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  1. Im not sold on anyone. Nassib has had a weird college career. Yet, quietly, a good one. From sitting out behind Paulus, followed by two losing seasons - He did play well this year in what really was a pro-style offense. Problem is if Rex stays around, he might be going back to playing a HS offense w the Jets. That being said, definitely wouldn't mind him in round 2 or 3.
  2. I said it in another thread...But Woody has clearly put a lid on his franchise until at least the GM situation is worked out. Went from constant, daily leaks last week, to not even a whisper this week. Then they didn't let any of the controversial players (Braylon, Santonio, Bart Scott, Tebow) speak to the media during post season media day - and postponed Rex's presser until now - when he will be going up alongside Woody.
  3. Im going to say Broncos over Packers. Hard to pick between Broncos/Pats and Packers/49ers... But Manning is having another historic season, and unlike in the past when he always lost to he Pats, his defense with the Broncos is actually capable of stopping people. Still should be a very entertaining game. As for Packers/9ers, well, everyone is picking the 49ers, so if Im not betting money on it, I'd hate to be boring, LOL.
  4. Really? Im in the Sports Memorabilia business, and Jets stuff for whatever reason (probably because they suck) doesn't seem to garner a whole lot of interest. I do sales and our company is constantly doing promotions and sales on Jets items just to get them out of inventory and still the interest is below what I'd expect. What type of stuff do you have?
  5. Pretty cool stuff. Do you guys own a lot of Jets-related memorabilia?
  6. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter Jets have 1 pm staff meeting. Jets owner Woody Johnson is in team's training complex when many did not expect to see him till Thursday.
  7. Looks like woody is putting the clamps on this team until at least the GM situation is figured out and we have a better idea of what our coaching staff will look like next year and going forward...
  8. Needed to happen. Good for him. Now Terry Bradway and the rest of the FO are all in limbo until a new GM decides what to do with them, same with Rex. Given that we are firing Sparano regardless and Pettine's contract is expiring, might be the best time to fire Rex. Otherwise Woody will have to eat the new assistant's contracts next year. Ideally Rex accepts a DC position if we can bring in a respectable HC (Reid?) and a competent OC
  9. My guess is nothing will happen with Rex until a new GM is brought in, and he can assess the situations, see what is available, and decide what is best going forward.
  10. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/19602/report-tannenbaum-is-out?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Just came across Cimini's Twitter feed.
  11. Cimini now tweeting that GM Mike Tannenbaum will not be addressing the media tomorrow, and that he has had a press conf the monday after the season ended the past 6 years.
  12. My guess is announcing the Sparano firing, recap the season, and talk about the plan for the offseason.
  13. Scheduled for 4:45pm Tomorrow, per Cimini.
  14. No one believes when the team is eliminated. They've already been eliminated, what the hell is there to believe in? I think the bigger problem is how he handled the offense/QB situation this year. I know they're blaming that mostly on Sparano, but Rex hand picked Sparano for this exact reason, and he was even more of a failure than Schotty. Having said that, The D had a very good 2nd half of the year, despite the fact that the offense could hardly pick up a 1st down. Wouldn't say the Jets quit on Ryan. Just that the talent is no longer there for the Jets to continue being a ground and pound team. We replaced two pro bowlers with Matt Slauson and Austin Howard on the Oline. And Thomas Jones/LT became Shonne Greene/Bilal Powell/Joe McKnight. Just trying to fit square pieces into round holes doesn't work.
  15. Or he knew that if he talked about Sparano the next question was obviously going to be about him, so he just killed two birds with one stone.
  16. Rex is definitely out? Source? Link? Everything Ive read up til now seems to say that Woody is heavily leaning towards keeping Rex.
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