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  1. Ryan Nassib FTW. Syracuse D sucks and they obliterated Geno 3 straight times
  2. IMO, Both Henne and Sanchez are talented enough to have average numbers and decent careers as starters given good coaching. Matt Moore too. Not that any of these guys are Franchise QBs in the sense that we think of them... But I think Sanchez can go play for a good offensive coach -and even given the same talent around him - is capable of putting up significantly better numbers than he did this year.
  3. That is as much on the coach as anyone else. Matt Cassel looked good for a season playing under BB. Harbaugh made Alex Smith look awesome. Sean Payton resurrected Brees's career. Not saying anyone he had was on the elite level... But when your QB's (and he had multiple) are continuously the worst in the league - regardless of what team you coach - the system and your scheme are probably a large part of the problem.
  4. I convinced myself of that as well... Problem is when you actually thought about it, the Dolphins offense under Sparano was historically bad. He came to the Jets, and as bad as we were under Schotty, our numbers are all significantly WORSE this year. I understand the notion that Rex wanted someone with actual experience running an NFL offense, and not another up-and-comer like Schotty Jr. The issue is that the guy he hired was a proven failure at running an NFL offense. If not for anything else, that hire by Tanny/Rex deserves to get that regime put on the hot seat.
  5. My gut says Charlie Weiss. Actually makes total sense the more you think about it.
  6. Schefter seems to think that Woody is leaning towards keeping Tanny aboard, because he is not ready to part with Rex and doesn't like the idea of bringing in a new GM that doesn't have full freedom to pick his HC. Whatever happens, should make for an interesting week.
  7. At least BB, as big of an ego as he has, is smart enough to know a bust is a bust and let them go. If it were the Jets, they'd extend him and make sure he saw the field so that they can pretend they are getting production out of draft picks.
  8. Id also like to point out that both Luck and RGIII play for coaches that are competent on the offensive side of the ball, and understand the importance of letting QBs throw the ball and take chances, even on 1st down early in games!! They do not view their Franchise QBs as people that will avoid turnovers, but let them go out and be difference makers!! They also will not be asking their franchise QBs to develop chemistry with two or three new stopgap, troubled, receivers every other year, or play behind an OL that they let deteriorate. Novel concepts, i know.
  9. Nevermind the rotating door we've had at all the WR positions since Sanchez got here and all of the shuffling done along the OL as well (aside from C, RG, and LT). Not saying Sanchez ever had it in him to be Rodgers or Brady no matter our GM or coach, but to say that the complete mismanagement and terrible coaching that has surrounded Sanchez and his offense the past three years has nothing to do with his worsening performance would also be a bit naive.
  10. Not sure you can get any "lesser" than Sparano. He has far outdone Schotty in making this offense into a complete laughing stock. At least under schotty we weren't flagged for delay of games and too many men in the huddle every game. Don't get me wrong, Schotty sucked too, but Sparano came in and has made him look like an offensive genius. As far as talent goes, I still think our OL is above average. Our WR corps, with a healthy Holmes, Hill, and Kerley, is actually not bad either. Greene is likely a goner, but I like what I saw from Powell and McKnight this year. Obviousl
  11. Wouldn't be shocked if Bradway was canned. Especially if Tanny is reassigned/demoted to a position of being a number cruncher/cap advisor, I would imagine a new GM from outside in charge of personnel decisions would bring in his own guys to run scouting etc.
  12. He ran the shotgun/spread offense mostly with Syracuse the past two years. Don't see him as a great fit in the Jets scheme. Pretty good when the offense is spread out and he is throwing quick hitters. Not sure I would trust him to be threading the needle and making great decisions under pressure which is what a QB needs to be able to do in the Jets 2 WR G&P Scheme....
  13. As a general rule mass murderers are deeply depressed individuals who have had a lifetime worth of striving for power and/or recognition but always getting laughed at. Parental neglect/abuse of some sort is often present as well. They are almost always suicidal, and view the mass murders they commit as some sort of martyrdom so that they will be noticed, and not laughed at, when they remove themselves from earth. The one thing that separates mass murderers from serial killers, is that mass murderers never even think about an escape plan or any sort of forensic counter-measures. So,
  14. This. And its another example of the weird trend in football - you see it in college first - then it becomes part of the NFL. The spread offense... The athletic QB's... The Wildcat and "Pistol" formations... All have been prevalent in the NCAA for years.
  15. Not sure. Trading a 1st round pick for Doug Jolley and drafting a kicker and a nickel in the 2nd and 3rd rds all in the same draft was pretty brutal.
  16. The fact that he got a job with the Browns the year after the Jets fired him, and 2 years after Spygate, kind of debunks your theory though. The fact that he was more of a failure in CLE then he was in NY is why he is now working at ESPN. And my guess is he hasn't really been seeking out jobs as a college scout. Think he's pretty comfortable with his role at ESPN.
  17. Because Owners are under pressure to hire GM's who have experience working in front offices, have relationships with agents, and have some sort of a track record of success. They are not going to be so quick to hire an ex coach who players publicly hated playing for that managed a grand total of 2 winning seasons in his 5 or 6 in the league.
  18. Because he's a sh*t coach and a stubborn hard-ass that refuses to adjust and players hate playing for? Yeah, spygate and stuff sounds a lot cooler. I agree.
  19. Already 3 trees knocked down by me... Like Max, just waiting for the next one to take a power line down with it. Unfortunately this is going to get a lot uglier before it begins to get better.
  20. I liked 3-4 a lot better. Can we just not count one of those losses? I don't think we are going to the playoffs regardless of who is our QB. But I do think Sanchez gives us a slightly better chance to get there than either Mccelroy or Tebow.
  21. We are 3-4, and still in the playoff hunt... Rex will continue to go with what he thinks will give his team the best chance to win.
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