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  1. A turd is a turd. Just because you throw some confetti on it, its not fooling anyone. So joking aside, are you saying that if we had the greatest OC on Earth, that Sanchez would be more than a fraction better than he is showing to be all through his professional career?

    If we had the best QB in the world, yes, Sanchez would look better. Why? Because he would be throwing more on first down...We would be running less out of tight formations and would probably see some surprises along the way that keeps the defense on its heels. On the flip side, if we had the best QB in the world, that would also make Sparano look good. The fact is, we have a below avg QB and offense that is being even further limited by a terrible coach. Not a good combination.

  2. lol. So who is the OC you want? And if we get him, he makes Mark a QB that is better than the 48% or so completion percentage having, blitz fearing turd who THROWS THE BALL TO DEFENSIVE LINEMEN REGULARLY?

    I don't know. It is not my job to evaluate the talent of offensive coaches around the league, and I do not have enough free time to do so... What I do know is that when you have a QB that is constantly making bad throws and bad decisions, you don't put him in situations where the whole world knows he has to throw, its really that simple.

  3. No one gets a fair shot at that position while Sanchez is still here. Greene is another problem. Most fullbacks in this league take that one run to the house. Not Shonn Green though. This is a horrible unit to coach. Besides Kerley, no one is very good or reliable.

    Sparano has been a failure as a HC and OC on many levels before. Don't you live in S. Florida? He was an abomination of an offensive coach there...and we brought him in, and idiots like me actually believed he'd magically be good with us. When you have below average talent, you need a good coach. Instead we hired a sh*t coach to go along with our sh*t talent. Not a good combo.

  4. You're understating it. Mark didn't put together two throws in a row until the game was basically over. And even then, I am not sure if he did throw two good balls in a row.

    You say 2 or 3 bad decisions, and 2 or 3 bad throws. You understate it, but even if you were right.. that is an awful lot of mistakes. And his usually end in fumbles, INTs, or punts cause he couldn't hit a wide open receiver.

    I am not claiming that Sanchez is good.... He isn't. I am claiming that Sparano putting him in these situations is making him look even worse than he is!!

  5. Sporano is about the only coach who I think should stay. He adjusted well at half time by running outside more and away from the Dolphins strength up the middle. No matter who is open and no matter how open they are Sanchez can not hit them. I can't believe he wasnt yanked in the 2nd quarter of this game. Unforgivable.

    I will shoot myself if Sparano is here next year. Dude is a downgrade from Schotty. And i HATED Schotty.

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  6. When a receiver is wide open and you don't get it to him.. its your own fault. When all your receivers are covered but your check down is wide open with no one within 20 yards of him.. yet you throw to double coverage... its your own fault. Doesn't matter who is calling the plays, MANY of the errors happening (not all of them) are square on Sanchez's shoulders. There is nothing that any OC can do to eliminate the majority of these issues. Sure, some of it would be alleviated, but at the end of the day the problem still remains. And that problem's name, Mark Sanchez.

    I think you are over-stating Sanchez's ineptitude. No question there are 2 or 3 bad decisions a game on his part, and no question there are another 2 or 3 bad throws per game. Lets not act like the guy is incapable of completing a pass though. Even in today's game.... Sanchez threw for most of his 1st downs on...you guessed it...1st down!! Problem is, we only threw on 1st down like once the entire 1st quarter and a half!!! No mediocre QB is going to have much success when he is only allowed to throw on 3rd and long... Regardless of the errors that Sanchez makes...It is just bad coaching.

  7. Doesn't matter who calls the plays, or what the plays are. Sanchez misses throws. Always under throws, over throws, hangs onto the ball ten seconds too long, doesn't secure the ball, and throws to defensive linemen. All that is on him. No one else.

    When you have a QB that does that from time to time -- play calling is EVEN MORE important!! You have to at least put that QB in a position where he is given manageable situations, and he doesn't have to beat a defense that knows what is coming. No?

  8. Look, we all know that Sanchez is mediocre at best. Nobody here in their right minds would claim otherwise.

    What is not getting mentioned is how Sparano is doing an awful job putting Sanchez in positions where he can look good, and instead putting him in situations where it is more likely he will falter. Seriously. With a mediocre at best QB, how can you constantly be putting him in 3rd and long situations because you ran Tebow/Greene/Powell/Hilliard into a stacked line on 1st and 2nd for a combined 2 or 3 yards? Isn't it much more likely for an offense with a below-avg QB to succeed if you let him throw the ball on 1st down, and leave him with 2nd/3rd and short? Instead, we put him in a 3rd and 9 when it has to be pass...The defense is blitzing, and they are in a tight man as opposed to a soft zone. Of course its going to be 3 and out a majority of the time.

    Then we go down in the game, because the d gets worn out and the offense can't convert... And we put Sanchez in a position where he has to throw on every down because we are down big with time running out. Now a below avg QB has to throw over 50 passes and complete nearly all of them in order for the team to even have a chance.

    And you know the funny thing? He did that against the Pats for the later half of the 3rd and into the 4th.... The result? 10 unanswered points and a tie game...And we get a fumble recover on their 18!! What does Sparano do? run Hilliard into the line for 1, Tebow for 2, and put Sanchez in a PLAY ACTION on 3rd and 7??? Seriously???

