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  1. Bryce Petty support group thread

    I root for him to suck. Used to not, but at this point, we need him to be downright awful so we can get new leadership and improve the odds that nobody representing the Jets will stupidly pass on a 1st round QB in the upcoming draft. Consider this: Idzik, faced with a historically deep draft at WR, manages to draft a Safety and a TE. Both who turn out to be busts. Mac, faced with a historically deep draft at RB, manages to draft a 2nd Safety and a pair of trash WRs that he had so little confidence in that he acquired Kearse and Kerley. GM of 2018, faced with a historically deep draft at QB, manages to draft a ... we need as much insulation from stupidity next year as possible.
  2. Keeping up with the Tank.

    The way I see it playing out.
  3. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Picking 6 is bad news for us. Might as well be an extra 2nd rounder.
  4. When it comes to 20 year olds, their parents, friends and first boss are usually the ones most influential in their "professional" attitude and behavior until they are about 28. I don't like Todd Bowles at all, but this was put in motion long before Todd. Rex really poisoned the well with a lot of the young defensive players brought in while he was coach.
  5. Jets Prepared to Pass on Kerley Return?

    Should’ve never bothered in the first place.
  6. Chicken sh*t. Fire him. Cowardice and stupidity cannot be unlearned with ‘more experience’.
  7. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    I didn’t even watch and know this is true.
  8. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    Tannenbaum really isn’t a bad GM either. He built the only exciting, respectable Jets teams we’ve had since Parcells
  9. I really don’t understand the point of you having written any of this.
  10. Rule changes. Catering to specific owners/franchises. Thursday games. Etc.
  11. He consumes sports media, puts it through his patented DIP Filter (Derpiest interpretation possible), and voila... one thread after another of JN ruining content.
  12. Roger Goodell. He’s the reason that 80% of the league is trash teams. The difference between 5 wins and 2 is simple. Someone has to win, even sh*tty teams have degrees of sh*ttiness.
  13. Marrone

    Mehta ^^^