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  1. Have we learned nothing? What happens every time we take on a player nobody else wants? Rex can fix him though!

    Cromartie turned out okay I'd say.  So did Landry last year.   Holmes is probably still the best playmaker on our offense.  Dude had a couple of great seasons for us before he self destructed last year.  

  2. It's curious why this is such a problem for you.  There is an agenda.  Indeed.  That agenda includes equality in the eyes of the law and more importantly, in an era when gay teens are killing themselves at a level that's reaching pandemic, having another "hero", should never be seen as a bad thing.  Because if one kid chooses to look up to Collins instead of choosing the bridge, than what Collins has done was more than worth it.  It is about publicity, but not the self-serving kind you've found yourself hung up on.  It's about a kind of publicity that may make a scared and depressed kid feel like life is worth living.  Why so mad?

    I respect what you're saying, but other than marriage (in some states), where are gays not equal in the eyes of the law?

    Do not want to turn this into a political debate, but lets not act like we are forcing gays into slavery or oppressing them legally either. 


    As for gay teens killing themselves, it takes simply looking at the numbers and the comparisons to prove how incredibly flawed these comparisons are. 

    When you compare the amount of teen suicides committed by openly-gay teens to those committed by (believed to be) "straight" teens, the amount of 

    "straight" teens that kill themselves is greater by a margin of like 200%.   Sure, the percentage of gay teens that kill themselves is way higher than the percentage of straight teens, but when you consider A) Only 20% of the population (at most) is gay, and B.) Only about 8% of those 20% admit to being gay - of course the percentage of gays committing suicide will be disproportionately higher... Its simple math. 


    Having said all that, I do agree that it is good for gay teens and those struggling with their sexuality to have someone like Collins to look up to. Although it is overhyped by the media - very few people are solely defined by their sexual preference - I do think its an important step for someone to come out like this if for no other reason than it gets a serious dialogue started. 

  3. meh i think weve givin him the chance and hes shown nothing.


    hes missed open recievers turned the ball over and is now showing he isnt mentally there.


    that being said your probably right he wont be as bad as last year but I still think he will be towards the bottom of the league

    Hes an average QB with accuracy issues from time to time.  No doubt about it.  When you put that kind of QB in 3rd and long situations on 75% of your drives, missing open receivers and turning the ball over will occur at a much more frequent rate than on 1st and 10 or 2nd and short.  


    Don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I'd be willing to bet his completion % was exponentially higher on 1st and 10/ 2nd and medium than it was on 3rd and 7+.

  4. tebow was barely used during the season and really not used at all towards the end... sanchez was still awful.


    cant blame tebow for mark playing sh*tty at tenneese or buffalo the last 2 games

    True.  No one is arguing that Sanchez is great by any stretch of the imagination.  I do think, however, that he is capable of significantly better results than what he produced last season.  Give him a reliable receiver or two that stays healthy and on the field an entire season, and an offensive game plan that isn't contingent upon him consistently converting 3rd and longs - he will put up numbers that are closer to NFL average than the NFL's worst. 

  5. Same could have been said about Aaron Rodgers, no? 


    My issue was with your claim that the majority of respected analysts had him in the 20's. You then named 3 guys who had him earlier than the 20s and 3 guys who have him in or later. Pauline made 4 guys who had him earlier than the 20s. Brandt, arguably the most respected of the draft guys as far as big boards go, has him at 4. 


    Smith, to me, seems most penalized for not being Andrew Luck or as exciting athletically as RG3. He's a highly experienced starter with all the pre-req physical ability. Those QBs tend to go higher than expected, and there are still plenty who expect Smith gone sooner rather than later in the first round. 

    The problem with that argument is that the Syracuse defense wouldn't have a shot in hell at annihilating Aaron Rodgers the way they did to Geno..three times...in a row. 

    Being a Cuse fan, and having watched all of those ass-kickings, I am very uneasy about the idea of him being the Jets QB of the future. 

