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  1. Because they have beaten ONE legit team? LOL Great assumption.
  2. I have ran cross country for the past few years and I can tell you that if you can do 2 miles, you can do another 1.1 miles. You can do it, no doubt.
  3. i would have if i would have knew about this before 6 pm
  4. yo mom moaning in my bed. as a matter of fact, im coming after her right now. brb
  5. How do you know that? Look at Romo last season. Who knew that they had a pro bowler second stringer when he never even played. What about Brady? Nobody knew about him either. In his first start against the Ravens he almost won the game and should have at least had a game winning drive (Well, they would have tied it at least) in his first start if it wasn't for three drops in the endzone by his recievers. We have to see what this guy has got. We aren't going anywhere with a 1 - 3 record and a gimpy QB.
  6. im here all alone. how sad
  7. Miguel Cabrera. Why should someone who is the best player in the league be denied because the other 24 players on his team suck?
  8. 22 points? How can not take those points!
  9. Who do you think young Max was?
  10. D_Eps

    JN Top 10

    The Broncos? They should be 0 - 3.
  11. You are just saying that because he is black. Steve Young was also a great runner. So are other white QBs.
  12. This might just be a confidence booster for Barrett. I hope so at least because he plays all season like he did yesterday, then we are in for a surprise.
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