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  1. Damn straight I'd cry, but at least it would be tears of joy and relief for once.
  2. Thanks for the help and kind words everybody
  3. My brother passed away this morning, I'm numb. At least he's not in pain anymore
  4. The game isnt as enjoyable now, I started watching football to see the defense do its thing.
  5. I know, it sucks to feel good for a change
  6. Overcoming Ohio The Mayhem in the Midwest The Come Back in Cleveland
  7. I was working for United Van Lines, we came back from a Florida run and went through NY early that morning. We watched the thing unfold on tv while packing up a house in Boston. Never forget
  8. I'll take any good news I can get at this point. Hopefully we can get good edge pressure
  9. Yeah my Mom is 85 and she's beside herself with this. Hard to watch your Mom cry like that....
  10. Hes maxed out on morphine, weighs less than 100 pounds now because hes not eating. They drained 4 quarts of fluid out of his stomach a couple days ago. It just fills back up. Hes supposed to be released to go home tomorrow to live out his final days. Theres nothing they can do, I talked to his doctor. Thanks again to my Jets breathren here, you guys kept my depression at bay.
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