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  6. I was just taking a peek ahead at who the players are that are likely to be on the 2014 roster. It's a fairly blank slate. Just a cursory overview. If anyone sees discrepancies, feel free to add/correct.


    QB: None.


    McElroy is the only one whose contract extends beyond this year, and he's not making it out of camp. Tebow will be released soon, Sanchez after the season. Garrard is on a one year deal.



    RB: Bilal Powell and Mike Goodson.


    McKnight's contract is up at the end of the season (IIRC).



    WR: Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates


    Gates might show enough as a return man to replace McKnight. Holmes will be cut.



    TE: None


    Cumberland was tendered, so he's on a show-me deal. The rugby player and Konrad Reuland terminate at the end of this season.



    OL: Brick, Mangold, Schlauderaff


    Howard and Colon are on one-year deals. Vlad is up at the end of 2013.




    DL: Wilkerson, Coples, Harrison, Ellis


    Good shape overall.




    LB: Demario Davis


    Harris will be cut or violently restructured. Sapp is up, Bellore is up, Mauga is up.



    S: Josh Bush, Antonio Allen


    One or both need to step forward



    CB: Antonio Cromartie, Kyle Wilson


    Assuming Revis is traded/not restructured,

    Thats why Idzik's success or failure will be based almost entirely on the next two drafts (this years and next years). His moves thus far have set it up to be so. 

    If, by May 2014, he lands us a good QB, a dominant pass rusher, and 2 capable long-term starters on the OL and LB corps's than he will be considered a success. 

    If not - failure. 

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  7. Totally agree with the bold.


    We let Mangini and Tanny sell us on a perpetual "rebuild" of just the defense. We sat and waited for our defense to suddenly become one of Belli's early-career defenses... never happened. Why? Rebuild is what they tell you when sh*t just don't work out.


    Improve, yes. Rebuild, no... that sh*t implies an ongoing process that could fail as easy as it might succeed.


    There is no rebuild. There is either getting worse or getting better. "Rebuild" is just PR fluff for dumb fans.

    Actually, they did rebuild for three years.  Once they got a coach capable of making adjustments and taking advantage of his player's strengths, they were #1 in just about every statistical category that year (4 yrs after Mangini and Tanny were hired).   I'd say that worked.  The problem is it worked so well, Tanny fell in love with guys like Harris and way overpaid them and the only thing we could afford were some stopgap veterans.   

  8. In all seriousness- the building of all these new stadiums in the city were complete mistakes. The Yankees cant even sell out playoff games anymore. Opening day is going to be dead.

    The real problem is that these new luxurious stadiums were constructed during the peak of the economy. No one was expecting 2008 to happen when these plans were all put in place.

  9. It was about Ellis starting at NT and referencing someone else, whose name escapes me now.  It was right after he said Coples was going to be a beast.  I'm with ya though, I hope it's not just for the papers.

    Every time there's a new boss in charge- you here this type of line.  Whether it be the head coach/gm of a football/sports team, or the new boss at work who says his first few weeks or months are going to be spent "evaluating" his staff to see who belongs and who doesn't.   Basically its a motivational tactic used to keep the entrenched starters/employees on their toes, and let those people that are struggling or have been on the fence know that they have a clean slate to prove themselves.  


    Obviously - you know when you hit the field that it will be a damn near miracle if guys like Wilk, Ellis, Coples, Mangold, Brick, etc aren't starters. 

  10. He's gonna tell the NFL team thats gonna select Geno to fuhgeddaboutit!

    Hope not. Geno Smith is really not that good.  Impressive with no live defense, as he can make all the throws and is athletically gifted - but the dude sh*ts the bed against pressure and can't really seem to snap out of a funk once he makes a mistake.  Very similar to Sanchez IMO. 

  11. I know, only a few days into the offseason... 

    So far he has restructured Holmes and Cro, cut a lot of fat, made some shot in the dark signings, and looks like he will be trading Revis for picks. 

    This is all going to come down to how well he drafts over the next two years.  


