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  1. It already was fun. Remember how long it took to get him into camp? he was the last first rounder to sign. I hope this isn't a nightmare in a couple years.
  2. I really hope you believe Glenn Dorsey and Vernon Gholston were at home reading Hardy boys novels until their 21st. A bigger character issue in my mind is four kids by four different women. Apparently Mr McFadden isn't too familiar with jimmy hats. At the same time, who cares? The Jets think this guy isn't pacman jones and that's good enough for me.
  3. I was in europe last year for pretty much the entire season. What happened to Coles? I keep seeing that we need a home run receiver with speed. Isn't that what Coles is??? Unless he lost a couple steps this season. I know he had trouble staying on the field.
  4. That just leaves Oakland as the only McFadden suitor in front of us. Obviously barring a trade up from somebody
  5. Two seconds ago on ESPN news during an interview with john clayton the anchor said he just was told the jets and faneca had come to terms then Clayton said hes not so sure its done.
  6. I think if the best value we are seeing for him right now is a 3rd rounder it makes no sense to make this trade tomorrow. why make the trade immediately? I don't buy that its only a third rounder. We know there is more than one team interested in Vilma and I would hope one team will eventually pony up a mid to late second rounder for him.
  7. Its a pretty weird rumor. Its not obvious like Rogers for Vilma where the jets need a nose and the lions could use a MLB. I don't see how a journalist would pick the jaguars and mike peterson as an adequate match for jets and Robertson. I would think it probably leaked from one organization.
  8. Isn't Mike Peterson around the same exact size of Vilma? What am i missing here?
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