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  1. 2 of the 3 are about Frank Gore. Keys to victory.
  2. Can't wait for Frank Gore and Joe Flacco to win us out of the #1 overall pick.
  3. Theoretically, he should. I remain skeptical that he will. You and I may see ‘plenty’ as 15-18 carries. Gase might see it as 5-8. I don’t trust him.
  4. I remember you. Welcome. We are Jets/Colts fans in my household too. Congrats on Irsay firing his bad GM and then hiring a good one. We’re on a tradition-level streak of replacing bad GMs with worse ones, but hope to see that streak break with Joe Douglas.
  5. My point. The team rallied around each other. Win in spite of Gase. He lost them. He lost them this year also. I am not confident in the same self-organizing happening. Anyway, it’s unclear what you’re arguing - just that you want to argue. I’m good.
  6. Just FYI: the team gave up last year, nothing changed. They won games in spite if him.
  7. Every pharmacy company testing one. All we can hope for as grease on the wheels is something ethical and effective.
  8. Since then, they’ve lost Saquon and Sterling.
  9. If we land #1 we take Trevor, and I still believe in Sam. You’d be stupid not to make that pick though. I think the only real competition we’ll face is from NYG. We look like the only 2-win teams in football. The others all look capable of 3+ wins.

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