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  1. Integrity28

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    ... and he has subsequently bought the Commissioner and eroded the integrity of the league.
  2. Integrity28

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    This is why fans shouldn’t own teams.
  3. Integrity28

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    Rex’s defenses looked a lot like the Chiefs D. Lateral move, probably. Beli owns them both.
  4. How anyone can argue on behalf of Mac is astounding.
  5. Integrity28

    Storage Wars Mafia

    I promise you. I still don’t really understand what I responded to, so you got a default joke.
  6. Integrity28

    The Unsung Hero Of The Pats-Chiefs Game

    Hold on every snap. They cannot call them all because advertising breaks, time boxes, and scheduling prevent it. If you do it every down, eventually it just starts being the new normal. Then only gratuitous holds get called, and usually not even them. Great coach? Or a team that is making a calculated gamble?
  7. Hey, I was just thinking, what s good thread.
  8. Integrity28

    Some Eagle teammates: Carson Wentz is selfish

    He’s young and probably just says “I” instead of “we” too much.
  9. McVay seems like a Percocet and Ritalin cocktail type of guy, sobim bot surprised.
  10. Integrity28

    Storage Wars Mafia

    I promise you, if you weren’t a 40 year old virgin then you’d have never had time to add this to the many obscure things you’re aware of.
  11. Integrity28

    Jets Expected to Hire Frank Pollack OL Coach

    Glad Jets have finally embraced advanced stats.
  12. Integrity28

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    Ehhhhhhhh. Okay?
  13. Integrity28

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    Most of their fan base doesn’t. Huge portion of the city is comprised of people from around the world here for career purposes. Lots of band wagoners, but it’s in The suburbs where you find their most idiotic and ignorant fans... and they’re all still miserable.

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