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  1. I like the cut of your jib
  2. LOL Big Brother 2018 starring Josh McCown!
  3. I dont give 2 sh*ts about Madden, so whooptie doo
  4. I agree. If Sam WINS the starter job, then get him under center. Im not for annointing him the starter if it hasnt been earned. He wont be damaged goods if he doesnt start from day 1. I do think this team could reach 10 wins though.
  5. Im pretty sure Im not narrow minded, but if there needs to be proof, Im not sure how I provide such a thing. After hearing the story, Im safe in saying Kellen Winslow Jr deserves a bullet to the brain pan. If you have some personal rebuke to my opinion, then have at it. If you feel different, fine. I wont waiver in my opinion, so I hope you understand that going forward.
  6. Dude needs a bullet. Sorry if thats not PC but thats my opinion on the subject, no place for people like that in society.

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    Thanks for the reports PatriotKilla

    Can we talk Flowers?

    They usually prefer just waltzing in the bushes, they are old school.

    Can we talk Flowers?

    Up here in Maine they can run 25 mph, so you dont want to meet up with one out in the open. Like this....
  10. Maxman in 30 days....
  11. BUM-KNEE

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    Wow, that was a long and winding read.