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  1. Integrity28

    Jets officially request interviews

    Heh. I guess that makes outer Boston expensive Alabama.
  2. Integrity28

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    If you’ve been picturing T0m typing with his hands all this time... I’ve got a surprise for you.
  3. Integrity28

    Jerry Reese

    t this rate we should run out of bad ideas by July. Then things can shift into gear for rebuild 5.2.1
  4. Integrity28


    At this point meaning since he got his job, obviously.
  5. Integrity28


  6. Integrity28

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    As a teenager I would rupture my tendon 2, sometimes 3 times a day.
  7. Integrity28

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    If there is one thing a fat, lazy athlete needs, it's to be located closer to strip clubs and BBQ joints.
  8. Integrity28


    Cyclops mutant brother was Havok. He had different powers.
  9. Integrity28

    This is Fun

    I’m so glad you took a moment to tell us. I feel good, because you feel good.
  10. ...like sprinkling cinnamon on apple sauce is over-rated.
  11. Integrity28


    I feel like I’ve seem these before.
  12. Integrity28

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    Cimini taking shots at Manish
  13. Integrity28

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Of course it did. Doesn’t change that the premise for it was all wrong. People argue about this, and always make the point ‘but we got Sam’. Sure, great outcome. Mac made that move assuming San would go before 3. Therefore his strategy was sh*t. His luck was grand.
  14. Integrity28

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Bell was signed to save face. Similar to trading up after losing Cousins. Transparent incompetence.

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