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  1. Bell just needs to play at 225, instead of 237ish or whatever he was last season.
  2. Oh. I see!!! Didn't get your response at first. I didn't add "offensive 'line' to gel." In my head, I posted offensive line. Oops. I am going to edit it now.
  3. Odd question offered by a poster with occasional inside information? You tell us, bro. Sam throwing to Mims won't decide the season. Everything hinges on how quickly a new group of offensive LINE can gel. P.S. Sarcasm aside... I appreciate the Florham Park connection. I do pay close attention to your posts. Also, I would rather see Sam actually run for a 1st down when the space is there than throwing to teammates in June.
  4. This narrative that the Patriots will collapse? I just don't get it. They are extraordinarily well-coached, have lots of talent on defense, and always are great on special teams. If the offense is even competent... the Pats win 9 games.
  5. He's not washed. He played 10-15 pounds over his optimal playing weight. He was in good shape, not excellent. He needs to slim back down again, ala Balboa in Rocky III. "He looks like a middleweight." I would think, at least in part, the Gore signing is a positive motivational way to address the issue.
  6. Brady's swing is pretty good. Just having a bad day. I never in my life imagined feeling bad for that guy. Then he holes out from a buck-twenty with backspin... Unreal.
  7. And if a team has an outbreak? The head coach, a handful of key players and/or more? The roster is limited as it is. What will they do? Forfeit? Draw replacement players? Carry larger practice squads? The possibility that the season fails is very, very real.
  8. Now there is even a multi-system inflammatory disease being found in kids. 85 cases in all. Chicago, NY, Seattle, LA, Philly, Boston, D.C., Lousiana, Delaware. 8 of those cities have NFL and other sports teams. I have serious doubts there will be school in the fall.
  9. I dont think so. Unless the team pulls a fake spike meltdown after starting 6-5... then all bets are off.
  10. I think the Cheats will be much better than most think. Writing off Stidham before we have seen him play regularly is a mistake. He has some of the characteristics that could make him successful in their system. Quick release and a timing passer. He can move too. The Patriots will play good defense and special teams. Beli will do what he always does, take away what their opponent does best offensively and force them to beat them another way.
  11. Much was made about the mileage of this season. If the Jet stay on the West Coast for Seattle and LA... it's really not that bad. The timing of the flights is as close to Jets friendly as possible.
  12. The Jets should just stay on the West Coast with back to back games in Seattle and LA. That sets up nice if they actually do it and dont fly coast to coast 4 times in a week.

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