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  1. You sure you don't mean Walt Michaels?
  2. Is that so? That's a relief, all this time I thought I caught a case of the crabs from watching this whore of a franchise.
  3. Pardon me good sir. I'm just using this time to look for the bolded in Florham Park.
  4. Three pages of grown men pocket watching a grown man that they don't know. Truly pathetic.
  5. F Black Monday, I hope he gets his walking papers immediately after the final gun on the the regular season. Hopefully he ingests all the narcotics he can muster into his system and conducts his final presser in the same bizarre, awkward, & "wtf is going on here" state as he did his introductory one. At least let us laugh at his loser a$$ one final time before we ever have to see his obnoxious face as the HC of this franchise ever again.
  6. Stevie "Forrest Gump" Anderson. /thread
  7. Frank Gore is a first ballot what? I hope you're not talking Hall of Famer, because that he isn't... And that's the 2nd time today I'm reading that he signed here because we have an absolute hack at the HC position. Can someone please provide a link to a quote that verifies this? Because I'm quite sure there isn't one player in the NFL that sees a coaching roster with "Adam Gase" (just typing that loser's name made me throw up in my own mouth 🤢) and says to himself: "He's there? Boy oh boy I better sign onto that squad, post-haste!"
  8. OP is having a severe case of the "Old Boy Network"

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