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  1. So much for getting on track any time soon. Holy shiitake mushrooms....
  2. Why anybody would want a mic while playing the Rats is beyond me. Like they haven't had "issues" with radios in the past? Should be pretty well known league-side by now.
  3. Well telling Sammy to draft linemen would've done nothing last night.
  4. We'll I'm happy to say it, but nobody cares about your "told you so" post. This is the type of thing inner cowards have to do, and karma will find you eventually. For the record, the Patriots organization deserves fans like you. You fit right in with the rest of the mindless mass that is bereft of moral fiber. Have fun. You won't be loathed, nor pitied by me. You will simply be forgotten like a black cloud that passes over the sun for a fleeting moment.
  5. Robert Crafty steals kids birthday presents and their puppies. Scum!
  6. Whatever our starting TEs name is. A big-ish game from him will go a long way towards victory. Bell needs a good productive game too.
  7. Looks like they are based out of the Naval Yard in Philly. They must sell all over the east coast.
  8. They might be, but I figured they sold to most of the eastern states. Gonna look it up....

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