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  1. The fact that we are loyal enough to suffer through the horrors of years past for the opportunity to relish in a SB victory, which would make the suffering seem like a distant memory. We have too much time and money invested to not see this through to fruition. The Jets are the ugliest puppy in the pound, but we took it home and into our heart. They drive us crazy when they piss on the floor, but we still want them to grow into something great, and dammit, they are OUR ugly puppy.
  2. Slayer calling it quits.

    I liked Exodus better anyways
  3. Keep the good mojo flowing JW!
  4. Yeah sounds like a plan, 5:30 comes early, and Ive got 20 fresh inches of snow to drive to work in.
  5. Oh I can imagine, but my dreams have been spurned by this team before...
  6. They gotta get that D in order
  7. Im hoping so.... Would be nice to feel legit good about our season.
  8. I hear ya, it just hit me funny and I blurted out a huge belly laugh as I read it
  9. Sounds like the Texans are chasing him
  10. This made me laugh out loud, literally. Cat jumped 2 feet in the air.
  11. LOL "Never go full retard"