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  1. So, yeah. I’m caught up. That was uneventful.
  2. lol, 80 likes his women like MacCagnan likes his coffee … Wut? Wut wut? Ffs Ffs ffs lol Lolololol
  3. AVT played all along the line before he got hurt. That’s irrelevant. AVT was drafted as a LT. He looked stellar at LT as a rookie. You made the argument we don’t retain Laken, so like, it’s common sense to put AVT back there. I really don’t know what point you’re trying to make. Arguing gif the sake of arguing, yet not understanding what you’re arguing for?
  4. LG is AVT’s original position. Probably makes sense to project him there in your silly doom-and-gloom scenario.
  5. Relax. LT: Skoronski / Duane Brown LG: Laken Tomlinson Center: John Michael Schmitz RG: O’Cyrus RT: AVT / Mekhi
  6. Eh, trade back for a late 2023 1st and an additional 2024 1st with a team likely to have an early pick next year. Bet on ourselves and send the Pack our original 2024 1st … #32 overall.
  7. PFF only lets you do 2 rounds now. Boo. 17. Peter Skoronski OT Northwestern 32. John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota 42. O'Cyrus Torrence OG Florida 43. Drew Sanders LB Arkansas 143. Jammie Robinson S Florida State 207. Moro Ojomo DT Texas
  8. Y’all check JN on Mondays Then Tuesdays Again on Wednesdays On Thursdays, it’s a bit different yeah? Nope, I was wrong … and then there’s Fridays where y’all think you’d have put your foot down by now, but we all know the truth…
  9. The spirit of this thread suggests you have less patience than my 5-year old … in terms of waiting for a trade … but, we’re supposed to believe you’ve got the patience for a tanked season?
  10. Explain it again, but remember I haven’t actually read anything and won’t until later.
  11. @JiF what do I need to do to make this happen.
  12. Holy crap, I forgot I signed up for this. Sorry. I’ve got a ton going on. Thanks for tagging. I’ll try to get caught up tomorrow.
  13. Where he wins: Feet There are other aspects of McBride’s game that are impressive, but his footwork really stands out for a 215-pound back. His ability to effortlessly navigate tight spaces is simply outstanding. What’s his role: Two-down back McBride deserves the bulk of the carries in an NFL offense. He’s that spicy whenever he touches the rock. No matter the run concept, McBride produced What can he Improve: Passing-game reps When you are utilized as little as McBride in the passing game, it’s impossible to know what you’re going to get from him in that regard at the NFL level. He just needs practice.
  14. Receiving wouldn’t be his role. He’d be our end of game closer. None of what you’re saying here is being suggested. The Jets aren’t committing an early pick to him just because of a visit, sheesh.
  15. I have mocked him to us in nearly every mock draft. I think his profile aligns perfectly with what NH wants in his backfield…. The versatile stud (Aaron Jones = Breece) and the powerful guy with great footwork (AJ Dillon = McBride). Mix in the other guys who are just nice pieces, not special. I’d love this pick.
  16. Reread the thread. One person is uppity, the other came in and said “who cares?” Spoiker alert: you’re the uppity one.
  17. Also, if you don’t think the main stream media and powers behind population influence includes the most listened to podcast in the world… you’re not paying attention
  18. lol, comments like this are like you saying you’re triggered
  19. You being triggered by criticism of Rogan might be the least surprising development in JN history. Who cares?
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