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  1. Also, if you haven’t seen it … do so. It’s good. That team was also behind Spiderverse. Excellent animation and storytelling. What were we taking about?
  2. I think the Colts would have made it a contest, if they got decent play out of Wentz. Perhaps not.
  3. You’ve just defined bias, in the context of fear/insecurity.
  4. It is, but who cares? It’s knee jerk behavior for the have-nots.
  5. Yup. We’re a Jets Colts household. I’m thinking about going to that one.
  6. I guess Hollywood Brown is hurt too. Most of the league-we’d tidbits are more for fantasy football than anything else. Wentz being hurt could open doors in the AFCS.
  7. This sucks Carson Wentz (foot) will undergo surgery, out 5-12 weeks
  8. From jumping thru tables in zoobaz to skinny jeans and beard wax.
  9. Followed this logic. Got a Revis jersey after his first couple contract issues, figuring “alright, he’s here to stay”. Just buy a tee shirt.
  10. Today, my son pulled down his pants farted into his hand and then gave it to me. If Mims sucks, he sucks. Don’t pull your hair out over this stuff. Life has wayyyyy too many good moments to offer to risk missing them over this stuff.
  11. Remember, Mims dropped in that draft. We all thought we got value. It could have been a reach instead. Hope he figures it out. Good that we kept Crowder and added Cole, Davis and Moore. Old regime would have given Mims 3 years without any threat of losing his job.
  12. They still have Jacoby Brissett, don’t they? Isn’t he a definitive game manager? EDIT: nevermind, remembered he’s a Dolphin now.
  13. Hey, can you bcc me? I have some fresh new dick pics to share.
  14. I’m totes getting those same Peter Pan tights. Love love love!!!
  15. @Sarge4Tide can you show me how to create a poll? I want to put this comment vs. the ball comes off his hands comment to see which is a bigger turn on.
  16. You should take it on the chin because it’s an internet message board, it wasn’t really personal, and presumably you’re a grown man. I love ya, though. So there’s that. NOTE: diss?
  17. Perhaps punishment for years of Manish? DJ has to earn the teams favor… huge hole to dig out if.
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