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  1. Nothing is shifting the balance of power in the AFC in 2019 except an injury to Tom Brady. New England will win the AFCE, thus assuring themselves at least 1 home playoff game... and probably a first round bye yet again. Back to the AFCCG they will go for the 9th season in a row.
  2. @Raideraholic is snooping around this thread. Gonna tell us that Tyrell Williams is better than Robby in 3... 2... 1...
  3. SAR I: I have agreed with many of your posts lately. But regarding MetLife Stadium? Nah... Another JN poster once called it a "prison toilet." Cold. Grey. No lid. Used by two roommates but feels like it belongs to neither.
  4. It should be Trumaine Johnson. What I believe to be a big reason CJ got on board to fire him. The excerpt below is from a blog by John G. Butcho on 4/9/18 who astutely points out how bad the contract structure was immediately after this deal was done. Trumaine Johnson Contract details: 5 years, $72.5 million Quality: "B": If you were making a list of the top fifteen cornerbacks in the NFL, you could make an argument that Johnson should be on the list. He has frequently been solid and occasionally been excellent since entering the NFL in 2012. Need: "A": What I said about Claiborne goes for Johnson. In the defense the Jets run, corners who can survive on an island are essential. Johnson’s job will be even more important than Claiborne’s as he will be frequently be asked to cover the other team’s top receiver (some of the best receivers in the NFL) by himself. Value: "D": There is only one other cornerback in the entire NFL on a deal averaging $14.5 million. “Arguably top 15 corner” is a nice thing to hear about a player on your team, but not exactly ideal for a guy getting this type of contract. This was a clear case where the Jets had a big need, and supply was low. Structure: "F": I am sure a lot of people will argue the signing of a corner like Johnson was essential. I am sure a lot of people will argue that even if it was an overpay, it was worth it. If you want to make those cases, feel free. I don’t think there’s an argument to be made that this deal was well-structured, though. The Jets essentially kept Johnson’s cap number down the first two years at the expense of making this deal brutal to escape in the events things do not pan out. The kicker is the Jets didn’t need to do it. Usually deals like this are done to fit a player when short-term cap space was tight. The Jets had plenty of space to frontload this deal and minimize any dead money hit after year two, though. They could have reduced his cap number near the end of the deal to coincide with a gradual decline. There is almost no cap relief if Johnson fails, and the Jets want to get out of the deal after two years. They only get $3 million in cap space and suffer $12 million in a dead money hit. Heck, if they want to get out of the deal after three years, they take a big $8 million dead money hit. And Johnson is already 28, which is a point where many cornerbacks are past their prime. He has even shown some signs of a possible decline already. The Jets essentially made sure they took on as much risk as possible with the way this contract was structured.
  5. One can be optimistic about guys like Daryl Roberts, Parry Nickerson, Deontay Burnett and Frankie Luvu. They all showed at least something promising. Trumaine Johnson was a complete and total disgrace. Nobody is obligated to even allow a positive thought to cross their mind when it comes to Tru... much less actually utter a flattering word about him.
  6. Robby was scorching Tru at mandatory camp according to Andy Vasquez. Tru is horrible, a liability. What makes it even worse is his contract, a genuine morale buster for the guys that are outperforming their respective deals. Expecting more out of him than what we saw last season is likely just wishful thinking. Even if Tru does perform at a higher level than he showed, it will be marginal. I believe this will be his last year with the Jets. They will eat the rest ala the Redskins Haynesworth deal. Sometimes you just cut your losses.
  7. The Jets should take a keen interest in Ravens kicker Kaare Vedvik. The guy who was straight up money along side of Tuck during camp and pre-season last year before being assaulted.
  8. I don't feel Trumaine Johnson belongs on anybody's top 10. He was heinous last season.
  9. Williams has been extremely impressive at OTAs. He has been the talk of camp. He even earned snaps with the 1s.
  10. The Panthers are a pretty talented team. McCoy himself is grossly overrated tho.
  11. Le'Veon Bell is the best free, aka "fraud," agency decision this team has made since Kevin Mawae. He is a phenomenal offensive football player that I have enjoyed watching since his days at Michigan State. The Jets are miles better with him, and Gase knows it...
  12. Gator Creek Golf Club. Sarasota, FL. Private Club. Men only. Rumor has it some unique things go on out there... including shirtless golf. Naked women on the flags. And, of course, supposedly they might even do the "golfer's walk of shame" if you don't hit it past the short tee box.
  13. Beat me to it. Exactly what I was going to post. TyMont is a poor man's version of Bell. Maybe even the pan-handler version. Not to say that Mont is lousy... he is mediocre. I just know that Bell is on another stratosphere.
  14. If not for the cornerback group... I would feel pretty good about this team. As they stand right now, I am encouraged for 2020... which is what I have been thinking the goal should be since the total rebuild was obviously necessary after Fitzpatrick's 6 INT game in Kansas City.
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