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  1. And the two plays where they drew Dallas offsides? The quick QB sneak to pick up a 3rd and short conversion? When was the last time you saw those things? An aggressive double move backed up inside their own 10? He mixed in Ty and Bilal to keep Le'V fresh. The Jets won a game and completed only one pass to Le'Veon Bell. They beat the Dallas Cowboys. More variance is coming... Like my favorite player Le'V Bell... PATIENCE!
  2. I feel the same as when they hired him. That he is the right guy. Nothing has changed. Nothing changed when 70% off Jets fans wanted to Pete Carroll him because he couldn't score a TD with Luke Falk. Nothing changed now. Gase is the right guy...
  3. They couldnt do anything but dink and dunk. An unsettled, bad OL. The Bills pass rush in week 1 which frazzled TB12. And Luke Falk. Luke. Falk. There was no playbook. There was no use trying to explain it either. All I could say? "I stand behind the hire of Adam Gase." They wont beat the Patriots. They're not good enough. But Gase is the right guy. I can feel it. They can finish 7-9 or 8-8 after starting 1-5.
  4. Adam Gase. Back the hell off... give him some time... and let him put together his vision. It's going to work.
  5. I don't know man... I agree with you often. A lot. But not on this. Romo provides something that none of these other color clowns do. An intelligent combo of the game through a QB's, and a coach's eye. I believe I know this game well after watching for 35+ years, but Romo is the ONLY commentator left that can still teach me something occasionally during a game. Priceless.
  6. You?!?! The same poster WhoWhoWho trashed Adam Gase three times a week gets to do this? Sorry. I dont like it. It should come from someone else.
  7. His first quarter consisted of a 19 yard reception which he nearly dropped. Another pass went right through his hands. Two attempts to convert a yard into a first down failed... and every carry has been his typical going down on initial contact. Only time he makes a play is with a big lane and he can get up to full speed and not have to make a guy miss. Just watch. He is brutal.
  8. I have no idea why Damien Harris isnt playing yet. Weird he is inactive. I dont get it. Maybe pass pro? Although the book was he was fairly advanced for a college RB in that area. As soon as Harris hits the field, Michel loses his job for good.
  9. Sony Michel sucks. Rarely gets anything that isnt blocked.
  10. No. RunCMc is awesome. Saquon Barkley is awesome. Dalvin Cook is a bad mofo. Le'V Bell is special. Sony Michel is a JAG. Sorry dude. I dont see anything there.
  11. Obviously I was wrong. Inactive again. But I think Sony Michel sucks. Speed to spare, but can't make anybody miss, runs with very little power, and not a particularly good receiver. They thought they were drafting Terrell Davis. A one cut and explode runner. He isnt even Tevin Coleman. Damien Harris is better.
  12. My whacky, bold prediction... Damien Harris is active for the first time, makes his debut, and makes a strong case to unseat Sony Michel as the early down back.
  13. Fair enough. You're right. How long before I get trashed and misquoted as comparing Gase to Parcells? Or that Parcells rebounded with Ray Lucas and Gase will have Darnold? Even though Parcells had a better roster than this one around the QB. Round and round we go...
  14. I think 2002 is a reach. Hoping for the 1999 Jets. Still probably a reach... but a little more realistic. Rick Mirer. Luke Falk. Even the Tuna needed time to adjust. I stand behind the hire of Adam Gase. He is a bright guy. Give him a chance to clean this mess up...
  15. Did anyone notice, besides @Barry McCockinner my post not to dismiss fan inside info so quickly?

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