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  1. I will shake my head and go fishing
  2. Im sure the Jets are ready for ZW to start and make it to the playoffs. The question still remains, will ZW be ready?
  3. I always predict 10-6 every year, but I'm not going that route this season. We have to generate pressure on QBs to alleviate the strain on our DBs. Hopefully the roster and staff here is enough for that to happen. ZW just needs to minimize his mistakes and the CS needs to be smart with him. So 10-6 is probably not happening.... I'm saying 10-7 this time.
  4. Dont have any spare time right now guys. Plus, the theme is kinda.... not my thing.
  5. I just got a new phone and was getting it set up but no JN app in the app store.... Glad I checked here! Hope it gets set up soon Maximus
  6. A- Not a huge fan of ZW, but am willing to marinate on him. (Giggity)
  7. You need some old fashioned Maine whoopie pies.
  8. It doesn't offset the chemical taste of the "cake" though.
  9. I can't even stand the smell of them, and they taste like chemicals.... Don't see how anyone can eat them honestly. (Although the chocolate ones ain't bad) Funny Bones and chocolate milk are where it's at.
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