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  1. Really? That’s amazing @The Gooch
  2. Praise? I think it’s more like mutual acknowledgement of how weird it is and a synchronized shrug and laugh.
  3. Haha, maaaannnn that pizza tho. Great video. @GREENBEAN seems like the nicest guy in the room.
  4. Look at his profile, it’s all he does. It’s amazing.
  5. Ahem... I believe it’s wocka wocka
  6. This was the first joke, noodle arms.
  7. “As you can see here, the Mama orangutan carry their young on their back...”
  8. “So, you’re saying you found the vest stuffed in a file cabinet with a bunch of pulled-pork stuffed Twinkies, shoe catalogs, and a ransom letter addressed to John Idzik?”
  9. Morgan was literally drafted to be a backup QB. Literallllllllllly.
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