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  1. Hot hand? This is a little alarming. I played awful last game and haven’t actually read this one yet.
  2. Girlfriend? Straight? Joke writes itself.
  3. Huh? I don’t have a case in 80. His train suddenly blooming makes me more secure voting ctm, as in... scum deflecting from my ctm vote.
  4. I vote ctm. Rapid train on 80. I like my vote.
  5. Ctm’s ‘get the show on the road’ vite near deadline pinged as a bus vote. voye ctm
  6. Checking in. My new gig is a hot mess. I will try to be more engaged. Sorry guys.
  7. Yah know, I wonder how it would shake out if we traded back from 2 - then used that haul plus our existing haul to nab Watson ams still leave ourselves with a full draft...? Houston wants 3 firsts for Watson. They might value quantity of picks over #2. We might be able to get two firsts and more for #2... just thinking out loud.
  8. There’re several good FA OL this year. In addition, this draft is derp at OL. Given our needs, it makes absolutely no sense to draft a second franchise LT only to play him at RT... when you can draft very good RT later in the draft.
  9. You guys realize they can keep Sam and also draft his future replacement, right? Like, it doesn’t have to be this difficult for y’all.
  10. My favorite is reactions to a big hoard like it’s a mock draft.
  11. Yea, I’ve considered something like this. Ryan looked GM great in the Shanny O. That said, I think it’s cost us more based on Stafford trade.
  12. So, the private notification in the top bar (black) goes to most recent. The notification in the new sticky bar (white) goes to the first message, for me.
  13. First comment: private/direct messages. You click on the nee reply notification now, and it goes to the first post - not the most recent in a thread of private messages. As for accessibility, I’d just ask him to ensure all color contrast decisions align with WCAG AA compliance. This way you’re covered for most low vision users, etc. There’s a whole other can of worms in building accessible code and experiences. Like I said, it all comes down to how much you want to tackle it. Accessibility compliance would somewhat future proof you. Let me hit you back when I have a bit more time
  14. Just checking in. 37-seconds to catch up. Nothing has changed in 10 years.
  15. Honestly couldn’t read past the laughable attempt at a political analogy. I mean, I get what he’s going for, it’s just poorly written.
  16. @Maxman Accessibility: there are some questionable choices around color styles and contrast, not sure how much emphasis you are putting in accessibility standards - or how much of it is built into the forum software - but I can give you more guidance if desired.
  17. @Maxman Functionality: when you click on a notification for a nee DM in an existing thread, it brings you to the first message - it used to bring you to the most recent message.
  18. Also, be sure to categorize your feedback. Listen to what works and what died t work. Here are some suggestions: UX is broken, worth fixing: - I can longer find/do - where is the??? - how do I??? UI is poorly executed: - this doesn’t look like a link - the contrast is too low - the spacing is too much You can ignore or ask clarifying questions about feedback that is born out of opinion (sometimes valid, but necessary to unpack):: - too much white/green - not enough pictures - I liked it better when
  19. The thread titles are making it taller, in this example, tell joe and Greek to stop creating threads. The spacing is otherwise based on mobile tap spacing best practices. The top right links are persistent on the bottom now, but aren’t the main culprit for less visible threads in the list. The styles for the meta content for each thread are bulkier now.
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