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  1. I mean, is it real broad in the context to what I quoted from you?
  2. They have 3 statistical categoriess: 1 for total locked threads. 1 for total bans. 1 for total triggered crybabies
  3. Ah, this gets me in the feels. Rest in WHY DID YOu DO THAT KAREN!!!
  4. I always teach my children that if something isn’t handed to you on a silver platter, quit. Life 101 right there.
  5. The fact that Tom still feels like he needs to say it, though.
  6. Technically, my first car was a primer blue pinto wagon that my dad traded a 12-pack for. The guy built it from 2 wrecked pintos and it was a mosaic of parts and death trap. Only drive it for a few weeks. It was an abomination.
  7. Mine was an 86, but same. Great car. Easily could put 250k miles on that engine and it wouldn’t flinch. Might be the best motor GM ever built.
  8. Connor Hughes was mos def sitting at the nurses office due to having been given atomic wedgies before gym class even started.
  9. OMG above average special teams? He is talked about here like the Vince Lombardi that we never knew we had. He is over-rated on JN. .
  10. Oh, we’re litigating? I was just commenting on this site full of grown man-bitches.
  11. Football dude was throwing flaily big swings, he landed 1 out of like 20. Not sure he deserves credit, given he’s a professional athlete and the other guy is a body double for DJ Khaled.
  12. Generally, I think Westhiff was the only half-competent coach across a long stretch of mediocrity. He is over-rated here because he talked tough. JN loves tough-talking men - and yes, every creepy thing this insinuates is intentional.
  13. Slap-punches the airport guy like 10 times. Gets hit hard once “YALL SEE THAT?” Reminds me of half the posters here.
  14. The best coach in the history of the game repeats the same stuff 20+ years and running. It’s called media training.
  15. I had the over at 9 insufferable paragraphs full of self-indulgent idiocy,
  16. Knock knock jokes are still funny. So are hets jokes until they aren’t relevant or steeped in reality.
  17. Stop trying to censor humor.
  18. Dude, when I was 8-10 I did a family tree project, learned all about my Native American grandfather and started cheering for the Redskins and Braves for like 2-3 years, until I realized that 1.) You really shouldn’t change teams = man code, and 2.) Redskins is racist as ****. To your point, we all try things on as kids, but shouldn’t have to spend life dealing with juvenile indecision. 50+ year old men on message boards being all judgey while also trying to sound masculine is like the greatest irony we encounter daily.
  19. Why do people give so many ****s about dumb things?
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