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  1. I think its easier being scum (my first game) than town, but maybe that will change for me in the future
  2. You did great (untill you hung me out to dry at the end you filthy animal)
  3. Probably no way to turn the ads a darker color huh? Either way, I love the dark mode.
  4. The why TF did you vote me as soon as I voted CTM?
  5. Yeah but you have been lying the whole time, so the opposite is true.
  6. EDIT - Although Ape said Stark was Town, so theres that tie in as well.
  7. Not true. You could still be scum being told to hold your vote.
  8. As soon as I voted you, Ape voted me. (All while claiming you were his hip pocket scum read) Therefore you and Ape have to be scum. I said I was Town awhile ago, sooooooo.........
  9. UNFRIGGINVOTE I think the Ape has been bullsh*tting me/us
  10. Maybe you have been bullsh*tting the whole time?
  11. What are you talking about? You said to keep CTM in hip pocket a page ago. If Stark is Town like you claim, isnt the logical choice CTM now?
  12. What is your opinion on the game having a GF along with all the other roles weve seen? Would it be out of the ordinary?
  13. Well did you know every alignment aspect in your 2nd game?
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