003 and before that 1997.

    Last the Patriots are not building to beat the Jets. We did that last year in 2 of 3 games without the receivers and Adalius. The Patriots' additions are to dethrone the Colts and hold off the Chargers. The Colts are the team that has beaten us three straight times and in the playoffs last year. As long as Chad is on your team, the Jets are not a threat to anyone.

    To beat the Colts and hold off the Chargers.

    We beat you by 2 games last year. We could field the same team and again beat you by 2 games.

    The Patriots are gearing to make a run at the Colts and Chargers.

    Those are the Patriots' threats. Not the Jets. :rl:

    But if you were able to win 3 or 4 Super Bowls in the past decade WITHOUT loading up like you did this offseason, why would you do it this time?

    As for your Chad Pennington comment: Again, you're completely wrong, Chad Pennington threw for 300+ yards in both losses and 150 or something in the win. The game we beat you guys was probably the best we'd ran the ball all season, and the ones we lost we could barely get 3 yds per carry. This year with Tjones in the mix you guys will have to face a consistent, 100 yard back every time. Oh, and we still have Leon as a change of pace back.

  12. Not disagreeing with that at all, just saying with Jones as our primary back, Washington will give us more of a threat as a receiving RB in different schemes rather than just a feature back. Washington I felt through his career at FSU and last year had more versatility and speed coming out of the backfield as a receiver rather than taking carries.

    I agree, having both Jones and Leon could open up the whole playbook for the Jets this season. It'll be interesting to see if we use more of the 3 back formations, with two RB's and a FB.

  13. Justify? No. Understandable? Yes.

    I am not condoning the brawl and Merriweather's actions in it. His teammates and him were involved in three cheap shots from FIU players. There were no calls against them. On the play before the brawl it happened again. Of course, he was suspended for his actions.

    Heat of the action he lost his mind and paid for it.

    Again, please point out where the Patriots changed their tactics? They have signed 'troubled' players in the past. That is not new.

    Are you serious?

    The only other 'troubled' player they have picked up over the past three or four years ago (until now) was Corey Dillon. Other then that Bellicheck's plan was to pick up the good character prospects. Bellicheck was able to keep Dillon under wraps because for one, he filled the rest of the team with high character prospects, and second, he had a good backup RB perfectly capable of taking Dillon's spot should he F up. This offseason, The Patsies have completely loaded up on guys with character issues and have no fallback options to keep them in check. I think the Pats offseason shows two things, fear and desperation...Unfortunately for them, I dont think their offseason will help them overcome either their fear or desperation.

  14. Would Justin Miller at SS be considered a "major shift" cause I have an inkling that is what his true position should be.

    Wow, never even thought of JM at safety, you're right he fits in better there!! He's hard hitting and fast...there's not much else you would need from a backup ss.

  15. Wow I dont miss this guy AT ALL. Everytime I read one of these rants I begin to get nauscious. And the thing about these interviews is that theyre 12 pages or whatever of complete garbage, I bet at least half of it are lies and the other half are obvious statements like "its good for rbs to be able to catch passes". What a dumbass.

  16. Man I cant disagree with you more, my impression has been that he inherites a good team like with the jets for example and the already built up team makes playoffs, but then he blows it by not um being a good coach and runs the team, staff and morale into the ground, with the only higlights being is crazy ass news conferences. I really dont think hes a good coach at look at last year for example what happened to them at the end of the year not only were they out coached but you can argue all day that they dont even know how to use their players effectively. Herm really is a horrible coach and I feel sorry for any team his in charge of

    Nailed it.

    Herm inherits super bowl talent and gets lucky to "lead" them to the playoffs two or three times every 5 years...

  17. Buy:

    Kenyon Coleman, B. Thomas, Dbrick K. Rhodes, D-rob, and Justin Miller (explanation later)

    Sell: Kendall, Pennington, Ellis and either Barton or Vilma.

    Explanation for 'buying' D-rob and JM.

    As of now, you could probably get D-rob and JM for pretty inexpensive prices, and given the potential they both have, mine as well give them a shot.

    As for my sells... Pennington had the best complete season of his career last year, and the probability that he completes another one is considerably low and he also is going to go up against some tougher defenses than he did last season. Buy low Sell high thats what its all about.

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