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  1. Nailed it. Herm inherits super bowl talent and gets lucky to "lead" them to the playoffs two or three times every 5 years...
  2. I'm surprised he wasnt gone already!! I did hear a few rumors that he talked to some other teams but didnt conduct any formal interviews... These were just rumors and have not been validified.
  3. Buy: Kenyon Coleman, B. Thomas, Dbrick K. Rhodes, D-rob, and Justin Miller (explanation later) Sell: Kendall, Pennington, Ellis and either Barton or Vilma. Explanation for 'buying' D-rob and JM. As of now, you could probably get D-rob and JM for pretty inexpensive prices, and given the potential they both have, mine as well give them a shot. As for my sells... Pennington had the best complete season of his career last year, and the probability that he completes another one is considerably low and he also is going to go up against some tougher defenses than he did l
  4. Some things I enjoyed while watching the replay: 1) I like seeing and recalling all of the players that played for us in 2000 and are now ex - Jets. Its amazing how much of a difference 7 years makes. 2) Listening to the announcers talk about how Curtis Martin still has a bright career in front of him. 3) Listening to the announcers talk about how Parcells' move from NE to NY has changed things around a lot. 'Now the Patriots are struggling and will likely be looking for a new head coach at the end of the season'... Nostalgia for the good ol' days.
  5. What did I say in the other Herm thread about him and Mangini being COMPLETE opposites?? Its been proven true time and time again.
  6. How do I earn Vcash money? Every time I click on an event it tells me I'm NOT allowed to bet on this event...
  7. You seem to have missed my point. The point is, even if JM is on the roster come Sept. 9th, I very seriously doubt he'll get any playing time in that game, and possibly games following that. I wasn't trying to imply that JM will be cut, I was speculating about what this incident will mean for the Jets going down the road. Since some sort of reprocussion is just about necessary...
  8. If you read my post, I never said anything about him being released OR traded. There is a possibility that he will be suspended, if not by the league, then by the Jets themselves. Tangini does not want to be known for standing for this crap...
  9. I know almost everyone reading this knows that Justin Miller was arrested at around 4am sunday morning and accused of 3rd degree misdemeanor (assault). After JM punched a woman, he also apparently tried to run from the cops before he got caught (how the police possibly caught up to him still puzzles me). Anyway, I was wondering how this arrest will affect the Jets organization down the road. One obvious way is that the Jets will, most likely, be without their best kick returner for at least the season opener against NE. But, depending on the reprocussions that the league and/or the Jets g
  10. I think Tjones will have an impact, but the run blocking was terrible last year. And, unless I've missed something, we havent done much this offseason to correct that problem. In fact, if the rumors that Kendall will be gone by training camp are true, we may have even gotten worse in that area. Thomas Jones is a good RB, but he'll still need guys to block for him. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how Mangini/Schottenheimer incorporate Jones into the offense, and how T. Jones will affect the play of Cotchery and Coles. I also look forward to the training camp battles on the defensive side
  11. if you are looking at last year how don't you have Coles on that list??? #12 in the league for receiving yds last season, http://www.nfl.com/stats/leaders/NFL/RECYDS/2006/regular and #6 in the NFL for receptions, http://www.nfl.com/stats/leaders/NFL/REC/2006/regular. I would take him over players like Kellen Winslow any day.
  12. Got it right except for WR. I'd definately put Coles over Evans.
  13. Something else I realized: Mangini and Herm are opposites. Mangini: Preaches consistancy and focus, expert gameplaner, rarely talks to the media, and speaks with almost a monotone at nearly every press conference. However, the media and fans still love him for his modesty and his subtle humor. Herm Edwards: Preaches loyalty to veterans over everything, even talent. Lets the veterans decide whether or not to work out, come to practice, or play. Expert speechgiver, motivationalist, and BSer. Terrible gameplaner. Spoke with anyone who asked for an interview and was always very
  14. No, youre not being a homer. The reason players like LC and Kerry Rhodes are never mentioned on this list is because they both are 'low - key' players. In other words, you will never see either of them on ESPN bragging about how good they are. They are the type of players Mangini is looking for, guys that are blue collar, hard working, and whose focus is primarily on the football field.
  15. Justin Miller will certainly be punished somehow, if not by the league then by the Jets. The question is, are the Jets willing to keep him and punish him or just trade him. I think just about everyone agrees it would be stupid to release him.
  16. Herm Edwards will ruin the Cheifs franchise the same way he ruined the Jets. He takes over a team with Super Bowl talent, and may coach them to 2 or 3 playoff appearences in 5 years...What a terrible coach and I feel sorry for KC fans.
  17. If it is rds 6 or 7 at best, the Jets should definately keep him and attempt to groom him themselves. I personally think we can get a little bit higher for JM because of the tremendous potential he offers, but I still don't know if I would get rid of him so fast.
  18. Just swich the interchangable list with the list Romo and Pennington are in and youve just about got it right...
  19. Thanks for the welcome...looking forward to posting here. Anyway, I think the trade value for Justin Miller woule be probably around a rd 2 or 3 draft pick because he is only 23 yrs old and has already made a pro bowl as a kick returner. He also has average height for a CB and good intangibles, so he can have a very good career if he can somehow turn his athleticism into talent to use as a defender.
  20. The Jets released a statement saying that they have reported the arrest to NFL commisioner Roger Goodell. They also said that they will review all the facts before coming to any conclusions or commenting further. The fact that Miller is a good young player will make it hard for the Jets to cut him, however, a trade is possible, especially with the drafting of Revis. This is the perfect example as to why Tangini loves signing and drafting character guys. Becuase its no fun for any organization to be put in this sort of situation where one of their key players gets in off the field trouble.
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