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  1. 5 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I love when I drag you into the numbers area.  :)

    Through the end of November last year Zach had 4 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

    You are suggesting that isn't a problem. But you know it was a problem.

    They reigned him in and then in December and January he had 5 TD and 1 INT.

    They wanted to open things up with him again and he got hurt. Missed training camp time, missed the first 3 games.

    He has come back and the team won all 4 games. The training wheels are still on BECAUSE he needs to improve in some areas.  The offensive line has been under turmoil with injuries.

    The point is this is the plan with Zach. Win games while he is learning. So him not losing games is not a small thing.  He will get better from here.

    All hail Maximus!

  2. 4 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    I updated the icons just now. They can still be updated again, but for now:

    1. Up vote (green up-arrow) —> changed to Thumb up with (new icon: thumb up). Part of me still likes the up-arrow even though it didn’t match the thumb-down, and a red down-arrow - like we used to have - just seems more obnoxious & confrontational than a thumb-down icon.
    2. Thumb down —> (just updated the icon to a newer one)
    3. Confused —> changed to WTF (updated the icon)
    4. POTW —> (unchanged; no reason, and I like the way the purple sticks out better than matching the gold-yellow)
    5. Sad —> changed to Sympathy (icon changed to the blue heart from “like”)
    6. Haha —> (just updated the icon)
    7. Like —> (removed; was the same thing as up-vote/thumb-up anyway)
    8. (new) —> added Ugh (new icon: puke)

    Didn’t make the cut:

    • Poop (went with puke instead; sue me)
    • Like (as mentioned; it was redundant)
    • On fire (had no problem adding it, but didn’t want too many)
    • Bag on head (again, went with puke instead; was a coin toss given the rich Jets history of fans in the stands wearing this to hide the shame of being positively identified as Jets fans)


    • Minor, but POTW counts the same as a regular thumb-up (and has for some time now). It’s not a setting that can be changed. Only choices are +1, -1, or 0. Just noting that it’s not an oversight. I know rep points are very serious business. 
    • Ugh/puke isn’t negative points; I figure often it’ll be used in response to a post conveying “ugh” type news/info, rather than directing it at the one posting it. Don’t shoot the messenger & such.
    • Different color heart… red seemed more valentine-ish than sympathy/sadness; green would’ve been ok except it’d get lost against the background color; so I just reused the blue one.
    • I made sympathy/heart the default because this platform changes the unselected-default to a white/gray one, and the outline of just a white thumb-up with gray separations looked really strange. If you rate a post, it’ll replace that gray heart with the rating you’ve given.
    • Though I removed the “like” rep, past “like” votes still get tallied (the site software doesn’t go back & recalculate). However it won’t show those votes anymore if it’s no longer an active rep option. So it’s like your gift was still given & received, but there’s no receipt lol.

    So does the rep still count? Im confused...

    No offense implied with my vomit emoji Sperm, just wanted to spew a tad LOL

  3. 51 minutes ago, Lith said:

    My daughter has a disability.  As a result I have known many young men and women who have disabilities.  I have no way of knowing for certain, but based on his posting style, I believe Shawn is a young man with a disability who loves the Jets.  As long as there is a chance that I am right, I will welcome him on this site whenever he posts.  

    I was thinking the same


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