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  1. J.J Watt

    Look on the bright side... Now he has more time to devote to fundraising I
  2. Did I just read a love letter?

    Too many fibs and #fakenews spreading around the internet these days:

    All in good fun my dude... I'm sure the worm will turn on me once I fall in love with someone who flashes... it hits us all!

    Hey @Villain The Foe, the QB store called, they're running out of bad QBs! And before you deploy a witty comeback, the Jerk Store also called with another message! That'll fix yas!
  6. Jamal Adams vs Darrelle Revis

    Sigh, regardless of the degree these guys "love football"... THEY ALL LOVE MONEY LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING.
  7. Jacksonville is not a win

    I just want to use this game as further evidence that Joe Flacco is one of the most overrated, non-franchise-in-reality, QBs I've EVER seen. SB or no SB, what an awful decision it was to waste that chunk of cap space on him and the fact that they felt they had to give an (at best) Hall of OK QB a Hall of Fame contract is what's wrong with today's NFL.
  8. So then maybe you should wait until he's gone through some trials and tribulations when his Rams inevitably fall back to the mean and see how he handles the adversity before you crown him? It wasn't that long ago that we had our own boy wonder around these parts who went from beloved " Gini-ous" to dolt within 16 months. On a side note, am I the only one who got creepy vibes from Mike Tirico's, um, "admiration" for McVay. Felt like he wanted to have his baby last night. Gross.
  9. I laughed with you on this post but let's be real, NFL players that are exponentially better than Hack either went up there and rode pine, ran into a rude awakening, or never made a roster altogether. Exhibit A: Here's former Brown & viking Spergon Wynn getting his life almost snatched from him on a Canadian football field Wynn, as crappy as he is, is probably 65x the athlete Hackenturd is. We've already been exposed to Hack's extremely slow processing skills. You think he'd be able to survive that situation even in preseason?
  10. Make Peyton the GM

    Beer too
  11. He's gonna be in The Hall, probably 2nd ballot. But as the years go on and future generations who didn't see him play become the voices in sports media, he'll get the Joe Namath "let's take a second look at this cat" treatment due to his mediocre average numbers.
  12. Ewing was traded in 2000. As for the Sprewell trade, I'm not understanding why that turned you off. He was a very talented player and we gave up Starks, Chris Mills, and Terry Cummings to get him. The 99 run to the Finals was pretty much on the back of Sprewell. Was it the choking of his HC that turned you off? I heard from quite a few sources that one coach that deserved to get choked out was PJ Carlisemo. And sorry for this quick thread derailing, it's just you're the first Knick fan I ever heard that gave up on the team prior to the 2000s. A bit intriguing if you ask me.
  13. Exactly, you know how numb my nuts are from all the swift kicks this team has landed on me/ us over the years? Way too many to count. Watching Jet football for me now is like Megatron watching Starscream's coronation: BAD COMEDY.
  14. I can understand turning your back on them once Ewing was gone and Layden / Isiah were given free reign to run amok (as I did and just like you, best fan move I made), but why 1997? Just curious as they were still good then, still had that classic core, and had a Finals run just 2 seasons later.
  15. Timm Rosenbach and Sage Rosenfels ain't walking through that door And Jay Fiedler on the Roof just tore his shoulder apart... again
  16. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    We clearly see the QB abilities of Bryce Petty along 2 different wavelengths and we simply won't reach a consensus until his play proves one of us wrong. Let's just agree to disagree and carry on with this miserable season produced by a miserable organization.
  17. Your STANning of this QB is at HOF levels, I commend you.
  19. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    I never said you called him Steve Young, others in this thread did. What you asked is based on the things that come out of Bryce Petty's mouth, how can one not like him. Last I checked athletes gain respect and love from their physical ability to put on a good show and help your team win. Two things Bryce Petty, Josh McCown, and the 3rd QB have proven incapable of doing/ being. Ask any Knicks fan during the Ewing era: talk from athletes is extremely cheap. Go out there and at least play like 2002 Pennington, spark some legit hope & encouragement against REAL competition, and then we can talk about how much we like the guy. Everyone in charge of building this team not name McCagnan has to believe that the future at QB isn't on the roster (and even he has to be at least somewhat skeptical about Hack at this point). I chopped out that part of your post because that can be applied to our entire abysmal QB depth chart, since there isn't 1 bona fide NFL starter at QB here in 2017, and one can EASILY argue that we haven't had 1 since 2008. And that is why I bring up the old names going back to Troy Taylor. Jet fans LOVE to overrate our mostly scrub QBs and make excuse en masse for them. I've said it before & I'll say it again, I just know in some seedy LI bar back in the day, 2 Jet fans watched a game where O'Brien couldn't get the offense going despite having Walker, Toon, Shuler, McNeil, & Hector and they probably reached the conclusion that O'Brien and the Jets lost due to a lack of weapons. It's what y'all do. And have continued to do over the years. It might as well be genetic at this point.
  20. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    This right here in a nutshell is the problem with this fan base, and this right here is why this organization has no urgency to build something properly. Fitz: "Sure he's a career backup but he just threw 30 TDs yo!" Hack: "He's got prototypical size, ran Bill O'Brien's system, has a high football IQ (hahahaha), puts his hands to his ears a la Brady. He's our future!" Petty: "Damn, he sure can light up 4th stringers in preseason. By the way, have you heard him speak? OMG we have a winner!" Crazy thing is ALL 3 have proven whether in the pros or college that none of them are horses you should have any desire to hitch your wagon to. Jet fans, however, even with tons of evidence in front of y'all continue to be impressed by some shiny new object: any QB who can breathe properly for 5 minutes becomes the apple of the fanbase's eye. All because he's the next unproven scrub up (although Petty's already shown his "worth" in live action, and solid NFL starter it ain't). And this isn't some new phenomenon with this fan base. I can first recall this same nonsense happening in 1990-1991 with Troy Taylor. And for all the name droppers who LOVE to throw out the outliers as if those Steve Young, Matt Hasselback, & Kurt Warner stories are a dime a dozen, I'm still waiting for Mark Sanchez to put it all together by year 4 like Eli did. All the Jets boards in '09, '10, & '11 told me that would happen lol.
  21. nfl week 1 ratings

    In the ten seasons that spanned between 1980-1989, only 5 teams won championships (4 from the NFC), and the majority of those games were atrocious 1 sided affairs. The league can withstand this, but the difference is the level of play was much better and the game way more physical. The fact is the game was just better back in the day.
  22. The fact that Jet fans can actually splinter into pro-McCag vs pro-Bowles factions may be the most pathetic part of all. How can anyone be pro either one versus the other when they're both horrific at their job descriptions?