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  1. I'm good with this, Flacco should at least keep the O moving forward. Gives everybody film to study too
  2. I will admit I thought ZW had something bad happen to his knee after seeing him plant his foot for the cut and go down. Ive personally had it happen to me on 2 occasions, so I feared the worst. I was probably wrong in my original thought on the matter, hope to hear good news from his scope.
  3. Im sticking to my previous thought, the D has to stop being a liability. Doesnt matter who is behind center, the D just gives up chunks of ground and time off the clock. That is a problem. Im hoping it will gel into a legit force that can give the O the ball back, and Im optimistic that Wilson makes plays with it. 6 wins is still the max I can see, if the previously stated things happen.
  4. Good to hear Maximus, all my best to you and your family
  5. Oh if I only had a dollar for every time we said that...... I'd have zero dollars
  6. Pretty sure a huge bolt of electricity would render most of them dead
  7. I grew up in a haunted house
  8. Welcome aboard, unless you're a ghost
  9. Happy Birthday Lith, youre one of the good ones
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