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  1. Most of those stats came from that game where Revis retired during the national anthem.
  2. NFL posts Lowest rated game in history of Thursday Night Football
  3. Integrity28

    I've defended Macc

    Year 3. I was done with him. It was immediately evident that he was a boob that was helped by veterans. As soon as they were gone, he was exposed. i knee he was narcissistic personality disorder from day 1
  4. Integrity28

    I've defended Macc

    100% i got flamed for years waiting for others to wake up about Rex, so when these types of proclamation posts started pouring in about him it was happy trolling for me
  5. Integrity28

    I've defended Macc

    Oh, so does this make it ok to criticize his lack of effectiveness?
  6. Hope we don’t put on a National pant-wetting performance. Fingers crossed.
  7. Brady and Kraft forced Jimmy out. The reason he went to SF is because BB respects the Shanahans, and the 49ers were Brady’s team growing up. Passive aggressive cheater gonna be spiteful.
  8. 4 yr rebuild and batting about .133 tops on FA/draft players awful
  9. Free agents too. Guys been terrible in both facets of adding to roster. what a joke
  10. Roughing the passer. As I predicted, this’ll be the arbitrary rule that officials use to make the game play about them, not the players. Like the catch rule before it (which was fixed and needed a replacement), it’s situationally subjective. Packers got screwed by it last week, where no weight fell on Cousins. Meanwhile two Dolphins defenders belly flopped Sam and no call. How many more games do we expect to be altered by it? I expect about 1 per week.
  11. Integrity28

    the fitz saga continues

    Tell them to put away the tiki torches and thin-skin, and I’ll stop taunting them. My comment was harmless, agree with it or not. Didn’t warrant the trail of tears from these goons.
  12. Integrity28

    the fitz saga continues

    you sound like you’re projecting. all I did was make a comparison, then you and then rest of the aryan nation went nutso. Predictably like moths to a flame... carrying on with racial/political rhetoric because just saying ‘I don’t see the comparison’ wouldn’t provide the outlet for your personality disorder
  13. Integrity28

    the fitz saga continues

    Wasn’t talking about you. Was talking to you.

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