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  1. He should put on a wig and stuff s pillow under his shirt to do an impression of his brother. That’ll get him 2 extra years minimum. Also scapegoats. Lots and lots of scapegoats.
  2. I like big words and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny That when a derp talks much with an itty bitty brain I get a snide tone of disdain They get trolled, want to pull up tough 'Cause ape knows that poop poop poop
  3. An average mighty joe young. obvious ape joke is obvious
  4. Someone will want fair value for the pick, which Mac has no concept of. So, no. No trade in either direction.
  5. Irrelevant. I'm just making fun of your ridiculous abuse of the English language.
  6. lol, is this simply factually?
  7. I would have gotten a QB. Why does it matter what I would have done? I'm not the GM. My expectation is that the GM gets us a QB. Not Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown. I've long said draft a QB every year, even if you find one. They are the most valuable asset in the NFL and can be used as currency - which is what Belicheat seems to understand full well. For sport, I'll answer your question. 2017 - I advocated trading back 2-3 spots, even for less than value, then taking Watson or Mahomes. If we didn't do that, I wanted Webb or Peterman in later rounds. 2016 - I advocated trading away the whole draft to move up for Wentz, because I was skeptical of Mac's ability to find any players with those other picks, and thought if you can get the QB, then it's worth not getting a bunch of backup OL and S in later rounds. If we didn't do that, I wanted Prescott or Brissett late. I was really high on Prescott. 2015 - I liked Petty and Hundley, but the anger over winning meaningless Rex games and missing out on Mariota pissed me off. I was more in favor of trading for a backup from some other team. I truthfully cannot remember who. I don't consider myself a draftnik, or think I have an eye for prospective talent, I'm just a guy that likes the game. That I can be this centered on guys that are viable but our GM is not... informs my opinion of him until further notice.
  8. Actually, it's simply factually an opinion.
  9. JAGs contribute. EJ Manuel is trash. Just as bad as Hack. Completely useless on a football roster.
  10. I would have liked it if he got us a good QB. I'm not saying it should have happened with the exact picks where he drafted bad QBs in the past. I'm saying it should have happened INSTEAD of those picks. Your response applies a naive level of logic by assuming those two spots in those two respective drafts are the only places where a QB could have been found.
  11. Cool. So, what you're saying is that he's purposefully selecting bad ones. That makes me feel better about it.
  12. I thought this was implicit in my carefully worded thread title.
  13. I don’t root for the Broncos. This isn’t relevant. Deflection. I don’t root for the Bills. This isn’t relevant either. You’re the one whining. I’m just lamenting for laughs, because if you can’t laugh about it, what’s the point? Again, I don’t root for the Broncos. Irrelevant deflection.
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Peterman was one of the guys I wanted. Thought he projected beer than both Petty and Hzck.
  15. Also, Mac seems to really suck.