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  1. I thank Wayne. Cotch. Marvin. Victor Green. Klecko. Mo Lewis (no snarky remarks please, yeah we all know.) Toon. Aaron Glenn. Bryan Thomas. D'Brick. Mangold. Byrd. Darnold is a cotton ball. His ceiling is Matt Hasselbeck. Buh-bye...
  2. Cowardly Casserly? He Twitter blocked me when I told him to return the money he took for "helping" the Johnsons hire Blowes and the Barista.
  3. That's an interesting take. I feel the opposite. I think the fact that Wilson processes information fast and has a very quick release bodes well for the Jets OL.
  4. Both view points can be correct. Optimist and SOJ... Yes, Douglas appears to know what he is doing... especially as a negotiator. However, his first draft class was unable to do the most important thing... stay on the field.
  5. Think of other QBs put in bad situations. Mediocre QBs. Even some bad QBs. I am sure you will come up with a handful that inspired the team to a comeback win down 14-0 early or something like that. A second half charge. Darnold. Not once. It's just not there.
  6. Darnold is not competitive. He doesn't hate losing. The great ones DESPISE losing. They hate losing more than they enjoy winning. Never once has Darnold displayed that characteristic in any game he has played in 3 years.
  7. Kiper is a Ravens fan, not a Jet hater. Hard to expect a man that studies collegiate film all year to respect a franchise that drafts as horribly as the Jets...
  8. Constantly "fixing" his perfectly spiked hair bothers me...
  9. Pitts is a #1 target in the passing game. He is a Kelce, Waller, Kittle...
  10. When I watched Wilson, he reminds me of shortstop. He can make accurate and crisp throws moving in any direction, and even when jumping. Throws well off-balance ,his feet don't need to be set. He looks like a shortstop on the move to 2nd base, evading the aggresive slide to take him out... and slinging a sidearm to 3/4 arm angle to finish the double play.
  11. Breshad never lived up to being a 1st round pick in Baltimore. Now he goes to Detroit where he will fail to live up to his father's legacy with the Lions?
  12. Why are so many of you eager to bounce Crowder? He is a good football player.
  13. Fitzpatrick. Alex Smith. Baker. Foles. Jameis. Bridgewater. Dalton. Minshew. Hell, even Trubisky fits the criteria for a few games...
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