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  1. Robby is a better player than Richardson... and I don't think it is even that close. Robby is more threatening to a defense, and has proven to be more durable.. despite the skinny frame so many of you seem to dwell on. Robby did what he did as the #1 focus of a defense with McCown. P-Rich was the #3 focus behind Baldwin and Graham with Wilson at QB. Off the field is a different story.
  2. An extra $10M for every division title he wins that equal more than the total for every starting Jet QB in history not named Namath, Testaverde, or Pennington.
  3. I often find we're on the same side of an argument. But I think you're wrong here. I don't think the Skins are "throwing him away" is accurate. Some argue that Cousins thinks that D.C. is completely dysfunctional and wants out. Probably both are true to an extent. Don't forget, RGIII was Snyder's guy. Must have been awkward immediately for KC. I don't think he is a superstar either. But I believe the timing is perfect. The Cheats have no plan at QB after Brady. Phins and Bills have nothing either. If you can acknowledge that Cousins is good enough to win the AFCE a couple of times over a 7 year stint... it is worth whatever they pay him. The Jets have won the AFCE only twice in my lifetime.
  4. I am not totally sold on Cousins. But I am fairly certain he is better than what we have had for 20 years. I know that Brady can't play forever. I know the Cheats no longer have a quality QB waiting with a clip board. I know that neither the Fish nor Bills have a QB worth mentioning. The timing of this move is excellent for 2019 and beyond... What the hell. Take a shot. I will support it... and Kirk Cousins wholeheartedly.
  5. Says the poster who tirelessly defends the QB that just finished the season #3 on the depth chart for the Bears. THE BEARS!
  6. CJ Anderson

    Wow. Why would anybody want CJA? The guy is maybe a notch and a half better than Shonn Greene.
  7. Casserly gave us "no balls" Bowles... and the guy that drafted Christian "lack of" Hackuracy. IDGAF what he thinks.
  8. Chiefs CUT Darrelle Revis

    Losing a step, step and a half is one thing... time catches up with all. Not even bothering to get in playing shape is another thing... Putting out zero effort on the field while already in lousy shape to begin with? What kind of so-called professional athlete does that? Even the fat guy in a YMCA pick up basketball game gives more effort than Revis. He might not last long on the court, but at least he'll try until he can hardly breathe.
  9. You move them both around...Kearse too... looking for mismatches. Not rocket science.
  10. The Patriots organization is like that weaselly guy from "Billy Madison." Blackmailing the fat wrestler elementary school principal, aka the "Revolting Blob." Standing on the podium, having a nervous breakdown when asked to discuss business ethics. The Patriots are morally and ethically bankrupt from top to bottom. Owner all the way down to some equipment scrubs... Kraft was with that 30 something blonde arm candy while Myra's body was still warm in the ground. Belichick was having an affair with the wife of a supposed friend and former colleague of when they were together on the Giants coaching staff. The two above and McDaniels just plotted a scheme to screw the Colts, and some assistant coach bystanders, because of spygate. Cheaters. Schemers. Liars. Nasty. Vindictive. Etc. Total. F*cking. D*cks.
  11. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Would love to see a Jet crack a couple of that prick's ribs... dislocate his throwing shoulder... something... Who would get the honor, though? The Jets don't have a ring of honor type LBer like Mo Lewis. It can't be a rotational player. Has to be a Jet of some notoriety.
  12. I would offer them a couple of good players to get him outta here.
  13. Bowles has no balls. We already knew that. But at least he lacks in-game feel and has zero imagination to go along with it, right?
  14. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Once again... This is not just about Luck's shoulder. This is about those Foxboro pricks deliberately screwing over the Colts for Deflategate, and not giving a sh*t who gets hurt in the process... ala the assistants JMcD was supposed to hire. This scheme was probably cooking for weeks. Seriously.