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  1. None. for 29 years the jets have been my main obsession. its about to end. not just because they always suck, but because the league has become too difficult to watch. i usually watch at least 2 games per week (and 4 or 5 weeks a year at least, i don't get to see jets games on tv) and the officiating has been sooo horrific. nothing short of embarassing. im not sure i see a point of watching anymore.
  2. yep, with the refs being as bad as they have been this year, its terribly difficult to enjoy watching any nfl game anymore.
  3. i hope that in that model they beat seattle and buffalo too. don't see all that happening. not with this coaching staff.
  4. he wasn't good last year either. other than the first two years, he really hasn't been anything special.
  5. yeah, the entire coaching staff neds to be fired
  6. no, i know you are a moron. i don't care about being banned for saying it
  7. how do you get through your daily life if you want to beat up everyone who calls you a name? wow.
  8. no, i won't even visit that ****hole. just the fact that you live in florida says quite a bit about you
  9. yeah, well, i don't live in new york city, or anywhere near it. so don't expect to see me anytime soon. dumbass. you are real cool btw, im not young at all
  10. like i said. don't care. if you don't like to read posts, why would you respond to them?
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