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  1. Remember when Mac said this? I never expected he meant, “ never miss on the first three rounds, miss all of them.“
  2. Turns out, there was no way for me to be right here. How pathetic that Fitzpatrick is the only relevant NFL player mentioned here.
  3. Bills, EJ Manuel Broncos, Paxton Lynch This is just off the top of my head. It happens often.
  4. Who cares. It's a QB league. Running is nice. Having your QB throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs a game is better. Look at around the league.
  5. No. A good team won't "do that". The Pats might be the most foolish example you could use here. They have historically ignored draft position with their roster decisions for years. Literally the day after the draft ends, draft position becomes irrelevant. You earn a job or you don't.
  6. You do if they aren’t earning it. This take is classic Jets franchise trash. Protecting the optics vs. playing the best players. Awful.
  7. No way can you justify benching/moving him at this point. He’s one of the only Jets executing his job.
  8. Yes, it’s just usually pornhub content and JC Penny under garments pics that I think you’re boosting
  9. Gut wrenching when these guys go off the field on the board. Prayers up.
  10. Truth. Let down game for them, I think. Plus, first 3-4 games of regular season are a bit of a mess for a lot of teams. Maybe they’re just now getting on track.
  11. This is what I thought you ripped. Yours is the week 6 version. My bad, haha.
  12. I read the tweet yesterday when I was posting all those other tweets about Jamal.
  13. You should have posted the tweet you copy/pasted this from dude.
  14. He behaves like he’s manic. That, or he’s just a braggart who lost his nerve when he realized there is always someone bigger and stronger than you.
  15. He s a living, breathing case study for why one shouldn’t brag about themselves. His latency in live play is very obvious. I’m astonished by it.
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