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  1. RoadFan

    And the 1st QB goes down

    A concussion with 3 weeks until opening day is probably not "down."
  2. I understand your trial run concept. But please don't encourage the "STB" posters on the board... the kind that drool with their tongue out at every possible name player without thought to practicality or potential consequence. The Jets have a good thing going. I don't know enough about the Jaguars situation. But rest assured... whichever player Tom Coughlin is willing to part with is the guilty party. Talented or not... the last thing the Jets need is a volatile, douchebag messing up the chemistry. One bad egg causing a few fights on the practice field can cause a whole lot more damage on game days. Now... Khalil Mack? That is a good idea...
  3. Wow. I had no idea there was a a poster in his 80s. That is friggin' awesome!
  4. Gee... nobody has mentioned that before?!?! #sarcasm Seriously though... When you are a franchise that has sifted through nearly 50 years of sh*t at the QB position, no 2nd or 3rd round draft pick is worth the security of having a backup plan in place for a franchise player. If Darnold shows he is the man by the trade deadline this season... by all means, move Teddy. If Darnold looks just OK. Teddy remains an extremely valuable asset. Possibly priceless. Even if the Jets have to offer Teddy 16M next season on a 1 year to hold a clip board... they have plenty of cap space to make it work. Sam Darnold is a confident enough kid that he won't be rattled by the "looking over his shoulder" shtick some will present. And yes, Bridge might decline and go elsewhere seeking a starting job. But that is a risk you take, and accept whatever compensatory pick comes back. Like I said, no 2nd or 3rd is worth a potential franchise QB. But you don't let go of a potential franchise QB until you are sure you already have one. Period.
  5. RoadFan

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    I was at the 2010 game in Detroit when the Jets won in OT. The Jets were lousy, terrible, for 56 minutes except for one play... and wound up winning anyway. Lions fans are a funny bunch. They cheer for their team, but at the same time they are basically numb to the losing. Jets fans would have been crushed to lose like that. They walked out of the stadium like nothing had happened.
  6. You mean the guy that partially blamed the Jets for his struggles when, in fact, he just flat out sucks? That guy? He deserves sympathy and a pat on the back? I'm guessing you forgot about that... F*ck him.
  7. Goddamnit! Puhlease stop with this "develop" B.S. He sucks. You can't make wine out of piss.
  8. I would think you're being facetious, but it doesnt look like it. The only thing lack of Hackuracy can develop into is from rotting flesh... to maggots... to flies... Graphic to be sure.... But how could you possibly think he is anything but an embarrassing waste of time?
  9. A month?!??!? The Eagles will see him for 2 days and cut his ass. Unless they plan to have him throw balls back to the long snappers while the kickers and punters are working out... He might be good enough for that. Still... I'm not sure he is more accurate than whatever ball boy they have around.
  10. You might be right. But "#1" guys as you describe them are few and far between. There are probably about 8 in a league of 32. A "#1" WR is also one of the most overrated pieces on an NFL roster. They are not necessary to win a title. In fact, one could argue that a diverse group of good WRs is better than one superstar and a cast of JAGs. The Robby "doesn't break tackles" comment is mostly true. Maybe even virtually all true. However, his speed and acceleration in the open field allows him to run away from would be tacklers on drag routes and slants. While others may break one of those tackles, he blows by them. Who cares how he gets the YAC, as long as he gets it...
  11. You misunderstand me. I am not expecting anything higher than a 2nd. I am saying do NOT trade Teddy this season until seeing one or both of these players in action in 2018. Hedging your bet at QB is way more valuable than any lousy 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. I thought I was making that clear.
  12. Your point is taken. But mine is getting lost. QB is the most important position in all of sport. After 50 years of crap... how can anybody justify trading a player that is demonstrating the potential to be a franchise player for a 2nd or 3rd round pick? The odds of hitting a decent player in those rounds nowhere near justifies it. Not even close. I also don't appreciate having a post being labeled as "mind-numbingly stupid." I know I am one of the more intelligent posters on the board. However, I do the same thing to others... so I suppose if I dish it out... I also have to take it.
  13. Considering a "great" offer is one thing. Accepting a lousy 3rd round pick... or even a 2nd... is not worth trading a potential franchise QB when the Jets can't be sure whether Teddy or Sam is the answer until they see some regular season action. Trading Bridge for a Devin Smith or a Hackenberg, or an Amaro, or a Stephen Hill...etc. IS JUST F*CKING STUPIDITY! Tell another team to stick the 2nd round pick up their a$$. The Jets have plenty of cap space in 2019 to figure something out to buy more time if necessary. Pun intended.
  14. Not if the Jets trade Bridge like some around here seem to think is a good idea. Waited 50 years for a serious, young QB prospect. The Jets have two and some can't wait to unload one. smh
  15. Ardarius Stewart is on his way towards the waiver wire. Stopping his route on a slant... really?