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  1. glenn31

    I’m tired of losing

  2. glenn31

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Which is all you need to know about Da Hack.
  3. glenn31

    Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    I'm assuming that's a magnified & projected image of said run-away bowels?
  4. Pocket watchers are sickening individuals.
  5. I'd say a WTF organization deserves a WTF mascot, so here's my entry:
  6. Depends on how @SouthernJet meant to pronounce the bolded
  7. Aaron Glenn jumping on something thrown to the sidelines was pretty much insta-points for the NYJ. I've seen Revis get hawked by QBs on sideline picks, and by QBs I mean Rivers and Palmer. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly Revis had 1 pick 6 as a Jet, against Miami on a Monday night. My screenname is glenn31, you know who my #1 DB in NYJ history is.
  8. In the game thread there's people who still declare faith in Hack. Makes me realize a lot of "fans" just don't understand football & athletics in general. And probably the Jets' idiot GM as well.
  9. If that is the final play of the NFL career of Bryce Petty, then fitting endings truly do exist.
  10. glenn31

    Drafting Ohio St players

    Dumbass? Beautiful name calling there, dikkhead As far as bust rate of OSU players, show me the actual numbers of other school's bust rate and let's do a comparison. To hell with your conjecture, show me numbers. And just how does showing me the top ten of the 2006 draft defend OSU vs other schools? Last I checked 6 different schools were represented in those 10 picks, and both Buckeyes didn't exactly have top 10 overall pick careers (nice careers yes, but not top 10) And where the hell did I ever say other schools don't produce their fair share of busts? Oh that's right I never said that since I was never comparing them to other schools' draft picks. It's a well known fact schools like USC (who also had 2 guys not live up to their '06 draft positions - yep I acknowledge that, but this thread was never about USC) & Bama produce a lot of guys who don't live up to their draft position. If this thread was about those schools, I would have focused on them. Guess you just had to educate me, except you decided to use an unrelated point and ended up going off on a tangent, dumbass. Also, your point about combing through drafts and realizing half of them are busts, thanks for enlightening me on something that is common sense to anyone who's been following this league for 10 years But now you have me curious. As I said earlier, show me numbers that show OSU has a comparable bust rate to other powerhouses. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but you made that claim and tried to use the top 10 of 2006 as proof? Haha, please show me some receipts with proper comparisons that validate YOUR claim
  11. glenn31

    Drafting Ohio St players

    We're just discussing Ohio State. The hell is all this for? To prove to me all first round picks don't pan out? Well golly jeez, I surely ain't reckon that befur! Thank you, Captain Obvious. Go enjoy your day...
  12. glenn31

    Burnt Out

    Bruh, in years past, a younger, lesser mature, and narrower me would tell you something like "man up" or some Neanderthal idiocy along those lines. Truth is though, this same thing happened to me as well. I know no Jets / football fan bigger than me. I wore 31 in HS & College because I idolized Aaron Glenn. Had I gotten the chance to play QB, I would have worn 7 for Kenny O. When I transferred for my senior college season and 31 was already taken, 12 was available. I sure as hell didn't wear it for Tom Brady. But the fact is I've literally fallen asleep watching so many football games this year I started to worry for my health. This made no sense to me at all. Got checked out by the doctor, told me everything is fine, my energy level for a guy in his late 30s is awesome. I just had to come to grips with the fact that perhaps, I may have outgrown this toy. It still brings me pleasure to watch a Jets game, and a physical football game between 2 teams who know what the hell they are doing is still as beautiful as Da Vinci's finest artwork. However, it just doesn't have that pull on me like it once did. I work by appointments and if I get called in during a game, leaving it this year to go make a couple extra $$$ was a no brainer. Prior years, I'd do everything in my power to see my Sundays and Monday nights went uninterrupted. I often wonder why this is. I'm an old school, smashmouth (but efficient and deadly though the air) football kinda guy. Yes my favorite era was 80s-90s. The spread hit college and at first it was cool because it was just another system some teams ran. Gradually, the veer triple option programs and pro-set programs all became spread option / Air Raid teams. Around 2007 / 2008 I began to realize I was watching street football with an OL mixed in. Same similar formations, same basic plays, same boring run plays. Drive... after... drive. Soon after I turned off the college game for good, it bores me to tears. Variety IS the spice of life. So here we are, and we're seeing the spread creep it's way more and more into the NFL and my biggest fear is all the old coaches being replaced by these young spread guys and the NFL in 5-10 years begin to resemble street football. It's already happened in NE for the last 5 years or so. Elimination of the FB, the 2-way TE, Nickel & Dime packages run 75% of the game... sorry this isn't football to me. When some damn 5'9" 175 lb slot WR is the difference maker, well that's not the football I want to be entertained by. I'm watching full padded football in an NFL stadium, not a pick up game in Rucker Park. My last point though, goes back to what I said earlier about toys. I don't know anyone (including myself) who can pinpoint that moment where we took that step out of childhood by no longer picking up those toys of ours and losing ourselves in our imagination. All I know is that one day I realized I no longer was holding Optimus, Grimlock, Flint, Snake Eyes, Battle Cat, and other of my favorites in my hand to provide me that escape. My mind had moved on to other things and I had no issue with it. No longer was my desire to play with toys even debatable. Maybe this is just what happens to us throughout our lives with our "toys." Heck, we can even wake up one day devoid of all emotion for the person who's sleeping right next to you (through no one's fault at all), and ya'll may have been sharing a bed for the last 15-20 years. If we can throw away humans we've become extremely intimate with, why is something as insignificant as a football team populated by people who you don't, and probably will never, know on any level, even considered sacred. I'll keep watching, but whatever happens from this point on, happens.
  13. glenn31

    Drafting Ohio St players

    When we look back at the 2016 draft for its 10 year anniversary, I got a feeling we'll reach a consensus that D. Lee & E. Apple didn't justify their draft positions... Bigly.
  14. glenn31

    Drafting Ohio St players

    We can all pick cherries! So sweet & nutritious! OSU 1st Round Busts (or at least didn't justify their draft position) 1990-2010 (With the face of the OSU draft bust, Art Schlicter, thrown in for good measure) Art Schlicter Vinnie Clark Alonzo Spellman Craig Powell Rickey Dudley David Boston Andy Katzenmoyer Ahmed Plummer Ryan Pickett Chris Gamble Michael Jenkins AJ Hawk (Decent career, not worthy of #5 overall though) Bobby Carpenter Ted Ginn Jr (Came on later in his career, but you could have easily gotten his overall production in rounds 3-5) Anthony Gonzalez (Injuries, I know) Our very own Ghost Beanie Wells Not including Schlicter, that's 16 first rounders who didn't exactly justify their draft positions in 20 drafts. Almost 1 high level disappointment per year. The OP has a salient point. I'm not going to play amateur psychologist and label them "head cases" (though some definitely were, just not using a broad stroke), but it seems like you get better value taking them in later rounds. Even the ones off that list who had decent / salvageable careers, you really can't say they had 1st round careers. Had they been picked in later rounds, a lot of those guys would have been considered steals.
  15. glenn31

    Drafting Ohio St players

    Not a fan of Marty Lyons?

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