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  1. The hurry-up was giving the Vikes fits on that drive. Would be 7-7 if not for the "spiking" penalty.
  2. Massive lightning storm here, cmon power stay on dammit!!
  3. Too many corporations involved to have one name represented, hence the "catch phrase" name.
  4. Something like Jersey Football Arena, or Bayside Gridiron Complex.
  5. I dont see a 12 sack year out of one guy on the D-line, maybe if Bowens gets alot of playing time he can seek and destroy, but thats a big maybe. I hope they prove me wrong though, we need to get pressure to let our DBs do thier thing.
  6. Yes, the Jersey B thing is pretty annoying. Are the Jets supposed to be playing 2nd fiddle to the Giants for all eternity, or are these jagoffs going to recognize whos the better team year to year?
  7. Mike Devito - University of Maine Orono. Not a lock to make the 53, but on the roster nontheless.
  8. No, but some of the women look like him though......
  9. Im about 2 hours north of Portland, just above Waterville in the one stoplight town of Burnham. Probably wont get to your bar then.
  10. When L Johnson agrees to the money, Holmes wont be there.
  11. There is another Jets fan up here in Maine? Kool.
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