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  1. Hollywood will jump one of Chad's floaters and take it to the house, unless one of our other DB's beats him to it. So glad I won't have to cringe every time noodlearm uncorks one of his beachballs. I have nothing against Chad as a person, but ever since the playoff game against Oakland in 2002 the writing was on the wall. He's no Velocity Boy.
  2. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=clayton_john&id=2509705 This was the same year he picked the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl. Don't hate. Just be glad you don't look like that guy.
  3. ummm... Rosie O'Donnell? Mmmmm.... no. These Fox announcers SUCK. Joe Buck = suck? Redundant, I guess.
  4. I gotta tell you I was more of a Susanna Hoffs man, myself. But I wouldn't toss any of the Bangs out of the sack.
  5. Fourth reference to the weather in the first 45 seconds of the game. It stopped raining, guys. Get over it. What radio station is the game on and do they live stream on the Internets?
  6. That was my secondary point - Cincinatti is a marginally southern city with race riots in the last 10 years (look it up) and a racist past. But it doesn't stop the Chris Henry's and friends from signing there because they have a competitive team. It's the same with the Patriots, who don't seem to have a hard time signing the Corey Dillons and Randy Moss and such. As far as black athletes in Boston being arrested, I refer you to Dee Brown in Wellesley for sitting in a parked car in 1992 because he was confused with a bank robber. In the sense that he was the only black person readily available to be detained in Swellesley. To reiterate my main point: black free agents may not want to come to a city with crappy weather and a crappy social life. Pierce doesn't seem to mind it here, God love him. But combine those factors with the team's current prospects, and we're going to have some problems until we make some noise in the playoffs.
  7. I would take any story in the BAHSton Globe with a grain of salt (and some tequila) but in my experience realtors and mortgage brokers would rip off anyone, be they martian, Pakistani or Norwegian as long as they could make a few bucks off them for the closing fees.
  8. This is a great topic and one that needs to be fleshed out, I think. Wilbon's experience at the Garden rings true for the late 1980s or whenever he was there; much less relevant in 2007. Anyone who says that racism in Boston is no worse than any other city has spent too much time in their mommy's basement (and this is coming from a lily-white lifelong New Englander). There are (anti-black) racists in every city but in Boston it's still (though not so much as in the past) socially acceptable. I remember moving here 18 years ago and being surprised by the random anti-black hostility. Then again, I didn't have the baggage from the Boston area's history. And it comes mostly from the older crowd that's not going to be around much longer. I've spent some time in most of the big cities in the U.S. and I could definitely see why a black NBA player would want to steer cleer of Boston. Miami, LA and Phoenix have better weather. Chicago and Atlanta are more integrated. Boston has had a lot of immigration but it's mainly Asians and Hispanics while the black population has remained stagnent. You don't have to encounter all-out racism to feel uncomfortable. How many whites on this board would move to overwhelmingly black neighborhoods in DC, Philly or Atlanta? Among a sizeable percentage of Boston-area natives, I'd say that number shrinks to about 1% given that they have a hard time dealing with people they didn't go to CCD class with, let along people of a different race. Having said all of that, neither is Cincinnatti and the Bengals don't seem to be having any trouble attracting players of all backgrounds.
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