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  1. Ok so we finished 4 games under .500 and two games below 8-8.
  2. False. The math is still the same, regardless if you are talking standings in relation to a team or a specific record. The Jets finished 4 games below 10-6 last year, and 2 games below 8-8.
  3. The Jets would have been 4 games behind a team finishing 10-6, and 2 games behind a team finishing 8-8. Therefore, the Jets finished 2 games below .500
  4. And the answer would still be 1/2. .500 is 8-8. In my example, "team A" was 8-8.
  5. Isnt it 1/2...If team A is 8-8 and team B is 7-8, team A would be ahead of team B by 1/2 a game. No?
  6. Again - I dont disagree entirely... But it's easy to see the other side of the coin as well. Certainly hard to make an argument that the Jets have made any significant improvements. Theyre basically replacing old slow sh*t with unprovens and backups. We'll have to see how it works.
  7. The people we replaced those "sucky" players with were either their backups last season or someone else's backups on a different team.
  8. I agree with you. I think this team can surprise people. But I am also prepared for the possibility that we will just flat out suck. Makeshift OL, RB, and WR corps with an average at best (and maybe inexperienced) QB, and a bunch of career backups all over the D...
  9. Not to be a downer, but I think the logic is more like: Worst QB play ever in '12: 6-10 QB Problem Unfixed, lose Revis, Landry, B Thomas, B Scott on D, lose B Moore D Keller and S Greene on Offense. WR and RB are huge ? as are both OG positions. Very good DL and a good proven cornerback. Other than that - the rest of the defense is green and unproven. 2-14
  10. Idzik has really gone Bellichick/Mangini style on the reporting of injuries it seems. The last four years the team has never been this close to the vest about injuries.
  11. Of course not. At some point, you either have the talent, or you don't. Sitting or starting won't change that. The difference is one allows for some adjustment period to learn the system, get a feel for teammates, understand proper reads etc., while the other you have to go out and figure it out on the fly. Again, not sure if there is a right or wrong answer...More depends on the QB, where he is coming from, and what his personality and makeup are...
  12. Your right, it was his 2nd season. So there's another one on the list. I believe that makes probably the top 2 Qbs in the NFL that sat out for at least 1 year...
  13. Tom Brady started his first season, looked like a HOFer, and hasn't looked back since. Luck, Wilson,and RGIII all had great rookie years, we'll see what happens in their careers. Mark Sanchez was drafted 6th overall, was up and down his first year, and has sucked ever since. I dont think there is a right or wrong answer as to whether or not it is best for a QB to sit out a year or not. It's probably different depending on the QB and their background.
  14. Of course I dont know. And neither do you. You are the one that asked me to name a QB who sat out for a year and got better from it. I named one that sat his first two years and is now one of the best QBs in the league. Do I know if sitting out benefited him? Of course not. But it certainly didn't hurt him and the Packers FO and Coaching Staff looks pretty damn good for it, too.
  15. We're all rooting for him Gastineau, just like we all root for Sanchez to miraculously turn it around. We just dont think either of them are any good.
  16. And you know this about Rodgers how? Or is it just that the counter to your statement would prove your entire point wrong? Geno's numbers in college were very good. And if you watched him or followed him last season you would have noticed how horrible he fell off at the end of the season when things weren't going his way. That is also when he faced the best defenses that constantly pressured him and forced him to make good, quick, decisions. He was unable too. And once he made his first mistake, he forced and forced and never was able to get into a rhythm. Sound familiar? Thats
  17. Aaron Rodgers sat two years before his first regular season start. And the big knock on Geno coming out of college that was evident to everyone that ever paid attention to him at WVU was his poor decision making, especially under pressure, and his inability to overcome mistakes/adversity. To me, that means he is not "smart" in the football sense.
  18. You know what teams do on Wed-Fri every week, right? Its called practice...And its a great way to get your young backups reps against other NFLers that arent necessarily ready to bea full time starter yet. I dont think anyone is suggesting that Geno will get better by simply watching. But he might be better off sitting to start, analyizing film, learning the offense, adjusting to the speed of the game in practice, sitting in on QB meetings, etc. without having to try to figure it out on the fly as a full time starting QB. Having said all that, I still have little to no faith in Geno d
  19. I wrote him off before the draft. Was so glad we passed on him in the 1st round. I saw it in college, the kid is a horrible decision maker, crumbles under pressure, and cannot handle adversity. What concerns me is not that he just had a bad game against the Giants, but that every knock on him coming out of college was exploited to the fullest extent in his first preseason start. And that is when the defense did practically no gameplanning.
  20. Any QB that gets rattled to the point of just being flat out dominated by Syracuse three straight years, is probably not the future. There is a reason - despite those great numbers, that he fell to the 2nd round. In what experts say might possibly be the weakest QB draft class in the past decade, no less. He has a good arm and he's athletic - but he's never played in an NFL system and he's known to be a nervous wreck under adversity.
  21. 98% of athletes say that when interviewed by the hometown media. They will end up where the money is best. Thats all that really matters
  22. Uhhhhhhh what? I mean.... Clyde Gates... Stephen Hill? Seriously??? The guy has shut down Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Chad Johnson... But he cant even KEEP UP with Clyde F'n Gates?
  23. I have my doubts about firing Rex Ryan. A new HC probably means a new OC - which means more inconsistency and change for Geno. Also - the offense probably wont be a juggernaut of talent next year anyway. The majority of the young talent will still be primarily on the defensive side of the ball. Would hate to bring in a non-defensive coach that would marginalize the defensive talent to raise the offense from bad to below average.
  24. Jets @ Lions Are you ready for some football? Cant believe the season is finally upon us! Curious to see how we look. A lot of young players that have a lot to prove this preseason in order to earn a spot on the roster or the starting rotation. Other than the obvious QB competition between Sanchez and Geno, I am curious to see how the following respond to their first live test of the 2013 season: 1) Bilal Powell - With Goodson MIA and Ivory yet to participate in practice, Powell will get a chance to prove he is capable of shouldering the load at RB. Against a very formidable front 7,
  25. Most torn ACL's/tendon's/muscles occur in non-contact situations believe it or not. Revis tore up his knee last year trying to plant to defend a wr, Hazelton tore his ACL running a route with no contact. Cumberland tore his achilles trying to position himself for a catch in the endzone. When Shaun Livingston(NBA) tour his ACL and MCL on the same play, he was going up for a dunk in a fast break. I do not think reducing these types of injuries is an exact science. Tearing an ACL or MCL has almost nothing to do with what kind of shape your in etc.
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