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  1. Shut up man!!! You are a Jets fan or not? Be positive with our team!!!
  2. Agreed cause, our offense need improvements!!! I think Connor is a good back, but he need be better! All players need to be felt threatened with new guys on the team!!! Our top's receives they isn't doing a good job...cause?? I heve two reasons: #1 - The OC isnt good no more....he lost the way of the things were we need to go! #2 - The three tops receivers wasn't play....why? i dont know! Ask to them!!! Maybe i talking trashes! ok...but something need to be done in the all team...what, dont ask me that! Ask to HC and GM....they control the team...not me!!! LoL!!!
  3. I have my opinion about our team, but i agreed withh some guys here...fast LB's, fast S (like Kerry Rhodes, Troy Polamalu...like those guys) and receives who really catch the balls throwed to them!!! TE's...i desagreed about Keller...he is a great and the moust weapon the Jets have in the offense. If you compare the WR's catchs and the catch of Keller...Keller will win baddly!!! The single back is good...but if we put the McKnight running more in the offense...maybe we will see another running game. Greene and Tomlinson they are good!!! They product a great job running the ball in the field, but the problem are in the play call!!! Running a ball in the inside with that Pats defense...you need to be craise to do that...was awfull!!! Passing game...need to improve better. Secondary...need to be more faster!!! WE HAVE MAYBE THE #1 CORNER IN THE NFL...HIS NAME IS: DARRELE "ISLAND" REVIS!!! Our team is great...but was like a i said in another threat...THE OFFENSE WIN GAMES....!!! You know guys!!! I love to be a Jets Fan!!! A GREAT TEAM!!! I like to choose this team to be my team in the NFL...i thought about that with anothers team...but i choose and i will ever choose the NEW YORK JETS!!! GO JETS GO!!! Thanks for all attention!!! Perrone_Jets!!!
  4. What you mean with that is the Defense of Jets is shutdown with these ridiculous refs!!! They can make me wrathful with the last 2 games with those flags??? Come on!!!! Jets is doing his job....and i know, they will show to anybody who is the Jets D#!!!! GO D#!!! GO JETS GO!!!
  5. I don't know if Mauga is a good player to move in to OLB spot, backup to the startes in this role, cause i do not have any info for that!!! Better...someone can explain me how good the Mauga is for the D# of the Jets?? Hope the Mauga is a good player for our Defense!!!
  6. Amazing post!!!!! Thread Of The Week!!! ahsuah!!! Sorry...i can't missed this! Lance...good to know you will change...but how many? Changes are good...in some point. Don't change if is necessarily to do it. Period. Another thing: I don't expect the peoples will understand me....we don't understand no body at all dude!!! So...if you think is necessarily to change...so change, if not, why spent sometime with those toughts?? God bless you in all areas man!!! God bless you all!!! P.S.: i am a Jesus Christ follwer...i'm a believer!!! And don't waist your time...do the same. Be a Jesus follower!!! Love you all!!!
  7. Thrue!!! Brady said many things about our great team...ITS TIME TO SHUT UP HIS DAMN MOUTH!!!! S. Ellis will start against Jets...maybe...i think he will. Ok, but now he (Ellis) don't understand and will not understand the great D he miss...he was afraid becuase the HC will put Wilkerson in his place....thats why he move out to Pats!!!! Its some a guess!!! Flgreen say something i agreed totally with him!!! Jets will have a great gameplans and gameplays for the pats...and...owww...we do not forget about or best CB....Derallle Revis...and his island!!! How many time Revis put brady on ice with some great passes?? Revis will become a moust value corner in the entire league, and his island will grow!!! Lol!!! Hopefully he will end his career in the Jets like others and CM (Curtis Martin). Waiting for the game...3 day ahead!!! damn.. i can't wait this three days!!! Go Jets GO!!!! Like the Fireman Ed says: J-E-T-S!!! JETS!!! JETS!!!
  8. Agread!!! Lets see how Ellis will be in the future!!
  9. I felt bad when i saw that game vs. Ravens...was sucks!!! Thrue!!! But when we talking Jets vs Pats...my blood up high and explode!!! We are backing up with GROUND AND POUND!!!! This will be amazing...loosing...this is part of the game....winning!!! B-E-A-U-TIFULL!!!! Pats will past in the GREEN & WHITE field (GILLETE STADIUM WILL BE OURS DUDE) OL will be amazing against Pats D#!!! S.Ellis know what expacting for him...a great OL!!! Thats thrue!!! Lets wait for this game and we all gonna see okay!!! Go Jets Go!!!
