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  1. This is basically urinating on Ian Fleming's grave...... Sad state of affairs.
  2. Yeah you gotta get in riding shape if going long distance. Heh It uses muscles that aren't accustomed to being worked out.
  3. Ive never played Gibraltar, I use my Iron Cobras and I like em.
  4. Im 60 miles east of Bethel. I bought 2 snowmobiles over that way 6 years ago, and go ice fishing in the western mountains as often as I can. Beatiful over that way!
  5. Figured that Would be the case. Now we know
  6. Hell yeah I raced dirt track for 4 years till I was almost killed on the track. Lol Would love to do rally racing someday like the man Colin McRae. We have a good rally circuit going up in northern Maine. Winter would be a blast!
  7. Fine then. Whatever floats your boat chief. I like the kids chances here.
  8. Nope no kidding here. If you haven't even watched him play then you shouldn't have such a low opinion of him. I bet if you see some vids of him you will have a different outlook.
  9. I'm no betting man, what is a box of ziti? (other than pasta)
  10. So...... I will take that as "No you haven't watched tape of Dortch" Dude looks hard to handle out in open space. Returner extraordinaire.

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