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  1. Hummm!!! For the girls, HI!!!! I realise i'm completly lost in this forum, somestuffs i can contribute with some words, others, no idea! Why? I think is because I am a Brazilian boy and talk in english is not much but hard to main a conversation!!! I hope someone's can understand me, otherwise, s*** i dont know how to talk to you guis!!! Cya!!!
  2. Yeah!!! Pirate and is difficult to find out where to sell it. My MADDEN '07 i buy this way. I will find the madden '08 where is sell it!!! Give me luck guys!!! I'll need it!!!
  3. I wanna know if the PS2 will have the MADDEN '08?? I just only ask this, cuz i dont have no idea!
  4. I wanna watch, but its hard, if we dont have special cable to watch every game of this season, forgeret to see the game!!! I will watch somes, not all, but somes!!! I hope to see on ESPN the Jets against someone...just to watch the Jets on the field!!!
  5. Do everything you want! Join in both, one, none!!! You'r choice!!!
  6. I know i'm rigth!!! Everybody can see that!!! Congrats Smizzy, you are be promoted to new BoomBoom!!! Congrats!!!
  7. I don't have idea how likes the BoomBoom!!! But the smizzy will are the new boomboom!!! You can't run way!!! Really don't!!!
  8. Ok! I'm in if how i get this? Perrone_Jets!!!
  9. I have a thought the Justin Miller will be awesome this season, like the last one! Miller Rules!!!!
  10. Agreed!!! He is fast and strong!!! Let's see what he will go do in this season!!!
  11. Curtins its much better then Betts!!! The number say too much Yeah! Betts have 1 ring of SB, but he have 1 (ONE) FUMBLE in that game, i think the Curtis isn't do that if was he! I guess not! Curtis have two things, i think the Betts doesn't! 1st: speed and cut moves. 2nd: strenght!!! Betts is bigger and strong, but he dont have the same speed of Martin!!! Its this i think why the Curtis Martin are better then Betts!!! Don't you guys??
  12. OK!!! Let's see what will happend before the season started!!!
  13. Thanks man!!! But tell me anyone here...If Revis dont sign with Jets what will happend to him?
  14. Humm...this tougth of deal is good or bad to us? I don't no idea. If Revis don't sign with the Jets, he can't play in this season? I be lost in this article!!! Seriously!!!
  15. Let's see how this kid will do in the pre-season!!! If he is good enough,wel...we gonna have the best secundary of AFC!!! I guess!!! Lets see the kid'oy playing ok!!!
  16. I agreed too!!! This Defense formation is better because we will have more efficienties LBs coming in and a strongest DL!!! The secundary with Miller, Rhodes and the rookie Revis will put the Jets defense one of the best defenses in all NFL stats. This is my thougth. Perrone_Jets!!!
  17. Agread! This kid is awesome!!!! Damn it!!!
  18. Well!!! Boxing!!! Man, this is great for the all Jets players. Boxers have know-how to put your body in excelent status against others. I think we can will see the improvemments and changes on the field. Thanks, Perrone_Jets.
  19. Its my first time i play this fantasy game!!! I hope to do my best..hauhsuash!!!!
  20. Well. I can't know how the Jets D3 is going. I live in Brazil, and here i watch every game of NFL, special of Jets, i dream to watch his game against Pats, but like i said, its a ****ing dream. But onething i know, is the Jets have now, in this season more strongest and tought defensive in 3 seasons (its my stactis). Hugs, Perrone_Jets P.S.: If the members of this forum are asking to yourselfs what i writhing wrong, its because i don't have a good english and trying to improve it.
  21. Well, to me is a simple player: Kerry Rhodes! He will be again the spirit with Vilma on D#!!! The Jets will have the moust strongest defenses intire NFL and AFC East. Lets Go Jets!!!
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