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  1. He is 6 years older than me, 58.
  2. Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, the doc gave him a 1% chance of surviving it. Im not sure what to do, Im just in a fog of depression now. I hate that he is laying there in a hospital bed suffering, and theres nothing I can do to help other than visiting and trying to find something to say to him. We were pretty close growing up and he taught me alot. I dont know what to say to him in the hospital, what the **** do you say in a situation like this? This is very hard to come to grips with, and I hate it. I ******* hate it. I just had to vent a bit here, its one of the very few places I have to do so.
  3. He may say that, but I would still sit him till week 2. Take extra precautions so there isnt another, longer injury.
  4. Trade him then, we have more intriguing options behind him anyway. Be cool to get a 2023 pick so we can save a guy we mightve cut.
  5. Id be 0k with dumping Wesco (even though I had high hopes) and keep Cager. Wesco drawing flags is getting old.... Yeboah might blossom later, so keep him around for a bit.
  6. Mims looks scared of contact, not seeing a future here in green and white. I hoped he could have a good showing this year but ....... dunno
  7. Well if Flacco plays decent and the O sustains drives, it definately helps the other 10 guys out there gel and apply/hone their skills. Pretty sure its a good thing to have the O-line work out the kinks and younng RBS/TEs know their blocking assignments before ZW goes back under center. It also gives the coaches good film to study for the entire offense, thus more data to help clean up mistakes and eventually cement and expand the playbook. Maybe playing with a lead helps the DBs be more aggressive, and the D overall isnt hamstrung? Having Flacco play well under center helps the big picture in many ways. Zack is going to come back in when hes ready, and it would be nice if the team was over the early bumps. It might let him settle down a bit.
  8. Took long enough! Congrats, and many thanks to Joe for giving alot of us awesome Jets memories
  9. I'm good with this, Flacco should at least keep the O moving forward. Gives everybody film to study too
  10. I will admit I thought ZW had something bad happen to his knee after seeing him plant his foot for the cut and go down. Ive personally had it happen to me on 2 occasions, so I feared the worst. I was probably wrong in my original thought on the matter, hope to hear good news from his scope.
  11. Im sticking to my previous thought, the D has to stop being a liability. Doesnt matter who is behind center, the D just gives up chunks of ground and time off the clock. That is a problem. Im hoping it will gel into a legit force that can give the O the ball back, and Im optimistic that Wilson makes plays with it. 6 wins is still the max I can see, if the previously stated things happen.
  12. Good to hear Maximus, all my best to you and your family
  13. Oh if I only had a dollar for every time we said that...... I'd have zero dollars
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