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  1. Looks like this was a great game to miss, glad I cut firewood all afternoon.
  2. Nah they are totally different people, Jen actually has balls.
  3. The NFL has been a less than attractive option for decades now, but in 2000 it became a slap in the face to those with eyes and a soul. I used to be mad when I couldn't watch the games, but now I can find solace doing nearly anything else on Sunday. Ain't no way in hell I could bring myself to watch wrestling though. I'd rather masterbate with a cheese grater....
  4. No effing way do I want that clusterfuzz on the Jets
  5. Awwwww too bad for them, they always seem to have bad luck. BWAAAHAHAHAHAA
  6. Just woke up at midnight.... Never smoking Chunky Monkey again.... Go Jets
  7. Didn't know our record was that good across the pond. So we got that going for us
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