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  1. Brady wasnt even good today. Jets cant defend screen passes. No pressure, Brady had all the time in the world to throw his 4 yard passes

    There was pressure on a few plays. The problem with spreading it out and throwing those quick 4-6 yard passes is that theres no time to get to the QB even if you do send a blitz. Brady not being good had a lot to do with how well the Jets D played. Stopped the run, didn't get gashed by Welker or the Te's often at all. Pretty much controlled the game.

    Thats all you can do against the Pats. No defense plays a perfect game against that QB and offense. But the Jets today, minus their best player, and their starting and backup NT's, played more than well enough to win.

  2. Other than not WINNING THE GAME when they had the chance to they played great. Great logic there.

    They actually did. Then some ref standing thirty five yards away invented a penalty that theres no possible way he could have seen clearly.

    And calling Sanchez the worst QB in the NFL after the way he played today completely invalidates any other point you can make.

  3. this whole season has ben a mixed bag of some good, some bad and some terrible

    the injuries add up, but nobody cares. the packers had like 15 guys on IR last year.

    his defense consistently can't get stops in end of half or end of game situaitons, and his offense is stuck in the 1980's

    but this game was not on him, I'll give you that

    The game is on him only in the sense that the play calling on that series after they recovered the fumble was atrocious.

    Sanchez played well today, and had been on a tear the last three drives. So you give it to Tebow for 2 yards, F*ckin hilliard for 1 yard, and leave him with a 3rd and 7?

    Other then that, the D i thought played great. You are not going to pitch a shut out against Brady and that offense... But we confused them, slowed them down, and forced them to punt and kick long fg's. Not really much more you can ask for.

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  4. He's the guy who has refused to bench the worst QB in the NFL and completely neglected the offense. People wanting to give him a pass for that are clueless. He's the HC. The buck stops with him. His D could've won the game tonight twice and didn't.

    The fact that you disagree with me gives my argument even more validation. Im glad you got the loss you were hoping for, now we're one game closer to no more sanchez!! Yay you!! GFY

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  5. You know what would be really awful, and I mean awful? If the Jets somehow found a way to win the SB with Sanchez as the QB and they were fooled into thinking he was part of the reason, and kept him.

    Do you people even read the crap you write?

    If the Jets go to the playoffs this year, that means Sanchez is doing a good job, there are not enough playmakers on this team on either side of the ball for the Jets to go to the playoffs without Sanchez playing at a pretty high level.

    The defense won't be lucky enough to be facing a rookie every week, Luck left many points on the field yesterday with bad passes.

    GGM Sarcastic comeback

    JFtoLong head

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  6. Mangini certainly had to go...he was a jackass for no reason about things...but im not convinced Rex is that much better than him.

    Herm was awful

    I am thoroughly convinced Rex is by far better than either of them. I don't even know how you can say this seriously. Mangini was over .500 once in his three years as a head coach....and was 0-1 in the playoffs. His defense was softer than sh*t, and his offense was never any better than the Jets current state... And one year it was WORSE.

    Rex has yet to finish a season under .500, and has a 4-2 playoff record in the same three year span. And don't say anything about talent, you are not going to convince me that the team minus Favre plus Sanchez was so much better on paper in '09 and '10 than it was in '08.

  7. Zero chance, If he gets fired from the Jets, he should have no problem landing a head coaching job elsewhere. Heck, Mangini and Edwards both had jobs after they got fired from here. I think just about everyone would agree that even with his shortcomings, Rex is lightyears better than those two clowns.

    I really hope the Jets don't fire Rex. The roster needs a makeover for sure, but I think Rex is a good coach, and given a competent QB and some talent on offense, he will be in a few superbowls

  8. Un. Real.

    Jeter gets paid like $40mil/year, Arod gets paid 30mil/year, Cano $20mil/year, Tex $20mil/year.... And we're probably eliminated right now if it weren't for Russell Martin and Raul Ibanez. Think about that for a cool second...

    Go Yankees.

  9. Discuss this exciting new topic.

    2 picks

    2 fumbles

    How many batted/tipped passes? 4? 5?

    4th consecutive game completing under 50% of his passes.

    Terrible football player. Terrible.

    While that is true...His O Coordinator certainly doesn't do him too many favors by wasting first down running shonn greene up the gut for 1 yard, or worse, bringing him out of the game for tebow to run for 2 yards. Then all of a sudden its 2nd and 8 and the whole world knows the next two plays will be passes.

    Not sure if anyone keeps this stat, but I would say when Sanchez throws on first down, his completion percentage is higher and the offense is more efficient than when he throws on 2nd/3rd and long

  10. I don't think its the refs. Its a combination of having Tom Brady and being prepared for every situation. Really, its a college spread offense. Let Brady snap out of a shotgun, the outside guys run 5 yd button hooks, the slot guys run quick slants, the rb's/te's run flats. When you have Tom Brady's accuracy and NE's OL, thats hard to stop.

  11. My expectation of the season is that we are going to end up as a 5-6 win team.

    For a team 2 years removed from the AFCC Game, that is a pretty drastic decline, with personnel that looks to be very un-competitve for the future as well, a ton of holes.

    I think Rex's message is getting old. I think he is the kind of coach who can be a stick of dynamite, and be explosive at first but fizzle out without the ability to re-light.

    If he finishes 8-8, or better, I will quiet down on my criticism.

    If not, this is his hand picked team, coaching staff, and the direction he wanted to go in. You would really like to see your team be on the uphill slope, not the downhill, and certainly not a drastic downhill slope.

    Im not sure what the hell to expect this season. A lot of it will depend on when we get Keller and Hill back at (or close to) 100%. Losing Revis and Holmes for the season is definitely going to hurt. Not sure if those injuries are something you can blame Rex for. I have a feeling our passing game, and offense as a whole, would be much better with Keller and either Holmes or Hill in there and healthy.

    What you can blame Rex for is the run defense. And QB pressure. Both seem almost non-existent. We rarely blitz, rarely crowd the line, and the DL is failing to collapse the pocket. At least when we blitzed against the Niners, Smith had a mental clock in his head and he rushed and overthrew some throws to Manningham that could have easily been TD's. Sometimes just knowing the defense is coming is enough to scare the QB into making some mistakes. We saw that a lot in 09 and 10. Not much since.

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