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  1. Smoke leaks inside of a burning home, and can be smelled by the residents and maybe the next door neighbors. This is an intentionally set blaze set by an unknown arsonist to be seen by the whole block. The Jets have to like Mayfield, no way they don't with this much smoke... but there is DEFINITELY something else in play here.
  2. Flying to Dallas on Wednesday night. My cousin lives there. He is desperately trying to get tickets inside the draft through business connections. Still prohibitively expensive on the secondary market right now and he wasn't able to get them through the lottery. If not, will still be plenty of entertainment outside the stadium regardless. Never been to a draft before.
  3. 2018 Road Trips

    I see some of you are going to Jacksonville. The city of Jacksonville and it's gameday atmosphere are pretty "meh" in my opinion. I highly recommend a day-trip and/or off-shore fishing charter in nearby St. Augustine, Florida if you find the time on Saturday or Monday. Great fishing there, and if that is not your cup of tea or too expensive, St. Augustine is a far more interesting place just to visit anyway.
  5. I am as excited to watch this matchup as I anticipate the rest of the country will be to see this game on the docket. A collective "meh."
  6. Great... So we can watch Todd "no balls" Bowles open the season as an underdog in front of the whole country and approach the game with a boring, conservative game plan that will lull the whole country to sleep? Color me hyped...
  7. You may turn out to be right about Baker being the wrong guy... Also, there is no guarantee that is the guy they will take in spite of all these reports. The concept "he would have been there at #6 is absurd." Some experts have him as their #1 ranked QB. But the decision to trade up was 100% the correct move. The Jets gave up nothing but a collection of 2nd round picks which history has shown they waste anyway. The Jets MUST, MUST, MUST get a top QB prospect in this draft. Sitting at #6 would have been a huge risk... simply too big to chance, especially if the Jets only like two or three out of the big 4 available. Because they pulled the trigger early, it took the ability of other teams to trade to #3 out of the equation... and also drove up the price on sliding into the #2 and #1 spots for other franchises. It was a calculated an essential move on numerous levels.
  8. I am not hoping anything... except that the Jets are not so transparent that the whole world knows the player they are targeting at #3. Because that would be... well... a complete and utter failure as an organization. Surprise, surprise.
  9. Anytime a thread like this pops up... I am tempted to tell a quick story. I was in living in Denver and having pregame Sunday Brunch at Pappadeaux's Cajun buffet with some fam dressed in Jets gear. This was maybe 2005-2006? Winston Hill spotted us, came and sat down at our table and introduced himself. RIP, sir.
  10. We just had an intense fight on the board over the usefulness of Dez Bryant... and yet we pick the same player for this thread. Not sure what to make of it... Probably more "great minds" than coincidence...
  11. Something is off. No team is this transparent where the whole world knows who they are going to draft. I believe where there is smoke there is usually fire. But this isn't smoke. This is a California wildfire. Too easy...
  12. Aaron Glenn. Th Jets franchise, like Glenn, is a little smallish living in the shadow of their landlords. Both capable of occasionally playing at a really high level. Glenn played on some very good teams, and some awful ones. In typical Jets fashion, even some all-time great Jets live in infamy like Mo Lewis for breaking Bledsoe's ribs... Gastineau roughing Kosar... and rookie Aaron Glenn for getting pantsed by Marino with the fake-spike.
  13. There is that Matrix-like "splinter in my mind"... Too much public love for Baker. It might as well be on a billboard. Could their intention really be this transparent? Macc wants somebody else, right? I'm not buying the nobody wants Rosen narrative. You watch that kid throw... some teams are all in.
  14. Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    Really seems like the Jets are in on Mayfield. The scenario that makes it interesting is Darnold might also be available. The trade up to #3 was the correct move. That I am sure of. Whether they pick the right guy is another story...