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  1. Yet another projection. Have you no shame!!!????
  2. Yes, let’s get one going. I’d love to kick you right in the Ken doll crotch.
  3. The theory about a gambit was in-game, is a sign that I respect the creativity and guts of my opponents, and otherwise had nothing to do with sportsmanship - it was just bad play, which I already owned. The comment to Gata was that WE will do better next time. So yeah, anything to deflect your own flaws to someone else. Est a dick, you psychotic turd.
  4. Cant tell, because you’re completely incapable of posting photos without ducking up the aspect ratio - even though it’s automated.
  5. Perfect. The green and wings of flight would be an homage to the Jets history, The blue to the Titans history. And the overall design a true extension of our love for clip art logos.
  6. You’re the reason light grey interiors exist. Zero taste. 🤣
  7. I root for the humiliation, anxiety and gastrointeritis.
  8. Only team in the league to try the black uni and get it wrong. As a designer you almost have to try to use black unsuccessfully.
  9. The right aesthetic 100% - just needs to be made relevant - not a hallmark to industrial trends from 80 years ago. New York Covered Wagons would be better, if we MUST stick with antiquated references to transportation. Then we could at least have a pioneer woman as our mascot.

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