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  1. Thanks. I was referring to camp reports that a few posters put up here. KRL is one, not sure of the names of others.
  2. I would be driving from Maine (probably rent a car), maybe drive back after the game but the Hilton @Lith mentioned sounds like a better option. I guess I gotta do some research on the trip to decide
  3. What would be the best option for out of staters as far as traveling to the game? Drive down and park in a garage and then take a bus to the stadium? How's the parking costs?
  4. Glad hes healed up, would be great to have him on the line healthy
  5. I would think my special brownies had kicked in hard
  6. Andre Miller WR UMAINE if he goes undrafted
  7. Im optimistic on Saleh, I think he for sure had alot on his plate. The odds of him blossoming into a good HC are good, especially with a roster that is filling out with legit talent. I also feel good about ZW polishing up his game this year, and more than just a little bit. I agree he doesnt have to be a star this season, just move the chains smartly. Hes got the tools
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