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  1. I personally hate the Patriots the most, by a huge margin. Then it's the Seahawks, Dolphins, Steelers and Ravens
  2. Up here in Maine it's the Rats fans, and it's effing GLORIOUS!!!!


    My thoughts were that Flacco should have the offense functioning at a bare bones level and the Oline could have time to gel. My thoughts were wrong for the most part.....
  4. I'm pretty much at the same position I was before on Saleh. I knew it would be a learning curve for him, even if we had all vets starting at every position. The rookies are blossoming a bit and he is guiding them competently. He's building them up and they are coming into their own as well. The vets want to play for him and the rooks can see that. Seems like he is getting better as the weeks pass, and the team is buying into his philosophy. The identity this team morphs into as more time passes will be very interesting to witness. I'm excited to see how the rest of the season plays out that's for sure. The trajectory the team as a unit is on looks very positive, but it is weeks away from being completed.
  5. Cause we didnt really try to call runs, once the boys settled in it was time to uncork it
  6. Always go with a Canadian beer, its a much more mellow buzz. I highly suggest Labatts
  7. This is a team defining game, gotta make a statement today.
  8. Damn straight I'd cry, but at least it would be tears of joy and relief for once.
  9. Thanks for the help and kind words everybody
  10. My brother passed away this morning, I'm numb. At least he's not in pain anymore
  11. The game isnt as enjoyable now, I started watching football to see the defense do its thing.
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