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  1. The guy who can't decide which team he likes.
  2. 40 shipped and even I would take it. LOL
  3. It's the coaches responsability to create a game plan around the players he is given. I bet you the Tuna could make a winning gameplan around Favre and butter fingers Cole.
  4. Just deal with them for a week. They will be one and out.
  5. Everyone's on Craigslist looking for end of month/year deals
  6. Don't you look forward to that always compeling Humanitarian Bowl game every year ?
  7. I think Boston should pay Penny to play for the Royals. That would set an excellent example to the other big market teams. What a wonderful gesture that would be during the holiday season.
  8. Excellent command of the english language ! Must be those "blue ribbon" skills.
  9. There are a lot of hungry children and jobless families throughout the country. The Red Sox should be responsible, and not spend that money on players. They should give it away to the poor and jobless.
  10. Promise us you will post here after next weeks game.
  11. Big Juggs make everything better !
  12. Uhmmm, that your team is pathetic. I think there may be an opening in the Meineke Muffler Brake pad Bowl for 2009. We'll pencil you in for that .
  13. Well, if you read my posts you'll know I'm a Knicks, Rangers fan too. I am Truely enjoying seeing how angry you're getting after exposing your team
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