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  1. I like Perine, I think he would have a long successful career with a good line.
  2. Thats why KRL gets the big bucks!
  3. I came over in the See BS Sportsboards lifeboat, was never a member of the "other place".
  4. Thank Jamal for being the basis of a third of them......
  5. Would love to go, but Im seeing Primus that night. (concert was postponed a frikkin year..)
  6. What does it matter what his workout room is, or where he got the equipment? Hes doing the work to stay in shape, thats what matters. Hell, Rocky Balboa used logs and rocks....
  7. Id rather we keep him too, the D can surely use his services.
  8. Wow, I go camping for a few days and we sign Moses. Nice
  9. I have concerns, but hey I could be wrong.... I think he gets hurt before the season is over and this is all moot. Again.
  10. Because your response was equal to my thought in my first sentence. OBVIOUSLY he is putting more stress on his joints, and will more than likely have more issues in the future along those lines. I only pointed out that he looks like he fills out his frame well, and is not obese looking out there. (Wilfork-ish)
  11. Read my first sentence
  12. In a perfect world not related to football, sure Becton should lose some weight for the health benefits. He doesnt look to be insanely overweight out on the field though. He looks proportionaly (sp?) fine to me.
  13. I will shake my head and go fishing
  14. Im sure the Jets are ready for ZW to start and make it to the playoffs. The question still remains, will ZW be ready?
  15. I always predict 10-6 every year, but I'm not going that route this season. We have to generate pressure on QBs to alleviate the strain on our DBs. Hopefully the roster and staff here is enough for that to happen. ZW just needs to minimize his mistakes and the CS needs to be smart with him. So 10-6 is probably not happening.... I'm saying 10-7 this time.
  16. Dont have any spare time right now guys. Plus, the theme is kinda.... not my thing.
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