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  1. I mean, some people think that unless they literally see someone topple over and die in the streets of Covid, then it has to be all lies… And even then, they’d probably expect the autopsy to show zero signs of any other health conditions.
  2. In other words… Joe stinks at regular draft, be he’s thing king king of MINI DRAFT!!’
  3. I have a t-shirt that says, “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.” Yet, I’m the type of guy that pulls to the side of the road, corrals a lost dog, bring him in, and finds a way to return him to his owner. Please analysizerate me.
  4. This. He may simply relate to the anti social social club part of it though. Or he may see it as a small way of supporting and/or bringing attention to mental health. Who knows. Only our fans would obsess about it though… speaking of mental health.
  5. Have the usual suspects deflected to whining about Mormon jokes in lieu of providing evidence that Zach doesn’t suck yet? I’ll hang up and listen to you answer.
  6. Pats defense is excellent. Jets isn’t. I mean, come on.
  7. Yea, for me - different line items - same vibe. I cooked the whole dinner on Thursday, but not in my own home. It turned out great. Got the entire family together from 4 different states. Too much everything. Heartburn, bad fantasy football teams, good beer, Christmas lights and happy kiddos. Jets played no role in how I feel.
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