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  1. I swore off the Jets three years ago get it right. NeWbIeS
  2. I never left children. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/38186-228783493
  3. I've decided to end my boycott of the New York Jets. FanDuel link coming soon. If there is FanDuel still I honestly haven't opened it in months.
  4. Let be real they thought they could cover Nelson cause he's white. Stop acting like those so called role models werent pompous aholes too. Difference today is that you know about it now. You act like they went to battle with swords and sh*t. Players today devour anyone from back in the day. They are twice as big and twice as fast and have all the knowledge and tech available. NFL still losing popularity when most of us gladly watched a beat down...K...
  5. To be standing out there in the rain getting your ass demolished while knowing after the game there is a possibility you might lose your job all while passing a kidney stone.
  6. Petty was a mess but can you blame after he nearly gets killed in Miami and then has to face a better defense...?
  7. Im getting close to the point where I think people who have less then 500 posts should not be allowed to make a thread.
  8. Just like Geno was right? And Fitzpatrick was? And Petty? And Sanchez? when are you gonna wake the hell up??
  9. If Brady takes a damn snap in the 3rd someone needs to break his knees.
  10. That had to be the biggest F U the Cheaters have ever done to the Jets.
  11. So tired of this FG crap. When inside the opponents 20 you not be allowed to try a field goal on 4th down.
  12. Chan Gaily is a dumb ass motherfuker putting that guy in there and then getting Petty injured cause he had to make the tackle. now we are never gonna know if he is good enough cause he wont play the rest of the season and we will bring in another stupid ass broken veteran to be the savior and completely **** everything up again.
  13. I wonder how many in the S & M community are Jets, Browns & Lions fans?
  14. This guy is the best. Ive always loved him. Needs a raise for the effort hes put in this year
  15. what was the scare? Anxiety attack? Its raining in NE and hes on the sideline.
  16. holy crap some of you should not be watching sports or giving an opinion on it..
  17. Someone started hitting the meth early
  18. ok this after hearing about Carrie Fisher? Come on 2016....
  19. ive been saying it all year this guy makes Wilkerson worse. He needs to be traded.
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