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  1. Pretty sure a huge bolt of electricity would render most of them dead
  2. I grew up in a haunted house
  3. Welcome aboard, unless you're a ghost
  4. Happy Birthday Lith, youre one of the good ones
  5. I expect an increase in continuity and productivity in every facet. Whether that correlates to an increase in wins is up in the air, but I expect more wins than last year.
  6. I cut out doughnuts and alot of bread, and l got slightly more active in my daily routine. Its a start.....
  7. So Becton is even slimmer now?
  8. He looks "slimmer" to me, seems like his workout and eating routine is paying off.
  9. Well I lost 5 pounds and am now at 257. The next 10 might be tough though, I shall soon find out.
  10. I know the upgrade didn't support it or some such, just wondering if we found a work around yet?
  11. I usually say 10 wins in this type of thread, but I'm not feeling it this year. I think Zack has an improved season, but I feel the D loses us some winnable games. 6 wins and a tie, probably at Buffalo
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