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  1. Just a fvkking ray of sunshine with every post....
  2. Yes it seems Mac found a good one in Austin. Maybe because nobody was willing to risk it with his knees, but I'm glad he is here.
  3. Nice stuff as usual KRL. Good to see there are still realistic takes out there. The constant "sky is falling" mantra is quite old and tiresome.
  4. I get a "young Alan Alda" vibe from hearing you talk Beanzie. Now I picture Hawkeye Pierce narrating your posts.LMAO!
  5. Thats the thing, you can see the talent there in Sammy. He's not a finished piece though, he's only 22. He has stuff to work on for sure, but he seems smart enough and aware of himself enough to work out his rough edges. The promise of having a franchise QB is legit with him. A few good lineman and he can settle into his skin alot more.
  6. BB is sooo envious of our facility. All he has is cheating classrooms with glory holes on the back wall.
  7. I'm thinking Ravens 27 - Jets 13. I'm not too hopeful on this game, although I think we go into halftime with the lead.
  8. Thats why I included the half games originally. Like the concussion game, where he left the game with the injury. Not to mention he had FA signings ahead of him like Ivory/Spiller/Forte most of his career. Hard to get touches in that scenario. The point I was getting at from the start was to dispute the notion that he "was always hurt". He wasn't. (No more than any RB anyways)
  9. Im on the other side of the coin. I think it was coaching decision to not use him more. The injury history shows he wasn't hurt as much as some say. He may have been dinged up, sure. But he was still active on game day a lot. He should be been used in the passing game more IMO. He has pretty good hands.
  10. I don't know, its pretty much a second offense for the same thing they got nailed for before. It should be no different than any other 2nd offender in the NFL.
  11. I think it was a combo of CBS Sports and Sports Injury Predictor sites that I was looking at. Im pretty sure he wasnt activated for every game his rookie season in 2011. His debut game wasn't until Nov 17 that year. It wasn't because of injury, McKnight/Greene/Conner were the starters that year. 2012 he missed 3 games due to concussion and shoulder. 2015 he missed 4 games because of an ankle. 2017 he missed 1 game for a calf strain. 2018 missed 9 games for the bulging disc.

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