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  1. Just now, Stark said:

    its tough to see knowing the Bills have a lot of motivation to get this game back. anything can happen. Hope OP is right. lets go JETS. 



    I'm just not ready to trust MLF to put together a sensible game plan. I will definitely hold out hope it does come to fruition though.

  2. 12 minutes ago, JetPotato said:

    Started indoors late March. Moved outside after last frost. Harvest mid October. 6 weeks of curing at 63% RH. 

    December 1. Reward.

    My season was similar up here in Maine.

    Mine was ready to jar up a little earlier though.

    Toking Mash Up GIF

  3. 11 hours ago, BCJet said:

    There should be absolutely ZERO doubt among the fan base that JD knows how to build a football team and regardless of how this season plays out we should all feel downright thrilled with where the organization is.  This season could have spiraled out of control a number of times and instead, with some of the worst QB play in the league we are in the playoff hunt in december.

    We have withstood training camp injuries, a QB controversy, in- season injuries all while winning games with a roster that is one of the youngest in the league.  Really amazing to see where the organization is today compared to when we had Adam Gase and Mike Macaganan here.


  4. 2 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

    Mike White probably isn't the guy of the future, but that's no reason to throw the season away by stubbornly playing Zach Wilson, because the latter empathically isn't.

    If the CS and FO need to see more of Zach Wilson airmailing screen passes, and completely missing wide open receivers, then they have no business evaluating QBs. Hell, even if they think he can be salvaged, I don't see how you can't at least sit him and let him reset. Dude is f*cking drowning out there. Throw him a mercy life-raft benching ffs.

    This whole "the only thing that matters is evaluating Zach Wilson" thing went out the window as soon as the rest of the team showed they are a playoff contender. Who cares if we don't have a Super Bowl caliber QB on the team right now? It's not about him. It's about the rest of the team, and they deserve the best chance to compete in the playoffs, and that is not Zach Wilson.

    If this was an aging team filled with vets that was a stone's throw away from a rebuild, I'd understand the futility of playing for playoffs without a proper QB, but this team is filled with young talent on both sides of the ball that are going to be the core of this team. Any playoff experience will be good for them, whether we have the QB of the future on the team right now or not.

    I gotta agree Spoot, can't let all the other guys down for one guy.

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