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  1. I see what you’re saying now. Fair point.
  2. Integrity28

    Which teams are actually looking QB?

    Jokes aside, I said “i think it’s who we stay put for” = prognosticating what Mac would do. I don’t have a point of view of my own yet. I don’t start learning about these guys until my turn in the JN mock draft is up.
  3. Integrity28

    Which teams are actually looking QB?

    Why would a simian care if he’s white? the human species, as well as whatever you are, is beneath me.
  4. Ceiling. You answered your own question. When has Haskins been discussed as the #1 overall?
  5. Sometime you have to play the hand dealt. Look at the strengths of the draft class. Remember when Idzik took Amari to fill the TE need in a historic class of WR? I don’t disagree, btw, but there is a certain pragmatis to it this year.
  6. I don’t believe this has anything at all to do with what I said.
  7. The following teams have a need or have been linked to QBs in the top half of this draft: Arizona - all reports point to Murray After our pick: Tampa, Giants (2 picks), Raiders, Lions, Denver, Miami, and Washington That’s about half the teams in the top 16 picks. With Haskins and Lock being the only 2 QBs - it is conceivable that there will be a market for trade-ups. Key to creating that market is putting your own draft position in-play as a threat to the wanting teams. Mac’s job right now is to generate as much reality as possible that his #3 will be dealt to some team closer to #8-15 range, thus the threat of losing out by being jumped in front of becomes a situation for teams in #4-7 range. IF we can successfully get teams to surge forward for Haskins and/or Lock, it obviously pushes top tier talent backwards. The only guy I think we stay at 3 for is Bosa. Otherwise, goal should be to force some sh*tty teams hand.
  8. Last year pre-draft, he’s talking about where he would rank. Not now, after seeing everyone from last year play as rookies. Not a hard concept to grasp, he’s simpky acknowledging what he knew at that time vs. what he knows now in his hypothetical. It’s actually a more intellectually honest way to frame the point he was making.
  9. So, we really think the GM that chose not to draft Sam Darnold (or any of the others) at #2 overall is going to trade up to draft an even riskier prospect at #3 overall?
  10. Integrity28

    There's something wrong.... with most of us

    The only reply possible, well done.
  11. Integrity28

    Siemian to Jets

    When I signed up, they assured me that this place was chock full of NFL GMs.
  12. Integrity28

    Siemian to Jets

    I mean, it’s not even my shade.
  13. Barry is fantastic. Late to the party, but binged it quick. Umbrella Academy sucks except for the kid, the one who time hops. Kid has definite screen presence. Checking out Love Desth Robots this week.
  14. Integrity28

    Siemian to Jets

    Just in fudge
  15. Integrity28

    Siemian to Jets

    He’s not defending me. You’re even wrong about this, you clod.

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