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  1. Sorry Charlie, you put the theory in motion yourself. I thought it before Ape
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have any this time....
  3. @Drums This is where I started suspecting Pac, on page 14. It's obvious GS is being coached, it's SOP to put a new player on the scum team to help them out. Pac knows this, but acted bezerko.
  4. I had Pac as neutral for awhile till he started acting weird (what I thought was weird) and then changed my mind. I didn't tie them together exactly, but thought they were protecting scum. (GS) As I said before, I wanted to see what transpired before finalizing my decision. I don't "press" very much in these games, that's just how I go about it. My CTM vote was mostly joke
  5. Because he said he's not town, and then said "yeah I am". Just sounded like hiding in plain sight
  6. Yes, going with my first hunch from awhile ago. Why do you think I'm scum by the way?
  7. Well I can say with certainty that only playing one game makes it difficult to judge what is real talk and what is BS. I see some things that others see, but I dont say it every time because I want to see it play through a bit more. Sometimes I get phantom reads, ala Pac. I thought you were legit trying to locate scum from the start, so I thought you were Town. I focused my efforts elsewhere untill I could figure out what was going on. I noticed by reading a few games that Nolder was usually targeted early, so I wasnt going to pile on too. I just wanted to take in the game a bit and
  8. Well my read on Pac was wrong, but I'm still confident 80, GS are scum. I will now add JC to the list. Sucks we lost Barry.... I think Spoot is 3rd party. I like Ape and Drums as town Stark I have no real read on. CTM has faint scum ping.
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