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    Jet lover, undying optimist and fanatic since 1989: BLAIR THOMAS RULES!!!!
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    York, Pa
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    Jets, JeTs and jEtS
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    love doctor

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    Pounding the floor and jumping for joy in my bedroom when the Jets won the midnight miracle circa 2000.
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    occassionally I split season tickets with a friend.
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    Last year was the big one. The high of Brett Favre 8-3, and the complete melt down to end the year. I wasn't a Jet fan when the Jets blew it in the playoffs against the Browns, but that would have been difficult to live with.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    My mom is the only woman for me.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    No. But my parents met and were having sex by then. So I was at least being planned at the time!
  1. Sanchez played fine. The drops by the receivers and the kickoff return for a TD were what bothered me. And...not enough pressure on Brady. Sanchez had a few poor throws, but his teammates didn't help him get into a rhythm. Our D needed to play better as well.
  2. How is this trash talk? He's basically saying: "We want to beat them and think we can. They want to beat us and think they can. It's gonna be a fight. There's no surprises. Let's get it on." I'd rather have a guy who just says it like it is than a turd like Belichek who tries to disguise everything he means. Of course, like most of you, I hate it when Rex used to brag. But I think he's learning 'how' to express his honesty without making big, bold predictions like the superbowls or other guarantees. He'll never be able to stop being honest, but I like this more matter of fact, humbled Rex. The ups and downs have been good for him so far in his NFL career.
  3. Life isn't about being winner. It's about how you react when times are tough. You don't like the Jets because they're good. You gotta love them because they're a disaster. All Jets fans go to heaven
  4. LOVE IT!!! If we're going to go NASTY...let's do it properly. Bring them all in. Release Schillens, Turner and Epps. Easy. I'd keep that ghetto ass #19 guy. He's darn fast and could be developed. Then in a week or two we'll have: Plax, Kerley, Keller, Owens and Ocho. Even in their twilight, those guys can give us something.
  5. "Outstanding. Another thug-turd criminal on our team. It has worked so well to date. This team is awfully hard to like." I heart the word TURD. Thank you for 'turding' this guy. And...thank you Aaron for being a turd. Welcome to the Jets!!
  6. This is such a great post. I woke up this morning thinking exactly what this original post says. It's been painful watching Mangini build a great team, but be such a sterile, dry guy that he couldn't motivate them. However, I give him MAD props for making great picks (minus Gholston) and building one heck of a team. Myself, like so many other Jets fans wanted some fire and passion. We wanted aggression and some emotion. It was great watching Rex come in and use the (ridiculously) talented and well built team he inherited to beat up on a lot of good teams. But as this poster points out... Rex is a horrible personnel builder. Instead of continuing to build the team from the ground up with character guys, we start drafting and signing free agents with criminal records and low character profiles. We let go of guys like Cotchery, who was one of the most steady, unflashy Jets who steadied the locker room and always got the job done. The product I've seen over the past two years is one with more penalties, sloppy play, drama and general chaos. Sure Rex can motivate. But he has no clue how to build a team. Rex is the ultimate D-coordinator mind AND motivator. Not a parcels/ belichek team builder. Rex has a good heart and good intentions. But he's out of his league as a head coach. It would not bother me seeing Mangini as a head coach for his steadiness and ability to build the team and having fiery coordinators like Sparano and Rex. I also agree with this poster that the Tanny problem is a direct correlation to who is the head coach. It's not a Tanny problem. It's a Rex problem. Woody has to sort this all out and I don't feel sorry for him. He's too busy right now attending Mitt Romney fund raisers lately to have any time for this silly Jets meltdown anyway.
  7. Rex Ryan is calling tomorrow's game the '2nd biggest game in Jets History.' I disagree heartily. How can a divisional playoff game be a bigger game than AFC championship games with a chance to go to the superbowl - and WIN a superbowl?? Here are mine, just off the top of my head in no particular order: 1. Super Bowl III 2. 1998 AFC championship game vs Denver Broncos 3. 2009 AFC championship game vs Indianapolis Colts 4. 1968 AFC championship game vs Oakland raiders (game before Superbowl III) 5. 2010 Divisional round playoff game vs New England Patriots (1.16.2011) Thoughts? I just can't put a divisional playoff game over an opportunity to play IN THE SUPERBOWL...
