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  1. Idziot is comparable only to Matt Millen. They are the Rich Kotite's of the GM world.
  2. The World Cup always helps... even without the U.S.
  3. Depends on the QB you're playing against. Some QBs struggle more versus interior pressure. Some more with pressure off the edge. Reasons vary from mobility, to height, to delivery angle, to release time, to the system they play in, etc.
  4. RoadFan

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    In all seriousness, he had no business having an NFL life to begin with. What I find terrifying is that the Jets GM, who has done a fairly respectable job all things considered, burned a 2nd round pick on him.
  5. RoadFan

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Any Jet fan that is fearful of this... is a f*cking idiot. And Michael David Smith is a f*cking idiot for even writing that sentence. Hackenberg couldn't accurately throw a penny into a koi pond at the local Chinese restaurant.
  6. Whoa! McCown easily won the QB competition last year. It wasn't even close. Petty was lousy and is 3rd string level, while Hack has no business even fetching practice balls for the kickers. You might be correct, that it was already decided. But if you're wrong and it was open... McCown won in a landslide anyway... There's no way to be sure.
  7. My opinion is that Darnold has to be far and away the best QB in training camp to start opening day. If it is a close battle... one of the veterans win the job. If the normally pessimistic, sarcastic and cynical Jets beat writers run out of positive adjectives to describe Darnold's play at mini-camp... the Jets are are probably in damn good shape going forward. No rush. He is going to play soon enough one way or another.
  8. RoadFan

    Jets minicamp day 2

    Robby's talent is limitless. I just hope he remembers this when it comes time for a contract extension after he lights up secondaries left and right this season. I have a strong feeling the reason ASJ isn't a Jet in 2018 is that he forgot the same thing Robby is referring to. Nobody would expect them to take significantly less... but showing some loyalty to the franchise that supported you through notable personal struggles is warranted.
  9. RoadFan

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    He was never good. Certainly not stellar. His first year was a mirage. This is what I feel I have to explain over and over. Drives me nuts. If a guy puts one year of maybe above average tape, and I stress MAYBE, out there... along with 2 terrible years of college plus 2 more terrible years of pro... The one season is the aberration and not the norm. He didn't "forget how to play" as you put it. HE NEVER FREAKIN' COULD PLAY TO BEGIN WITH!
  10. RoadFan

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Hackenberg couldn't throw a dirty sock into a laundry basket from 5 feet away. Can we please bury this guy already? He will always be part of Jets draft infamy, but it would be nice to not see his name on the board for awhile. The Jets QB situation looks to be so promising. We don't need to be reminded of the Hackenberg colossal fail every week.
  11. As soon as you come back to reality from whatever PCP trip you've been on in some insane, hallucinatory world where Hack is a quarterback... we can probably put this thread to rest permanently. Ready to wake up yet?
  12. RoadFan

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Hackenberg isn't good enough to throw it back to the ball boys that fetch for the kickers and punters.
  13. RoadFan

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Hey TuscanyTile? Do you now think it's safe to say the Jets won't regret trading lack of Hackuracy? Or if some other supposed offensive guru besides Gruden decides to give him a shot will you once again think that maybe the Jets didn't "develop" him or insert some other BS cliche word?
  14. RoadFan

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    DOES. NOT. BELONG. IN. NFL. NEVER. F*CKING. DID. The Hacky nut sack clown fans around should watch another sport and join a a cult with a faith healing tent... Because they certainly don't understand the QB position, and apparently don't require actual facts and evidence to believe in something.
  15. RoadFan

    Jets Offensive Line

    We have had this discussion... many times. The offensive line is the most important unit on a team. By far. The Jets continuing to ignore the position in the draft is indefensible. They finally decided to trade up for a franchise QB. Now we have to hope that he lasts long enough to build a young OL behind this veteran holdover group. I think the Jets might have put the cart before the horse (I hate cliches but oh well). Nevertheless, I am still encouraged because Darnold's best attribute is his ability to sense pressure with "360 degree" eyes. Macc isn't perfect, but he is better for long term success than what the Jets have had in a while.