    If, in either draft, we can find ourselves a solid QB, a good edge pass rusher, and a starting interior Olineman, this won't be too bad.  Plus when all the money comes off the books next year we will be able to secure a FA or two as well.  

  12. MLB's issue was staying tied to the past and not adapting to change.  How many fans cried 'you are ruining the sanctity of the game' when the DH was added?  Or the playoffs were expanded?  Yet, the game is enjoying arguably its most successful period.


    The NFL is not the same game as it was 5 years ago.  Or 10 years ago.  Or 20.  The game changes.  None, of the rules that have been implemented since 1978 has impacted attendance or revenue.  It continues to go up.  The popularity continues to go up.  The league went from a running league to a passing league and it gets stronger and stronger.  No doubt there were probably fans that stopped watching as the game changed, but even the ones that hated the changes, a good majority are still watching the game today.  


    The game is being made safer and the more successful teams have waiting lists to get a season ticket that last years and decades. 


    As for the NFL game day experience, the most dire threat to that is not making the game safer by rule changes.  It is huge HD TVs that people can watch from the comfort of their homes, or at a Buffalo Wild Wings with buddies.  Not to say it is better, a game day experience is unique, but the attractiveness of watching at home is gaining popularity.  I think there were a record or unusual number of blackouts this year.  That was not due to the rule changes, but the experience from home.


    The game needs to change.  When former players are saying they might not want to let their children play the game because of what the game does to you, that is damming.  

    There are a lot of former players who also express outrage at this sentiment, who say that football has given them everything they could have asked for in life. 

    Not only monetarily, but from a discipline perspective, a teamwork perspective, and a confidence perspective starting back in their early high school days. 


    Is it dangerous? Yes.  Is moving kickoffs up or making certain types of tackles or contact illegal really going to change that? No.  

    Unless they are really going to change the game dramatically (eliminate the 3pt stance, have weight restrictions on players, etc) nothing they do will really have any significant impact on the level of dangerousness associated with football. 

  13. I am going out on a limb and will say that he will want to play for whatever team offers the most money. Call it a hunch.

    "...but at this point it’s a business decision for me as well.” and "...I think I deserve the right to see what else is out there.”

    Are both nice ways of saying that he is not particularly excited about resigning with the Jets - but obviously would at the right price. 

  14. I dont hate the pick, but to choose him over Lovie Smith is a head scratcher. However, Marrone can build a defense as well. SU shut down some legit teams this year.

    He hired Scott Shafer to be the DC and handed the controls on that side of the ball completely to him. Shafer is being talked about as Marrone's replacement at SU. As a Cuse fan/alum, Im just hoping Marrone isn't able to bring Shafer along with him.

  15. You are calling for less wins next year even though:

    - Revis will be back

    - the LBer corps will be revamped

    - Holmes and Keller will be back

    - We'll have the 9th pick in the draft

    - Sanchez will likely not be the starting QB

    and I'm delusional...

    -True. But CB/DB's were the best part of our team this year by a long shot even without him. We still went 6-10. Do you really think adding a better CB wins us any more games?

    -How? Scott will be gone and they will replace him with Demario Davis. Pace and Harris will still be starting, and depending on if we draft a pass rushing OLB or not, we will likely see Mcyntire start in Thomas's place. I don't see any major upgrades there. If anything, just less depth.

    -Holmes, yes. And if we go get a new QB, he will probably be the same pain in the ass, selfish clown that he's always been. Keller is a FA, and given our cap situation - likely won't be back.

    - Our biggest issue is offense, mainly QB. There are no QB's that I am comfortable with in the top 10 of this years draft. If we don't go OLB with that pick, we will likely trade down, looking to add some depth to the OL, WR, and LB corps.

    - Not so sure about this yet. Who are we going to start instead? He will most certainly be on the roster still, we don't have the cap space to sign anyone good in FA, and if we draft someone, Sanchez will probably beat out any of the QBs in this draft class in TC this year anyway. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Sanchez behind C again this year.

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