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  1. don't want to beat a dead horse here, but Nugent sucks!
  2. john clayton of espn is a tool. have any of you read a thing he's written since the trade? all his articles are about how favre is the big loser here and he settled for NY. sorry i can't post any links right now but you should really read his articles. this guy hates us.
  3. just heard on Boomer and Carton that Favre has told Peter King "he really likes Cotchery"......
  4. i've got the rotator cuff locked up for you. let me tell you, a torn rotator cuff sucks. i can only throw one football (about 20 yards max) or one baseball and i'm DONE. i can't even play darts anymore for more than 20 minutes or it hurts. hell, i skipped a rock along the east river on thursday and felt it until this morning. i'm just too chicken to go under the knife.....
  5. i don't like it when people say he's a brittle and injury prone. yes, he's been hurt a few times, but it's not like he misses games with turf toe and sprained index fingers. the guy had a fractured/dislocated wrist from a hit by a LB, and a torn rotator cuff sustained by another hit (2x) and a sprained ankle from fatass Ty Warren rolling around on his leg. i don't care if you like him or not, but he's not some piece of glass. he's had "real" injuries caused by getting hit by the opposing defense. And not to mention he played three games later after the first rotator cuff tear and led
  6. sorry. i don't know if this has been posted yet. i've been away for a while and haven't really been watching the boards. here it is. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/sportsline/main10827499.shtml
  7. how exactly is that Chad's fault? so let me get this straight....the media continually asking about the QB situation and chad not sitting on the bench (but standing on the sidelines with a clipboard, like clemens does if he's not starting) makes him a "vageen" and a distraction. good point dooshey
  8. the same number Tom Brady will be wearing all game...
  9. i rarely, if ever, go to the Patfans.com site but i thought i would check out the Pat fans reactions to the draft. i found this post in the "visitors locker room" section. http://www.patsfans.com/new-england-patriots/messageboard/showthread.php?t=81722 pats fans are losers. nuff said.
  10. it may be arsis. and please don't think i'm bashing people here because i'm not. but it's just so annoying seeing people like The Troll continually bash pennington. every post is about how bad he sucks or he's the only reason the Jets suck. we get it. time to move on and root for the team. that's all i'm saying. and you can argue that rooting for KC to start IS rooting for the team, but most of those people are same one's who discredit anything that chad has done for the Jets. i mean for someone to compare CP to Cleo Lemon or Damon Huard? that just reeks of someone who has a personal
  11. oh, sorry. i didn't realize that pennington had nothing to do with the playoff run. and because it was stated on JetNation.com, i'm sure that any QB would have led the Jets to the playoffs. i didn't realize that everything said here was gospel (no disrespect in anyway to sperm or anybody else). i don't mean to come off as a CP lover because i'm not. i'm just not a hater. i, like the rest of you, just want to see the Jets win. why does it matter who is the QB. are you going to discredit a SB championship if it's pennington at QB. i didn't think so.
  12. it's pretty simple. chad haters and chad lovers both have their agendas. you clearly have yours. but i guarantee you weren't saying the same thing in 2006 when CP was leading the Jets to the playoffs. i am in no way saying that chad is a great QB, but i'm sick and tired of hearing the chad bashing. it's easy for you to sit there and reflect on the past, but like i said earlier, you weren't sitting there in 2004 or 2006 and saying he sucks. you were making the same excuses that all the CPF lovers now are still making. i personally like the guy but am totally ready to move on if that's wh
  13. i sure hope this is the year we overtake the Pats and win the AFC East. as said earlier, it's probably just a fluff piece by a Jets fan. but after last year this would be amazing for the Jets.... just not so much, however, for your penis. damn.
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