  8. BINGO!!! and no I don't have a Woodhead Jersey. I have a common sense jersey. By the way - nice way to avoid addressing the great successes of other pro bowl caliber back who happen to be short. You simply can't say that Warrick Dunn, MJD, Barry Sanders OR Danny Woodhead are not capable of handling an NFL season with any success because you have no evidence to disprove this.
  9. you and other opinionators have no idea what you're talking about. What is Maurice Jones Drew's height and weight VS statistics and durability???? What was Warrick Dunn's height and weight Vs productivity and durability?????? Yes...let's even take Barry Sanders: Playing Height / Weight was 5' 8" 208 (on his rookie card). I say - every time woodhead is on the field he makes plays. AND he never fumbles, drops passes etc. I don't care if he's DII!! Let his CRAZY a$$ carry the rock - and if gets crushed by some psycho 'backer and dies FINE!!! He wanted his shot. but damnit, give him opportunities to be productive and carry the ball. when he fails / dies FINE. We'll keep signing other young bucks.
  10. So a young, hungry, overrachieving bruiser gets his shot and he performs like a stud. He smashes the ball through the line as a tailback, crushes people on special teams, causes turnovers, and even recovers fumbles almost miraculously when Santonia Holmes fumbles. Then you cut that guy and rub his face in the mud by keeping an out of shape, overrated and moderately talented 'bust waiting to happen.' yes I'm talking about Chauncey Washington and Joe Mcknight. I hope the Giants or some other smart organization signs C. Washington and he has some great years (just like Derrick Ward - cut from Jets, starred for Giants). Honestly - I congratulate the team that gains from our stupidity. AND WE KEEP MULLIGAN??????? WTF?????!!!!!!
  11. Brilliant input T0mShane!!! I feel exactly the same. I'm a DIEHARD Jet fan and ex college player. This just blows my mind - the management clearly has screws loose. I think it is very possible, if not LIKELY, that we completely lose these young players in the locker room when we face adversity this year - WHICH WE WILL!! I do remember the losing streaks well and the vets kept the team tightly together. We had great chemistry and consistency. I loved our team last year. It seems like now (because of Rex Ryans mouth, bringing in Criminals at wide receiver, and cutting our best leaders) we could easily go 6-10 ....or worse!!!! I'm ready to pop!!!
  12. I literally can't believe I saw this happen today?!?!? 1.) We cut our most tenured and respected veteran leader on offense: T Richardson AND ....Keep the underachieving, no burst Joe McKnight???? 2.) We cut the productive, young, tough and explosive Chauncey Washington (perfect for ground and pound) AND ....Sign a slow underachieving wide receiver who just got beat out by two UDFA's from Miami (Turner)????? Let's be straight - Faneca was great - but getting older, expensive and overrated. So I wasn't totally against getting younger on the line. But the Jets players CAN see what we see: the Jets are cutting players who are either better talents and/or more respected than the players they are keeping and signing. Before today I was angry the jets kept Mcknight, but sucked it up because we saved face by keeping Woodhead, Chauncey Washington and T. Rich. Now I'm flat out disgusted!! BOTTOM LINE: If the players a whole disagree with too many moves, then when things go wrong ON the field, the Jets could very easily melt down and lose control in the locker room. We could easily have mutiny as a team - rather than staying together. REMEMBER LAST YEAR WHEN WE had TWO THREE GAME LOSING STREAKS??!! All you heard from the players was quiet confidence that the ship would be righted...and look what happened....AFC championship.
  13. The only guy who dislikes the Jets more is Dan Marino - and thank God he's not an in - game announcer. He favors the other team about 75% of the time and occassionally throws the Jets some love just to try and balance it out.
  14. this was sweeter. we're world beating underdogs and only WE believe in us. 98 we were loaded and expected to do well at least.
  15. I'm just as angry as the next fan with how the season has gone.. BUT there is reason to give thanks. Here are my two MAJOR reasons for this: 1. We fired Mangini !!! YES 2. We didn't break the bank (and lose picks) for Cutler! Thank God. I'd rather have our team the way it is now than either of these clowns at coach or QB. Peace
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