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  1. I really don’t understand the point of you having written any of this.
  2. Rule changes. Catering to specific owners/franchises. Thursday games. Etc.
  3. He consumes sports media, puts it through his patented DIP Filter (Derpiest interpretation possible), and voila... one thread after another of JN ruining content.
  4. Roger Goodell. He’s the reason that 80% of the league is trash teams. The difference between 5 wins and 2 is simple. Someone has to win, even sh*tty teams have degrees of sh*ttiness.
  5. Marrone

    Mehta ^^^
  6. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Exactly the type of snowflake response I’d expect from you.
  7. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    There is literally ZERO correlation between football game attendance and the strength/weakness of society. You post a lot, and I mean that as emphatically as possible, a lot of dumb sh*t... and this is right at the tippy top for you. Complaining about the Jets being perpetually stupid has nothing to do with protesting. Keep your INFOWARS blockhead agenda out of here.
  8. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Fewer words version: I cannot control it, so I don’t sweat it. I’m loyal to a fault, so I don’t abandon them. They aren’t a reflection of my hard work and success, so I don’t have to pretend to be proud of them. Basically, I don’t give a **** what they do anymore, the sport is boring compared to 10 years ago, and I refuse to have my children witness me be affected by a sports team.
  9. Morton Wants McCown Back in 2018!!!

    So, we don't have McCown under contract for next year - do we? But here we are deeming him the starter. Didn't these idiots do this and screw themselves in negotiation with Fitz? Mmmm, hmm......
  10. Mannish grinding that ax... in this case deserved. Remember when Mo compared himself to JJ Watt?
  11. The Rex influence. Think about the begaviors and mindset of these kids getting their first jobs working for Rex... a narcissistic slob who looks out for himself only and blames everyone else for his sh*t.
  12. If my boss ever treated my like if his/her children ... I’d quit my job. Pronarily because that would be s clear indication that my boss has no clue how to manage people. Secobdarily because I want to be held accountable, as a professional, so this would signal work culture where accountability comes second to excusing and coddling. Because that’s what parents do. They love their kids and make excuses for why their kids aren’t as big an a$$hole as we all know they really are.
  13. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    United makes these threads unreadable, lol
  14. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    The Giants showing the Hets that the proper way to handle a coach losing his team is to fire him. Not to bring him back, but let him handpick his scapegoats to be fired and the new replacements. Like we did with Rex and now Bowles.
  15. Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson Production.

    Morton, and even McCown, along with supporting offensive cast have been far and away the best unit on this football team. Despite the fact that all of the investment has been on the defensive side of the ball, and that the coach and his pal are defensive "guru" types. It's really an indictment on Bowles that the offense out-performs the defense like this.
  16. Pac's slow descent into QB tardrum is reminiscent of that off-season where Villain lost is bloody mind over Geno.
  17. Snacks just lost a lot of cred

    Updating my cred power rankings as we speak. Thanks for the sweet twitt updates.
  18. We're gonna end up with Sam Bradford

    In before someone inevitably compares his playing style to Vince Young.