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  1. Yup. I’ve lived out-of-market for 20+ years. When other markets bring in someone for a Jets perspective it’s Joe or Manish. A hysterical, whiny idiot ... and an agenda-driving liar with zero football acumen. It’s a good look for us. As for the last sentence: 1000000% I never EVER want my kids to ask, “why is daddy upset?” And have the reason be this ducking miserable team.
  2. Keeping Mac when we hired Bowles has to be #1. Everything he did on the job is #2. 3 thru 5 would just be redundant. Realizing it’s not workBig, then taking half-measures to fix it is a far bigger blunder than letting the guy do his job and it ending up that he did it poorly. It took a situation that needed fixing and turned fixing it from a 2 year project to a 5 year project.
  3. While parts of the message are in fact relevant... don’t you think the message is more likely heard and taken Eric’s if delivered with composure and intelligence, rather than exasperated idiocy?
  4. You’ve missed the point. You can go back and attempt comprehension in the second go-round, or you can continue to fire off unintelligible barbs that reveal how badly you’ve missed the point. Either way, chicken parm is delicious.
  5. Nobody is debating the parts where he cites facts. It’s the buffoonery that’s he packages the facts with... nobody who acts like he dies gets taken seriously by anyone with influence or power. So, he’s basically killing the message that we all want ownership to acknowledge. Valid information only goes as far as the way that it’s delivered, unfortunately.
  6. 1. If he dies, he dies. 2. NPD. He wasn’t listening so much as angling for how to pivot the topic to himself and his own gain. Grotesque levels of psychosis.
  7. I hat that thus guy paints the picture of what we are as a fan base, and I hate even more that so many of us take this guys behaviors as permission to act in kind. Undignified.
  8. These arguments that we can’t do this or that because we’ll lose Greg Williams are insane. The guy never lasts more than a couple years, and really hasn’t done anything special... but it’s like the same jagaloons that love Rex’s shtick are illogically wedded to Williams for the same reason... the goofy tough guy routine. Not results.
  9. Yup, worst fear I had about this season has realized.

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