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  1. This thread is hysterical. Well done fellas!
  2. My advice is to become a Bengals fans. We have shared a lot in common with them over the last 40 years. Mostly misery with a few glimpses. They are really close to where ya wanna be and very fun to watch…
  3. If you tune out the Jets and instead watch Joe Burrow, the game will be enjoyable. The way he approaches the LOS with a swag, scans for pre-snap information, and delivers the ball right on the money to all areas of the field is a thing of beauty. Reminds me of Peyton Manning… not quite the same arm strength… but everything else is PFM.
  4. Well, the stadium looks like a prison toilet… so it makes sense that the contents are sh*t.
  5. Actually, not crazy. That is an interesting and logical point.
  6. Does anybody trust the Jets medical and CS staff? They’ll throw him back on the field too soon… and he’ll injure his knee worse, and/or get clobbered because he is without his magician-like escape ability.
  7. Up to a point? What point? The game was over on the first drive when Damien Harris was picking up 10 yards before contact…
  8. Jets are actually a winless team. Titans game was a mirage. If Julio and AJB played, Tanne isn’t sacked 7 times and they win by double digits…
  9. Good choice. King Henry is Jim Brown in the modern game. Just awesome…
  10. The good news? I get to watch my favorite player… Joe Burrow.
  11. Mike Lafleur has the imagination of a Chad Pennington fade to Justin McCareins…
  12. Funny! No. I haven’t been to a Jets road game since the day when I first saw signs that Darnold sucked. The Jets got embarrassed in Jacksonville, Bortles had his career day, Trumaine Johnson was abysmal, and Darnold missed half a dozen wide open receivers. Another Todd Blowes decision to punt down two scores late in the 4th quarter was the cherry on a miserable afternoon… It felt like 110 degrees that day…
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