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  1. First, I was like vote ctm, he’s scum. Nobody listened. Then I was like how bout Nyn? Nobody listened then either. Then I said AVM!!! Nobody cared. Now, I think I’ll vote ape.
  2. He caTcHed Teh whole teAm! lol fukkin moron
  3. *Looks at the past couple pages.* *Shakes head.*
  4. I remember all the times you’ve cratered on me, and we’re right once. Batting average of .013 This is why nobody follows you. FYI
  5. There doesn’t seem to be one. Crusher is lived by all. Lizzie is having an episode, seemingly triggered by our adoration of Crusher.
  6. This is what happens when education is defunded first decades. The dumb brains take over.
  7. Low post count is short hand more for contribution of worthwhile content, more so than the actual tally. Even if he is scum and you town, I can’t stand behind this angle of defense. Too stupid.
  8. Your ongoing attempts to derail Dice is noted. I answered this.
  9. I know I’m right. Chalking it up as not playing well, is gross, considering we haven’t see all the alignments. Me thinks you’re dirty.
  10. Noting that you’ve consistently looked for other to make cases you like. Not making your own.
  11. I’m voting you, because you took something I felt Hess lied about and ran with it. Hess does stuff like that. I don’t know how to read it from him, since I’ve seen him do similar as both town and scum. The way you leveraged it to be super townie and then go against Crusher is why I’m voting you.
  12. Who pushed the hardest that that reveal was serious, because I took it as bs all the way.
  13. Way too many folks hiding and/or assumed town for some reason. I don’t get it. When nailing scum gets this shaky, it’s usually because we’re only hunting those that talk ... or were working with wring assumptions. Hess vs. CTM = feels totes fake, btw
  14. Can I ask... why are we treating barry like clear town?0
  15. Hi. unvote Vote crusher I’m doodying right now. bye.

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