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  1. Why don't the team owners take a smidgen less of a cut? It shouldn't just be the players that give back to save the league grief in the cap.
  2. I thought he looks like LT. His accelleration and hands catching the ball.
  3. I think of Apollo 13 when they discharge the urine outside the ship. Constellation U-rine
  4. I cant wait to see him out there, very happy hes a NY Jet.
  5. A realist? No. Pessimism is not being a realist. A realist sees things alot differently, they can absorb the situation without a filter.
  6. Is TY Hilton still decent? Haven't heard much about him lately.
  7. If Fant is legit good and our TEs play all year then yes.
  8. I didn't realize we still were on the hook for that much with Anderson

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