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  1. Actually, actually, actually... Yo. Take a breath. Stop deflecting and enjoy your Wednesday, if that’s what day this is.
  2. lol, I posted something relatively benign. You partially quoted it, tried to carve out an antagonistic reply, and I explained further and told you don’t try do hard to create conflict. You responded by calling me dickish. Im quite certain you’re deluding yourself, as usual. Kindly gfy.
  3. Youre constantly in arguments because you need things explained all the time. No personal attacks.
  4. Stopped reading at ‘still can’t find’. Some adults don’t need things spelled out at a 3rd grade reading level. You do. It’s almost always your point of contention that something wasn’t explained for an idiot. 🤙
  5. Adams disclosed it. It is fact. He got pissy his name came up. Went to CJ.
  6. This guy tweets replies that I swear to God are reactions to sh*t he reads here. He’s a baby.
  7. 1.) If you read/quote my whole post, it’s clear I’m talking about fans - not the team. 2.) I also make it clear he’s been criticized since his first season for putting himself and his own accomplishments and promotion ahead of the team. It’s always been the issue with him and fans. I’m not talking about him getting paid. I’m talking about him not wanting to be here because people don’t like his hypocrisy. 3.) Don't try so hard to find a contrarian angle that you have to change the entire meaning of what was said.
  8. Listen, you guys can an argue about Adams value as a player until the cows come home... but, it’s irrelevant. He wants out. He showed up in this market, began his self-promoting, while simultaneously anointing himself the leader, and has subsequently been criticized for selfish behavior that runs contrary to bring team-first. He’s a very good player. It’s be nice to keep him here at a pragmatic cost. However, it’s concerning to me that he’s shown that he’s 1.) not really a leader, as much as he’s a cheer-leader, and 2.) he’s far too soft, because it’s very clearly under his skin that he was called out for self-serving behavior by fans. Not much you can do with these guys when their insecure nature proves they can’t handle the fans.
  9. Darron Lee was a poor mans Jamal Adams. Typical Mac. Drafting to upgrade players he filled already. Just like DL. Never gonna fill holes that way.
  10. Good Old Fashioned Orgy was funnier than I expected. Netflix.

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