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  1. If his is my first vote in him, I’ve explained it several times. Not doing it again.
  2. Good one. I have big thumbs. Obviously, you cannot relate.
  3. I kinda want him the most. Long term answer, perfect age window, chip in his shoulder…
  4. Yea, okay. He wasted a bunch of time today. Oh well.
  5. You havent said anything right alll game. Why start now?
  6. I wondered who would get it. Had to be someone. My PR is absurd… it’s why I slow rolled my interest. Was more focused on being funny than the game.
  7. Looks like you’re posturing. “Look how town I am, I’d never declare not to vote jgb if were scum”. Also, you presented it as him or me originally. So, not putting your vote where your mouth is.
  8. Also not lost in me. Started to wonder if you had a PR too.
  9. I tried to ping out he hid that vote behind you. You were busy breaking my bells.
  10. This post pretty effectively articulated why jgb is a good, informative Lynch. It the bold also creates a good wifom.
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