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  1. Well!!! The next time will be us on World Series, and we gonna win this ****t!!!! Good luck to all players in the WS!!! Cya!!!
  2. If everybody don't respond now of this threat, i think we'll don't have the 25 players for the tornoument we want so much. My guess? lets set it right now, and play what we got. Period.
  3. Yankees played sux!!! just 1 run 7 homes taked. What we need to win one game!! Ow, BTW, WE ARE OUT OF PO!!! DAMN IT!!!
  4. Yeah!!! Because the Indians will play in the Yankees home!!! So, they will loose this game and the series!!!
  5. They will win....i believe!!! Who with me??
  6. So, we're not out of the PO, but need to win two more games to lead. Yes or No??
  7. Ok i basic post not much in this forum about many things, i love the Yankees. I saw the last game against Indians, and they loose that game. This mean the NY is out of PO?? Or we have more games forward?? Its probably i'm wrong, is like impossible the saw baseball games in the ESPN Int. so, tell me guys. Thanks, Perrone_Jets.
  8. PJ sign up for this tournament!!! Lets see what happend!!! Cya!!!
  9. In the roster of receivers, Coles is the best. If have Coles and S. Moss, we were the best offense entire NFL teams. But is a dream hun. Well, good luck to all of us, in the rest off season.
  10. I didn't know! And i realase the Jets when was playing in 4-3 isn't good. In 3-4 its better, but the all D-players need to accept that. We can work with this formations on D#, if the Mangini is smart, he can use most plays the Vilma and D-Rob does their best!!! I'm sorry if i saying some bull****s!!! But its way i analyse the thing the Jets D#, because too give me a break, i can watch the Jets games. Cya!
  11. I can't say anything, because i haven't nothing to say. I can't the games and analyse what my fellow friends here its saying! One thing i can do, its just to listen, and be worried what can happen with my love team. I hope we (Jets) go to the PO, YESSSS!!! We will go to the play-offs!! So, God bless you all!!! Cya!!!
  12. Welll, boys and girls! We gonna see what gonna happen in our game, if what is the better team, have a better perfomance!!! But know this, Jets have a real good defense (after Pats), so we will not gave to you guys a easy way. I think the bills fan isn't too. But we will see in the gameday. Hugs, Perrone_Jets!!!
  13. Sorry, but who is that guy?? I don't know some peoples in the NFL world, just that, if i put some friends angry, i don't mean too. A little question, this guy everyone here wants him of Jets Defense Coordinatior?
  14. Well, i always believed in the Boller when he was a 3th QB spot in the NY Jets!!! Now he can prove the anyone the good he are. Cya!!!
  15. I know the Ravens have a great D# and they will continue with that, IF Bengals bit them, we can do the same!!! Just believe in your team, with your heart and soul!!! I do this everytime, if i don't see the game!!! And i hate this...mannn...don't see the matchup of your team isn't good. I hated, just hated. Jets, i desire a damn good matchup against the Ravens. We have now a good D# and a GOOD DAMN OFFENSE lead by the least Kellen Clemens!!! Cya you all in the next post!!!
  16. What another team of NFL have the same problem of us?? Some teams, they build their O-Linemen!!! We neeeeeed to do the same. What is the problem with our GM and Coach's Staff!!! We need look around beyound our OL, the guys agread with me? But i can be missunderstood, becaue i don't read the all posts of this topic, this can happen cause my english isn't good to understand the mighty stuffs you can say. Ok, lets looking for the our OL!!! I believe we can be the moust bigger frinchise of this league, we just need the OL and D#!!!! Cya!!!
  17. I just to send right now!!! Hope to be ok!!! Kevin Everett, be ok!!! We believe you man!!!
  18. I can be wrong, but i believe in Clemens game!! Of course i'm Chad fans, he prove to ourselfs he lead the team to a PO, he did it last season, so, why he cannot show in this season. Ok, Someone here, will tell me the opost of what i'm saying, but Clemens show to all of us he can be better of pennington, like he show in pre-season. To some peoples preseason, its nothing, but to me, show what they can do, in the real situation. Like Stuckey and Wright. They can been the other targets to our QB's!!! So, this mean, like Clemens and Pennington, will lead us to Play-Offs (i hope, of course), with: Coles, Cotchery, McCareins, Stuckey, Wright and Baker!!! This all my receivers!!! Sorry to someguys don't believe in me, but i hope we won some SB...ehehehe!!! Cya guys! Thanks for listen!
  19. Thanks Sikh!!! Good luck for your team too!!! But, you enter in the Jet Nation!! I respect you team, they have a good one. But, this matchup is ours ok!!! Hopefully we can have a second match in this season!!! Cya!!!
  20. Its possible, and if him work with Robertson and one LB like Vilma, he can pass throught as butter!!! Mannnn, its sack everytime!!! Vilma on inside, CJ on right side and Robertson in the left side!!! Well, guess what???? Ones of the best defense of AFC!!! I vote the Jets will receive a prize because that!!!
  21. I can wait to season started!!! But i trust in your judgemments!!! You guys have more experience in this board, and just looking aroud i learn more and more. Thanks to all!
  22. Well, like everybody here know my situation, i can't see how the Jets played! I hope the ESPN pass one game, just one, to me watch and see the improvements and Revis, Rhodes, Penny, Clemens, and Co. playing!!! But i think the strong matchup will be against the moust harder Defense in all NFL, Baltimore Ravens. Come on. We can be of greatest D# in this league, just to put in action!!! I saw the game against Eagles in NFL.com GameCenter!!! Isn't good because you loose the fevor of game and watch whats going on in the field. I agread, maybe others will with me, the Jets in this season will have a great performance, i expect from 11 to 13 victories. Or not, lets see!!! Hugs!!!
  23. Well!!! If i could to saw this games, but i can't. Why? Because i leave in another country, i live in Brazil. And here to close of NFL is watch on cable. And i can't watch many games. So, good luck do Pennington and roster of New York Jets in new season.
  24. Super Bowl III, never saw it, and i wanna!!! GO JETS!! GO Tubar
  25. So do i!!! I hope to watch a little of the Jets's game!!! I didn't anyone! Cya!!!
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