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  1. Doug Marrone Opts Out - MERGED

    I feel pretty meh about Marrone. I'm hoping that the Casserly/Woody crush on him doesn't color the interview process too much.. I wonder if they are seriously considering other candidates. Also, am I wrong in thinking that the Jets job isn't a terribly different situation from the Buffalo one? Both have a couple good pieces but no quarterback. Bills defense probably has better personnel.
  2. Jets intrigued by Cards DC Todd Bowles

    I understand not being thrilled with the idea of going down the same DC path, but you want to pick the best candidate regardless of where they come from. The important thing is that the next coach takes responsibility for the whole team. Being on the same page with the next GM would be nice too.
  3. Iupati for sure. The offensive line doesn't have a single position that is locked up for the next three years. Houston would be nice but is going to cost a fortune if he ever hits the market. I wouldn't mind seeing a guy like Hughes or Averil get picked up.
  4. We'd be ok at receiver if Decker wasn't hurt. We're experiencing the fallout from Hill being so brutal. The guard situation kind of sucks. Seems like Winters gets absolutely blown up in pass protection at least twice a game.
  5. ...No. I had forgotten. Nice of you to bring it up.
  6. Doesn't this happen like every two years? step 1: promise Max he'll be a good boy. step 2: spend a few weeks making valid observations and doing some seemingly innocent ribbing. step 3: step up the trolling and rehash the same tired shtick that gets the marks all angry. step 4: cause enough chaos to get banned and retreat into the void where he will wait to rise like a sh*t-phoenix.
  7. Antonio Allen

    Agreed. I fall into the camp that thinks this is going to be good for him in the long term. He's still got miles to go in terms of being a corner but he's getting by on athleticism and instincts right now. I'd like to see him be a guy that can play three or four positions in the future.
  8. is this it for Rex?

    I've been agnostic about Rex for a while but today might have pushed me over the edge. The team is talented enough to be competitive with upper echelon teams but this was an absolute meltdown. They should have won this game comfortably but the for the same mistakes that have been plaguing this team for years.
  9. Giants at Lions

    That was a quintessential Eli derp pick. Love it.
  10. Giants at Lions

    Dez on the Jets would make for some extremely interesting television.
  11. MNF Broncos vs Colts

    You're not wrong.
  12. MNF Broncos vs Colts

    I can't tell if Denver is as good or better than last year or if the Colts are just miserable.
  13. Geno Smith...

    Noticed this. He's scanning the field as opposed to locking in on one side or a particular receiver. Probably taking too long to do it but I'm glad to see the progression.
  14. The Andy Reid/MM era in Philly was full of weird goalline plays. My old roommate is a huge Eagles fan and the goalline shovel pass and refusal to stick with what has been working all game were staples of that regime.
  15. Edds is back Lankster cut

    That's weird. Lankster plays ST too.