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  1. Mac was trying to mask his horrid drafts. **** Charlie Casserly.
  2. In summary: what the Ape said about the Colts being in a better situation than the Jets, after Luck retired. Nostra-damndirty-Ape.
  3. I got killed for saying he still needs to prove this at the start of the season. Ape is always right. Just takes time to reveal itself.
  4. I said it earlier. Forcing the ball to DT is about as predictable as running on every first down. It’s getting us nowhere... and man, this OL is going to outright ruin Sam.
  5. And Rosen was Mac’s original target with that stupid trade!
  6. We are definitively outclassed. Our roster. Our experience. Our coaches. All of it.
  7. Good god. Even when we have a QB, we don’t have one.
  8. Forcing the ball to Demaryus. Good plan. Sam is running for his life every play, saying he’s seeing ghosts to his coach, and they’ve got his chucking it down the field trying to tie it up with one pass. Attack the middle of their defense. Throw the ball to Bell, he’s our best receiver. Match him up on LBers. I dunno. I’m just an old fart and don’t know sh*t, but thus seems relatively obvious.
  9. Their corners are mugging WRs like they do EVERY week.
  10. Bell rush. 4 yards. 3.5 after first contact. Empty. Pass incomplete. 3rd and long. Pass short of 1st down marker. Punt.
  11. Every player on the team, except Sam. Maybe. Depends on what we'd get.
  12. Dude... amazing how the refts give an extra second or two before whistling forward progress.

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