    This is not a post excusing Sanchez, he has been extremely inconsistent the entire season and deserves a lot of criticism for some really stupid mistakes that he has made...But isn't it the coaches job to put his team in positions where, even if they can't take advantage of their strengths, their weaknesses aren't exposed? This guy seriously is awful. I am thoroughly embarrassed to have ever supported the move to hire him. Disgrace!

  9. if Rex does NOT switch quarterbacks soon I will change my long-time stance of keeping him around next year

    Dude has no BALLS whatsoever and wants to stick with Sanchez because it's the easy way out to blame Mark

    play TEBOW he has proven he can work miracles on the football field if given more than one ****ing pass attempt a season. gosh damn Jets!

    Tebow would be a disaster for the Jets. We need to do more passing, not more bullish*t run plays.

  10. Sporano is clueless. If anything, Rex should be fired just for bringing him in. How long is it going to take the guy to realize that running out of tight formations into the teeth of a defense that has 9 guys stacked in the box doesn't work? Let Sanchez pass on first down. It makes running on 2nd/3rd and short that much easier...

    Sanchez isn't great by any means...But this offense is not doing him any favors. And bringing in Tebow just to run into the middle of a stacked line is also just mind numbingly stupid. At least let him pass, or do something to get him in space where he is some sort of a threat.

  11. kerley is the only player on offense earning his paycheck and only about half the defensive players are earning theirs. tanny and the entire coaching staff are stealing thier money from woody who doesnt give 2 sh*ts because he is robbing from us. pure garbage

    I have stopped watching. I will not waste any more time on this team this year. And I really mean that this time.

  12. Whether Rex wins with another team or not I dont care.

    Whether you become a fan of another team because of him... I dont care.

    Rex is not--- Not- a good Head Coach. He's a great cheerleader. He's been a defensive genius. But he lacks terribly as a HC. I wish he was a more complete coach. I wish he would take us to the promise land. But... i just dont see it.

    At the end of the day, with a below average QB and holes all over the roster...His team always seems to have a chance to win and has always been in the playoff hunt toward the end of the season. Really, thats all you can ask for from a coach...Put the team in position to win, and hope the ball bounces your way or a call goes your way enough to get you into the dance.

    Oh, and when that has happened and he has been in the playoffs, it'd be tough to argue that he didn't take advantage.

  13. :rl:

    You won't be laughing when your watching Rex win a SB for his next team.

    And to clarify, I will put on record that if Rex is fired from the Jets, I will become a fan of whatever team hires him.

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  14. i'd just like to congratulate rex ryan on calling the prevent you from winning defense that let brady march down the field to tie th egame virtually unhindered. good job you fat stupid ****!!!!

    They actually tried blitzing two or three times. Just no possible way to get there when Brady starts in a shotgun, takes a one step drop and throws a flat, a screen, or a 5 yd button hook to a tight end

  15. And then they kicked a FG that should've won the game but Rex's D spit the bit.

    A TD would have sealed it...Sanchez was playing great, the D was reeling, and Sparano called three plays that netted -10 yards.

  16. I guess it was Sporano that missed Hill for the TD when no one was within 10 yards of him or put the football on the ground again to lose a game.

    Dude. We had 1st and 10 from the 18 in a tie game with 2 mins to go. And we ran 3 back-to-back-to-back of the most retarded and senseless play calls that could possible be in our playbook

  17. lets be real here for a second. new england is not the same teams as years past.not even close. we had an under acieving pats team ripe for the taking,begging to lose this game and rex and company flat out lost it. no more excuses

    It pisses me off to no end that we lost this game. But to go into a game so banged up, especially on D, against an offense like the Patts (#1 in the league, fwiw) and play the way they did says something about the coaching.

  18. So except for turning over the ball twice with two horrible TO's which cost them the football game he was GREAT!!

    The two horrible TO's were in the first half. He actually lead us down the field for 50 yards and a fg and 92 yards and a td to tie the game after that... And then Sparano decided it would give us a better chance to run Tebow and Hilliard up the gut for three yards combined on 1st and 2nd down from inside the 20 before attempting a horrible PA roll-out thing that was destined to fail from the start.

  19. There is no pass rush. Welker, Gronk and Hernandez ran wild. I understand they are superior players, but the lack of the a rush and piss poor coevrage has to give you pause.

    But bigger than that-get the sense like his dad he has almost next to nothing to do with the offense. We know he doesn't call plays, but the abortions on the playcalls all day were really puzzling. Does he even talk to Sparano? Why is tebow even dressing if you aren;t going to use him? Is there any discussion during the week aout any of this? As we learned again today you aren't winning in Foxboro settling for kicking FGs. It has NEVER WORKED.

    Not using Tebow is a good thing. Today we saw that Sanchez can actually be adequate if given the chance to get in, and stay in a rhythm. That Tebow sh*t doesn't even work, anyway.

  20. This pretty much sums it up. Won't bench Sanchez. The defense has folded twice this season when it's mattered. Horrible job today between him and Sparano with the clock. Just putrid. No question he's been doing a terrible job this season. I couldn't care less that they competed in the Houston game and today. It's professional football and when it all comes down to it, I'm a customer, not a parent. The product on the field this year has been really, really painful to watch.

    IDK what game you watched today, but I saw the complete opposite of everything you are complaining about.

    Sanchez was very good, save for two terrible turnovers... and the D played as well as anyone can play against this offense.

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