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  1. Made maple bacon cookies today....there is nothing it can't do. Except defeat Chuck Norris.
  2. Shane starts going crazy round the time little Carl gets hurt, when he shaves his head was the last episode I saw.
  3. We are a few episodes behind now, def not the *BEST* show out there, but worthwhile. Can't watch it alone though, before I started I thought it was silly to be afraid of Zombies. Now I find myself actually covering my eyes during some of it (so much gore!) I want to know who that blonde child the cop saw in the beginning of the series was, she turned out to be a zombie. I still prefer Breaking Bad, whose next season will be its last. And Dexter. OHHH DEXTER!
  4. Mmm Blue moon. Send me some of those brown sugar pumpkin seeds, they sound good!
  5. Ya'll are way behind, they have already made this into a pistachio commercial. FUNNY AS HELL! Check out the sloth version commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-e4vu_wL-M sloth:
  6. Its Mr. Clean, trying to get the grease off your countertops. Oh and bang your wife, better be on the lookout
  7. I came to JN cause its april fools day and I dont see any ridiculous postings. What the heck! MAX!
  8. I do believe he was making up the part about having aids to freak the guy out
  9. Because now we have slides made of metal...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE No though, probably because land is so expensive now, and pyramids are just so darn large. Also we have tainted all our sacred rivers, who will bless our pyramids and bring us fertile growing seasons now!!!
  10. I couldn't watch more than a few episodes of this junk. The actors suck, and I cannot take sookie and vampire guy seriously. Not sure why its so popular, probably because they pack it full of nudity and sex. Dexter, breaking bad, and lost now those are good shows.
  11. That sucks, hope it doesn't cost too much to get a new window
  12. Yes but I could make candles and soap out of you!!
  13. Throw it back! its obviously a very important fish.
  14. Not so much, I wouldnt be opposed to trying some human meat. Maybe YOU should be scared!
  15. Snakes and lizards, also drowning. Swimming in dark water, deep water, and such.
  16. hows the island life? I ended up getting a job in domestic animals. Still good! But not as dangerous :)

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. I don't mind the JW, I'm waiting for the JN party on the Cayman island. He's always been nice to me, and fun to talk to.
  19. Its not just about having "teens" read this. No further comment
  20. Its okay, I don't read that thread anyways
  21. I was a line therapist for autistic children the past two years, but I just started my new job today as an animal care technician. yay cleaning poo!
  22. There was only a line down the center of the road, that was not solid. There are no lines anywhere else but very clearly room for two lanes, and no signs saying one is a parking lane. I am going to take a pic or two when there are no cars parked there with me to court, cant hurt to say hey! then you need a sign if you want to give me a ticket! Thanks for all the advice guys
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