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  1. http://www.newyorkjets.com/assets/holidaycard/index.html Just recieved this link from the Jets in my inbox. Couldn't think of a worse time to recieve this.
  2. I have been living in Baltimore for the last 15 years and recently moved to the Upper West Side. I know that there are a thousand bars that show the game, but I am looking for a place that has good TVs, sound, beer specials and a sh1t ton of Jets fans that like to get loud! Please let me know if you have any recommendations!
  3. Just got a response from PFT on the question I initially stated in this thread (in relation to the insurance policy): "It's very common, but very expensive. He shouldn't have to do it -- the money should be guaranteed for injury. to call it $34.8 million guaranteed with no injury guarantee is a misrepresentation." Florio's persistent posts on PFT about this contract are simply because he feels like D'Brick's agent is mis-representing its true value (true). Granted - most contracts in the NFL are this way, but he seems to really enjoy picking apart really 'big' deals like this!
  4. Sperm - Thanks for clarifying. This is a win-win for both D'Brick and the Jets. If D'Brick gets a career ending injury - he will pocket more than he would have without the new contract (insurance). For the Jets - I think there are two benefits: - Salary cap position won't be compromised for a couple of years if there is a career-ending injury. - If D'Brick plays poorly in the next two seasons, they can terminate the deal with little effect to future cap years. This should motivate him to play his arse off. Tanny has done it again. I think what has been understated
  5. Does anyone know how insurance policies work for a contract of this type? Is it possible that D’Brick could take-out a policy that would ‘supplement’ the ‘lost’ money should he have a career ending injury? Although I am sure this is not a cheap option (and I am sure it wouldn’t cover the entire $$ written into the contract), but it would seem to put the player’s mind at ease (i.e. he still get some money if an injury occurs). If this is possible – this seems to be an incredible deal for both NFL teams and players. Let the player take out the insurance to give them piece of mind, and p
  6. I know that there are many opinions on how OT should be 'fixed' but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what would be best. Does this make any sense?: Determine who will receive the ball first in Overtime by incorporating it with the opening coin-toss. This way, both teams will be well aware of what will happen should the game end in a tie after 4 quarters of play. I think this would keep the integrity of the game (not revert to College rules), and be a 'fairer' way of deciding a game if it has to go to OT. Thoughts?
  7. Wait.....they are saying that part of the new field is under water? They didn't build a good draining system?
  8. Ex-Patriots Assistant Sends the N.F.L. Eight Tapes By GREG BISHOP Published: May 8, 2008 A former New England Patriots employee has sent the N.F.L. eight videotapes showing the team recorded play-calling signals by coaches of five opponents in six games between the 2000 and 2002 seasons, in violation of league rules. Skip to next paragraph But the group of tapes does not include video of the St. Louis Rams
  9. I promise to cry you a river if you can post some other solid trade ideas.
  10. After watching Oakland's insane signing today (DT coming off a torn ACL - 18 mill guaranteed), I get concerned about trading for one of these guys and having to possibly rework their contract. Does anyone believe that either Rogers or Jenkins won't ask for a revised contract?? Here's to hoping that Tanny does his diligence before pulling the trigger on one of these big fattys.
  11. I don't post here often....but I would like to nominate for POTW. That response has me almost crying. Excellent.
  12. Long read - but interesting timing with the SB this weekend. The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee wants N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell to explain why the league destroyed evidence related to spying by the New England Patriots. New England Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 by the N.F.L. after the Patriots were caught stealing defensive signals. In the stretch of 12 days, from Sept. 9 to Sept. 20, the Patriots were caught filming the Jets' defensive signals in violation of N.F.L. rules, ordered to hand over all tapes of illegal filming to the leagu
  13. If you go to the NFL section on ESPN, there are two headlines on articles about the Pats: #1 - Pats owner perturbed by Belichick's spy games #2 - Sources: Belichick's deal extended This makes no sense to me. If Kraft is so upset about these issues, why would you extend Belichick? It couldn't be that Kraft is helping Belli pay off his fines, is it? It was fairly safe to assume that Belli's contract would be extended at some point this year. I just find the timing on Kraft's part very curious.
  14. apopip


    Hey all. Look forward to seeing a strong Jets fan contingant down in Baltimore this weekend. I have lived down here for the last 10 years, and if you have any questions about the area (where to stay, where to go, where to stay away from...) let me know. If any of you have difficulty getting tickets to the game on Sunday, there is a great little bar in Federal Hill called No Idea. It's not a very big place, but it is a "Jets" bar, and they put the game and sound on thier biggest TV. Here is the link to the place if you are interested - http://www.noideatavern.com/ The bar s
  15. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/football/nfl/specials/preview/2007/08/07/bc.fbn.chiefs.offensive.ap/index.html I really wonder if Hermy would love to be back in NY right now. Granted, he could not have built the team we have today, but this is too funny: "He's got a great opportunity," Edwards said. "It's his turn. He's got to go play now. And I anticipate he's going to go in there and play well."
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