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  1. Fair enough. Just kick Bowles to the curb, hire the right guy with an aggressive and innovative mind, and the Jets are in business...
  2. This is a valid point. Forgot about Cousins. But trading up early was not his ONLY choice. He could have stood pat until draft day and let things shake out. Other scenarios could have arisen where he doesn't get Darnold. But he did.
  3. RoadFan

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    KRL is right. Osweiler is awful. It was 100 degrees on the field. The Bears defense laid an egg off the bye. It happens.
  4. I will give you my same response as earlier in the thread to a comment like this. The reason to give Macc credit was pulling the trigger so early. Can you imagine the price if the Colts still had the #3 pick when Darnold was on the board? A bidding war ensues... Sometimes you create your own luck.
  5. Barkley is a fantastic talent. But maybe you are not factoring enough of the problems of drafting a RB that high BEFORE having the QB in place? It worked for the Rams... but I believe that to be an exception and not the rule. I hate cliches but the Giants are "putting the cart before the horse." 1) RBs are volatile. Fournette is sidelined. Guice. Freeman. David Johnson missed all of last season and still isn't quite right. Similar with Dalvin. LeV is holding out wanting to get paid after his rookie contract. 2) The timing is wrong. Even if the Giants get it right with the QB in the upcoming draft. They still need to build the OL... and by the time the QB is in year 3 or 4 and ready to compete for a title... Saquon has 1200 touches, is nearing the end of his rookie deal wanting to get paid and, if they're lucky, has avoided a major injury. 3) If the Giants get it wrong at QB, a RB simply cannot carry a team. Mitch Albom said it best. "If the Giants are right about Barkley, and the Jets are right about Darnold... then the Giants are still wrong." RB should be one of the final pieces... not one of the first.
  6. RoadFan


    New England is going 12-4 and playing in another AFCCG. Like I said 2 weeks ago when they were 2-2. The Jets have a QB. But 2020 is still the best case scenario.
  7. Your rookie contract window notion is duly noted... and correct. I have been saying for almost two years this franchise should be setting up for Super Bowl runs in 2020 and 2021... when Brady should be retired or broken down. I hear you on the misses. But in my opinion, Bowles is a far bigger obstacle than Macc.
  8. I understand where you're at. GM is not an exact science. He has made enough good decisions in my mind. And you're correct... the Giants definitely messed up... and maybe the Browns too. That was lucky. But the reason to give Macc credit was pulling the trigger so early. Can you imagine the price if the Colts still had the #3 pick when Darnold was on the board? A bidding war ensues... Sometimes you create your own luck.
  9. The positives today we're obvious... and Sam... man was he great today. Negatives? Parry Nickerson has some work to do... But most importantly what is going on with Spencer Long's bad snaps? Two weeks in a row of this crap. KRL mentioned it last week in his write-up, and touched on it again this week but it deserves a thread now imo. I can't remember seeing anything like this from a starting center. And then his really untimely holding penalty late in the game when the Jets were in short field goal territory?
  10. Macc also traded up to #3 while the price was still nothing but stupid 2nd round picks... and got us Jets fans the QB we've waited a half century for... San Darnold.
  11. How does this move help Sam Darnold? If the answer is, "it doesn't," the Jets should pass. Offense. Offense. Offense.
  12. RoadFan

    IF WE WIN!!

    I am rooting for the Jets to get to a point where they can win a Super Bowl... something they are clearly not close to doing. With that in mind these individual games are barely a notch above meaningless. We both want the same thing... but I also believe it is more important for the Jets to lose enough games to ensure Bowles is fired. There is zero chance they can win a Super Bowl with his textbook, no imagination, gutless brand of football. The only thing that draws me out of my state of flat, emotion-free Jets observation is seeing that moron continuously choosing to punt down two scores late in the 4th quarter.
  13. RoadFan

    IF WE WIN!!

    Easy... but you might not like the answer. To watch Sam get better in a mostly emotionally disconnected fashion. I still let this team waste countless hours of my life... obviously. But to allow myself to suffer through soul-crushing losses anymore with these bad to mediocre teams is not happening. Proud to say I've outgrown it...
  14. Bruce Arians lost my respect as a human being for his ignorant/asinine comments on how serious concussions in football are.

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