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  1. Thanks MM They are a couple of D&D dorks who cant dance, but they are great together
  2. Well I just walked my oldest daughter down the aisle on Sunday, other than that I got nothin
  3. Hell, we have a Rats fan that posts here with Masshole as his avatar LOL
  4. My entire family has been notified that Sometimes I Do shall be played at my funeral.
  5. Becton lookin good, but he shouldve laid out for that catch
  6. My BIL is a Rats fan as well, (and a colossal douche) 97% of Mainers are Rats fans, its revolting....
  7. The Rats fans thing Im surrounded by Rat fans up here and I still bleed green!
  8. No mandates, if they stay healthy and play well they might get into the playoffs any way.
  9. I love them too (Hell I liked them when they were a punk band), and this reminds me to finally put this CD in my truck so I can veg out while driving to work
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