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  1. I'll delete it after the NYJ win another AFCE And just to clarify, I'm not directing shots at the realists, just the "fans" that drink the sour apple Kool Aid lol
  2. "Pit of Misery" = Our collective existence as Jets fans. Tell me I'm wrong
  3. Why you mad? Because the team we root for is absolute garbage? I accept it and can call it like it is. You'd sacrifice your left nut if the Jets could get him next season and it guaranteed at least a SB appearance. If you say otherwise, gimme a break lol
  4. Yeah, those one & dones or 2nd round collapses (at best) from '83-'96 just screamed "contender" lol... Put the sour apple Kool Aid down and stop kidding yourself. And I left the 1997 team out of the conversation because as much as the end of that season sucked, every Jet fan knew the worm was turning in our favor beginning with that '97 squad.
  5. I'm assuming you missed the Browning Nagle era? Because Wilson is nothing more than Browning Nagle with a first round draft grade and a pencil neck.
  6. We had our tongue down her throat at the bar in 2015. Unfortunately we went to go drain the lizard and came back to find her passed out cold before we could get her back to the house. Since then we've had NO action. WHATSOEVER.
  7. So you would rather have them leave us and remain New York Jets?
  8. Chris Berman, to my recollection, never did any in-game play by play on a football game. He did post game highlights on a show that wrapped up the day in the NFL and also led you into the late night game, so he had to get you hype for your last serving of Sunday football. Of course he could get away with being more bombastic and over-the-top enthusiastic. Yikes. If you're gonna make this comparison, at least do apples to apples. You're comparing apples to Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls.
  9. Put away the unnecessary snark. It's not my fault you have the reading comprehension level of a 7 year old.
  10. I was making a general comment. It's pretty damn obvious that your opinion wasn't part of the big and bold description of that idiotic app. Holy geriatric panties in a knot, Batman!
  11. So having jaws in still images move up and down as if they're ventriloquist dummies is what passes as "hilarious" these days. I can't believe just how corny, sophomoric, & unintelligent our species have become in my short 40 years on this Earth.
  12. Then I guess we're in agreement that late afternoon on Black Monday the only thing that should be left in Jets headquarters in Florham Park is the cockroaches that take up residence inside the walls.
  13. Lorenzo Neal in 1997 did nothing to dispute the argument that he belongs in the HOF. He was as big a part of our resurgence under The Great Bill Parcells as anyone, and his blocking that season for Murrel was a great indicator that the old days of the Jets being a soft, non-threatening, automatic win on your schedule was over. I also loved Brad Baxter. Good lead blocker, lead the team in rushing a few times, and just a fantastic football player all around. The best back he ever blocked for was the not-so-special Johnny Johnson and helped JJ to some good seasons. It wasn't his fault most o
  14. F**k dogs and their over-dependent, whiny, slobbering, noisy, always in your face, begging, flea-bag a$$es.
  15. So then make that case, and with detailed examples please. I sure did to refute your "Winning in NY gets you more exposure" thesis. Ball's in your court now. And before you say Mark Messier, that was an extremely unique circumstance with the 54 year old curse being exorcised. Had the Rangers won a Cup or 2 in '79 and/or '86 that 1994 Cup wouldn't have garnered anywhere near the attention it did.
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