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  1. Ha... was trying to find a gif, ninjachimp!
  2. PAC is masterful when it comes to nicknames that don’t stick.
  3. The minute I typed it, I realized how much more zen I’ve gotten since leaving my old toxic job. I was there 7 years. Basically the whole time I played mafia, so it’s no wonder I wa such a thorny prick. Same. CTM ruined Apemaggedon.
  4. CTM is the only one who has ever really gotten me RL mad. It kills me to say it.
  5. -realtalk- 80, I’m not doing this all game with you. You won’t get under my skin. It’s not enjoyable. I wanted to play for a distraction, not to go back and forth with everyone that wants to try me. I can’t commit the time. Im already getting sh*t from my wife about being on the phone and not with the kids. tl;dr : you don’t have what it takes, gfy
  6. Yea, she’s all good now. My old job I could play all day at work. I worked around the clock, just as long as I was 50+ hours billable. I went full corporate and it changed everything. 9-5, no dicking around on company computer. My youngest is 2 and wild, but good. I’m in my 40’s so it’s not as easy to keep up!
  7. He brought it up. I’m just volleying back. Perhaps ask him to stop trying so hard to impress the noobs. I think he’s afraid we’ll reveal that he’s been the resident doofus for the 10+ years we’ve been playing. So he’s acting like some weird agro weirdo.
  8. 80 with a beautiful wife is like Stephen Hawking with an Indy car. Does this make 80 the Stephen Hawking of fapping?
  9. I had pretty much quit. I’m trying to channel old ape for laughs, but it’s work. I just want to go to bed.
  10. Unvote vote 80 think to yourself, how can 1 vote inflict as much pain as possible... make 80 a spectator, he has literally nothing else going on in his life
  11. Weird. I never said I did. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I told you I knew Gata was not GF because you revealed it, idiot. I also told CTM, Jif and crusher on the side, because I was concerned about the game ethics. Before I was dead. I never said anything about figuring out the game. Is this gonna one of those moments where the internet jagoff over-reaches trying earn his ape stripes... and then quits mafia?
  12. ^amalgamation of years spent posting semi-nudes on football board to give other men fap inspiration
  13. All the vets run traps. CTM almost always figures out if I’m town, then uses me as bait... and I play along. When you play as much as we have, you start seeing everyone’s meta pretty easily.
  14. Jif is the actual reality of all the things ctm trolls me about.
  15. 2 beavers, and 1,000 idiots. Humans are the worst. Let’s rampage, eh?

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