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  1. I think Stuckey is going to be a great WR, hopefully its here. He kinda has that Chrebet look to him, scrappy and great hands.
  2. Yeah its gonna be a close race between the 2, I just figured if Jones is used as the majority back he will get more carries. Leon will get more screens. Leon may get some returns this year but I wouldnt risk him getting injured, wasnt Pellot-Rosa going to do some of the returns?
  3. This one should be closer than the RB poll, if Penny spreads the ball around more this year. Which he should. I say Coles in a tight race with Cotchery. Id love to see Stuckey with a ton but we'll have to wait and see.......
  4. I gotta say TJ, although it should be close. If Jones is used in the manner in which I think he will, he should get 1100yds rushing and 100yds recieving. Leon IMO should get 650yds rushing and 450yds recieving. I dont see alot of return yardage for either one.
  5. No it was Parcells who made the reference to Kraft and injected his thought in post #3. Then you replied with all the praise of Kraft in post #8, I reminded you about Conn on post #9. The remark about the Jets being cheap that you made in post #2 could be construed as being a troll, and that isnt ok no matter how many years youve been here. Dont throw this noob label around just because people dont want to hear your regurgitated pap about NE on a Jets site. If people ask why you are here its because we see plenty of rival teams fans posting put-downs, or spewing one sided BS way too often, and it also gets old and tiresome. (on all Jets sites) If you are passionate about your team, then that again makes one wonder why you wouldnt be posting on a Patriots site rather than here. I would think you could find hundreds of NE fans to talk Kraft with, this isnt the place for that. The "you think you are better thing" comes from calling me a noob, which I am not, and how quick you used the term which made you sound like an arrogant jerk. I may not have been here for years and have 1000s of posts, but this isnt the only site Im a member of either. I joined here to have a different place to visit, with different people and fresh veiws on all things Jets--not a noob. Hopefully this provides you with the intended insight on our disagreement. Anything to add on Schwartz is welcomed.
  6. Only do so with Kookla and Ollie, Fran was a tease.
  7. Some of Schwartz's clients were, Lamar Gordon RB MIA, Ike Hilliard, Terrell Davis, Marques Douglas Balt, Dusty Zeigler NYG, Vonnie Holiday. Hes had some good name clients, and hes been around for awhile. I hope both sides in this dispute are thinking this needs to be settled soon, for everyones sake. It seems Revis wants to play here, and knows his holdout is hurting his learning curve. Id think the Jets FO would realize that and get the talks moving again.
  8. What a friggin dildo statement, Quit Whining? Are you kidding me? After your 3 posts of crying and whining you try to pass off your childish retorts as if it was me. Thats why I said I really dont care about where NE plays, so the subject would be dropped. But as I can see, you are the little boy who needs to be right, and attack someone who isnt going to agree with you. Oh yes, dont forget to call them a noob so you can feel superior like all insecure little tools do. By the way this isnt my first day on a sports forum, and Ive seen some inane stuff posted by trolls but you take the cake.(not saying you are one) Im gonna try to put it really simple this time, I dont care about R Kraft. If you love him, that is great for you. Now, can we discuss Schwartz?
  9. My point is this, you are trying to sell me/us on how great Kraft is as an owner and I personally dont agree. I dont really care where the Patriots play, and I dont care about Robert Kraft. If you want to talk up the Pats go to a Pats board. If you want to add some relevant Neil Schwartz comment, then have at it.
  10. Klecko was a god on the field and the New York Sack Exchange was the most dominant force in that era. Induct Klecko.
  11. I dont think J-Mac should go anywhere this season, he is impressing the coaching staff and that is pretty good in itself. I dont want to see us lose a vet WR that knows the division rivals and how to play them. Not to mention taking a target away from Penny that hes familiar with. Im not saying guys like Stuckey or Jackson arent able to play, but I like Justin as one of Chads friendly faces when the heat is on.
  12. But the deal was made to move to Conneticut in 98, he wormed out of it by paying 2.4 mil to Conneticut to avoid further litagation. Obviously the guys plans were to make money with the team, he is a businessman for christ sake. Isnt there a Patriots forum you could be on, instead of trying to sell us on how incredibly great NE is?
  13. Or 57 million infrastructure loan from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.--To be paid back through parking revinues. Pretty convenient.
  14. Yeah, me too. Trusnik looks like the real deal, and hes relentless in pursuit.
  15. Wasnt this about hemorrhoids?
  16. I watched some highlights of Stucky, and he looks to have great hands. He will make a good possession WR.
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