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  1. im looking for either 2 or 3 tickets to wednesdays game 3/10
  2. haha my life choices as a young 19 year old lead to believe certain things, if i smoke a bunch of pot i can still go out and run a mile. if i smoke a bunch of cigarettes its a bit of a struggle
  3. i dont really care if he smokes anything, but i rather him smoke pot everyday then smoke cigarettes every day.
  4. If Revis is on Green Bay. No chance in hell Kurt Warner throws for 5 tds last sun.
  5. hmmmm and after all these weeks i coulda swore they all hated my guts
  6. i love chad. that doesnt mean i wasnt screaming ocho sucks at the top of my lungs last nite.
  7. it was amazing i shook hands with rex and he was almost to tears it was really awesome
  8. woke up this morning, absolutley impossible for me to make it to this game
  9. Has anyone been on the parkway lately? i plan on leaving from the ac area tomorrow. if the parkways halfway decent im going
  10. anyone know what the parkway looks like? i think im gonna suck it up and drive from exit 40
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