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  1. Don't know man!!! And i dont know what pass trought the Sanchez mind in this play!!! Damn...he can fight against DE's, LB's and he froose against a CB?? LoL!!!!
  2. Sanchez reach a higher level in his career, between his 2 last season he played! I believe he can make a good plays and in the future he will be a HoF class member!!!
  3. He can be a good CB...But we are not looking for a "superstar", we are looking for a real football player on the Defense. Asante Samuel?? Bye bye man!!! To join in anywhere, you need to change you character first, and then you can join in the real football game. Peace man!!!
  4. This seems an temptation for all Jets fan!!! Revis e Samuel?? Maybe this can be a dream for our secondary?? This really can be happen to our great and beautifull D#?? Asante Samuel: Green & White??
  5. Ok, Wilson can be fresh with running games, but he isn't stupid to not learn about those plays! When he learn, he will be great DB for our D#, just to put him to learn how to read a running game!
  6. That means the all QBs will soffer with Darrelle "Island" Revis playing against them!!! So..every QB will put some strategies over him...this is something i thought!
  7. Yeah!! Like i said in another threath, why you guys talk trash about E.Smith!!! He is a good player, and he can be a great safety for us in the secondary!!! Come on!!! Our D# this year will be great!!
  8. Samething here in Brazil happend if your team gonna lose the game. The guys heard about team like Flamengo (i hate this team, and more of fans on this team are criminals...lol), Corinthians, São Paulo (my team, he have 3 libertadores and 3 world wide championship). This will gonna happend anywhere!!!
  9. Yeah!!! Let's do it this!!! The managers and coaches...they know what are they doing with things...picks like that!!! We watch the all games...but what happend inside the locker room, just they know and just they man!!! They live for it!!!! Jets will be a great team in entire league!! Believe in the Jets!!! They will make the SB!!!!! Cya!!!
  10. I thinking to agreed with this thoughts about Rex!!! He draft great players for our D#, but the draft was the same level for the offense this year?? Man....Rex Ryan is a great HC for the jets....he made the team won two AFC championship....who we never had the chance with the lasts HC's!! For real!!! Ryan need to thinks than to the Defense and the Offense in the same way!! I love to see him when our offense and defense play better than he thought!!! Lets go Jets!!!
  11. He catch +2,000 receiveing yards!!! this it half of the answer!!! what more you want?
  12. Agreed!!! This happend everytime when i spent my time over here!!! Why the jets fan here talk trash about our beloved team!!! ok we can be talk something bad and good, but this time now...i just heard bad things!!! Shut up and be a true fan...Fireman Ed....he knows what the Jets can do, and that he believe in the team!!! Shut up you all talking trash about the New York Jets. Any thoughts??
  13. Its the way to shake the receivers roster with this new add?? Maybe! The Riley have what the Jets need? Probable! Lets see and try to get a chance to this new accision for the Green & White!
  14. I think if Cro dont show the skills he have, he will be gone. When, don't know! But, like what i said everytime, lets the guys playing what they know and we will see the prizes before this season's end.
  16. Agreed!!!! We need wait the players have time to show the skills the guys have! Our next draft i hope to be amazing!!! Cya!!!
  17. its most likely he wasn't saw the game dude!!!
  18. I don't know if Plax is a good receiver, but i like to think if he wanna show the skills he will made it!!! He taller enough to get the balls and make some noise in the offense!!! But apparently heights is anything at all!!! But i seems wrong with that!!! sorry! But i put confidence in any player the Jets add and put to play!!! Bye!
  19. Man!!! Where i wrote this post isn't good dude!!! I speak better then i wrote, trust me on that. We can chat in anytime you want...just choose when. LoL!!!
  20. Mann!!! so bad about not going to watch thi game!!! I never saw alive a game in the NFL!!! Don't have yet a opportunitty to see a real game...just watch on TV!! Thats sux man!!! For real!!! Don't make me felt bad enough about this game!!! but i will watch the game in my bad...LOL!!! CYA!!! Good game all!!! bring to us a win ok BUDDIES!!!
  21. Agreed with the OP!!! Mason was only of the exemples about we're loosin!!! BTW the all team are! Offense and Defense, they will try to do the best in all games aheaded right now!!! we have possible winning-game vs. 'Fins!!! Kerley in the lineup?? Great...Awsome!! We need to put this team in the right track again!!! the new playcalling in the offense and the defense need to improve the running game opps!! They agreed?? Well!!! Edwards gone, Mason too!!! Burress is a good player, possible better then we tought, but he is the taller player we have in the roster. Burres will show the things he know to all of them dont have confidence in him...like us! Ok!!! Lets the team play and see what gonna happend in the future.
  22. Ok....you convinced me!!! But please...our team is great man!!! I can't just be easie to him and talk trash about our team like that!!!
  23. Ok, i'm a christian guy, but....Can i kill this guy?? Shut your mouth!!!
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