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  1. Mac obsessed with anybody who’s worked with the two quarterbacks he failed to trade up to get.
  2. I’m glad there are other cornballs who don’t take everything so serious here.
  3. Integrity28

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    He would have used pick on different player, because he wanted Grady Jarret in later rounds, and we already had 3 starters on DL Basically, that he could have gotten similar production in our system out of a later prospect, so we should have drafted a higher beedneed
  4. Man, I know the difference, but the word metaphor sounded better in the insult. Well done though
  5. like going to the gym, and having @Pac monopolize the elliptical machine
  6. like calling Nanny.com for childcare, and having @CTM show up
  7. like a whofans thread without logical abstraction and the destruction of brain cells?
  8. like when a movie with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell says it contains nudity, and you watch it only to find out it meant Jason Segal wagging his penis at the camera
  9. like insulting RJF on Monday, and not having Lonelyhearts take a swipe at you by Tuesday?
  10. like licking the smudge on your shirt and realizing, that's not chocolate.
  11. My brother from another mother...
  12. Besides, life can't be all gripes... what better to solve our doldrums then some good ol' fashioned Just in Fudge moments? @JiF@The Crusher@CTM@HessStation@Pac
  13. Come on, you know as well as I do, this is a great opportunity to see how well the 50-year fans with 3rd grade educations cobble together broken metaphors...
  14. Clicking the link for @Jetsfan80's fap thread, and being re-directed to the Mr. Rogers documentary on YouTube.
  15. Showing up for Thanksgiving, and having the host serve Tofu-rkey.

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