  10. I agreed!!! K.Ellis will be usefull in the future, this year or next one...WHO KNOW'S??!!! Pouha is the one best DLineman we have like Devito and others...Wilkerson is damn good player for a rookie. Marcus Dixon is showing his magic on the Dline. I don't understand why the guys doesn't like E. Smith...he is good (ok he showing sometimes problems in the defense in game, like tackled with the helmet). Smith is a good and will be probable great DB!!! But i miss one of goods DB's....Kerry Rhodes. When i saw the headline about the Jets is trading him and claimed Pool for DB's spot i dont liked too much. Ok, some on of you guys will not agreed with me in that case. Thats fine. Coming back to Dline, we have one of the best dlines in the NFL!!! Those 2 games we loose was awful...horrible to see, but this thing happend with the teams who is reaching a big goal, like us: SUPER BOWL!!! I heard this expression sometime in my life: Offense win games, but DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! For exemple: Baltimore haven't offense to win a game, but the D# won the super bowl against Giants...a great job for entire team...they have and will continue have been one of the best D# in the NFL! Wilkerson, Pouha, Dixon, KENRICK ELLIS, Devito....they are a great D-Line of the Jets and make the others teams heard about it what we doing with our Dlinemens!!! Okay!!! Bye the Way - GO JETS...GO JETS GO!!!!
  11. Wait!!! We need to pay to join it?? Thats it?? If i wanna play this league i need to pay first?? Hugs, Perrone.
  12. I guess is better you pick first runnings and receivers, then pick on second QB's!!!! This is my guess!!!
  13. Agread! What diferency Pennington from Clemens, its the experiency!!! Pennington have 8 years playing, Clemens 2. So what you choose? Well, Pennington have and will have you good and bad days, everyone have this, why not them? This season, Jets is awfull, so i hope they can be better in the next season!!! Cya!
  14. I hope he's agreed with the this offer!!! Yankees, run for the WS!!!
  15. A-Rod, good, but i think him want something better, and it will not find better then Yankees!!! The Yankees are better, ask for all!!! The moust famous team of MLB on the world. Joe Torre isn't good to our team!!! what he shows up for us in this last seasons? Probably nothing. Joe Girardi, won's to us in '96, '98 '99, three WS rings, and he is the mand of the job!!! I hope i'm rigth, if not, decaptation!!!
  16. I think the C. Pennington, had last season a good one, but we need too know what happend to him in this season. Why he played like Grossman maybe worse it!!! I know the Chad has better then Rex, but man, what up's with him this year?? Cya!!!
  17. Hunn!!! This team really exist?? I don't remember the Jets playing awafull! Good thanks for not watch this game, i will gonna be crazy and why we have one FG?? what happend with the D# and Offense?? Damn it, this isn't a NFL team, but a High School or maybe College one.
  18. I don't reply before because the last time i post here, no one reply. No one live in New York. I just like the city, i think of course, i never travel to another country!!! I don't have money enough to do it. Well, here we don't the best tech to buy, if we go buy something, we will buy a pirate one or just wait to the price go below!!! Just that my friends!!! We (brazilians peoples) don't have a good economic like yours!!! We dont!!! WTF, but my country have one thing you guys don't have!!! Beautifulls girls with great asses!!! Cya!!!
  19. Sorry guys for been late to reply this threath!!! Well, in the time i post this i can't seeking on sopcast, i dont know how or why, but now its ok. On the last sunday, i try to watch a little bit of Jets game against Bengals. But to answer somes questions here: I think the reason i am a Jets fans, its because he lives at NY, and i love NY, i guess; Another reason to be Jets fan its was i like to much of L. Coles, C. Pennington (maybe if him isn't playing ok), L. Washington, and somes others players. I will never know why, but i fell it in my blood, the Green & White blood. I guess so, with this i'm able to be a Jets fans!!! Cya!!!
  20. What the hell they are thinking!!! In special David Clowney!!! whe was signed for what? Lets this guy play, we will gonna see what happend on the future!!! BTW, where are OUR D# man!!! Damn it!!!
  21. What the hell they are thinking!!! In special David Clowney!!! whe was signed for what? Lets this guy play, we will gonna see what happend on the future!!! BTW, where are OUR D# man!!! Damn it!!!
  22. Well!!! The next time will be us on World Series, and we gonna win this ****t!!!! Good luck to all players in the WS!!! Cya!!!
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