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  1. Congrats WF, some day I will get to my first game
  2. Keep stacking wins, and keep growing as a team. Love it
  3. Happy Birthday (yesterday) Nut!
  4. Just got off the phone with Saleh, he said he feels bad for you making a dumb thread
  5. I dont see a win here, but Im willing to be pleseantly shocked.
  6. Tough times JE, I know your pain too well brother. Thinking of you and yours
  7. Why would our OC NOT gameplan for Wilsons shortcomings? Did they sneak up on him? BFS
  8. He sure as F aint the solution either!
  9. I'm ok with it, you have been great here. Please crush the Bills though, that would be epic
  10. Not sure how a high 5 is considered sympathy
  11. I would stop watching or caring about the team until he was gone. Maybe even after that. There is a line in the sand that one should never cross
  12. I didnt think we would beat the Pack, but I love surprises
  13. I used the old one years ago but.... I asked Max if we had a new one but he said it wasnt working after the site upgrade months ago
  14. I think we can win in a defensive body bag game. The Rats C is in concussion protocol, so at least both offenses are missing important pieces
  15. I would say no, he hasn't really been doing much and we do have a plethora of TEs to not use already
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