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  1. lol, I mean, you’re a fan on a message board with zero influence or control of the situation … posts like these are so weird.
  2. Quick, everyone weep like there’s a ghost pepper in your gash!!! 🌶
  3. Brady Quinn: “Hi Jets fans, I am going to trigger you right now.” Jets fans: “Psssshhhh… no way bro, ur a BUM” Brady: “5 wins…” Jets fans:
  4. No better than the hmhertz “I found a thing in the google machine and will start a thread about it” spam.
  5. Really good thread about schedule equity here:
  6. In true jets fashion, we’ll be 0-12 at that point and the mush will allow us to win a meaningless game right out of the #1 overall pick. Bookmark me.
  7. I appreciate him. I save love for my wife, kids and cookies.
  8. Best workout you can do is stand next to your peloton and do 25 rep DB curls with those heavy 7.5 pounders.
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