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  1. Neville Hewitt: restricted free agent Versatile. A big part of the improved special teams units.
  2. It is really difficult to read some of your posts with a straight face. How many games have you watched Belichick coach? What is the first thing he attempts to do defensively in almost, ALMOST, every game? Belichick does whatever possible to take away the opponents' #1 offensive threat, and force them to beat his team another way. And you, bealeb... can find a way not to see something even as simple as this, and/or twist it in your own weird little vision.
  3. RoadFan

    49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, and Falcons

    Agreed. People giving up on Rosen way too soon.
  4. You are correct about everything. Trumaine Johnson is utterly worthless. I have stated the same in other threads. I was one of the first, maybe the first, to crush him after the Cleveland game. I saw how bad he was immediately. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/139919-trumaine-johnson-was-a-disgrace-last-night/
  5. Any chance we can not use this word around here? This term being overplayed is an understatement.
  6. Disclaimer: I wasn't watching the game... so I don't know exactly how it went down. Just because something worked, doesn't mean it was the right move... Just as if it didn't work, doesn't necessarily mean it was the wrong move. But aggressive is correct more often than not. Case in point. The right move for the Jets was to attempt an onside kick following the TD to take the lead in the 4th quarter thanks to the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty... allowing them to kickoff from the 50. Look at the situation. a) Kick it out of the Endzone; Houston starts at the 25. b) attempt a pooch. Maybe get them to start at the 13 if it works correctly? Net gain of 12 yards. Or touchback... again at the 25. c) attempt onside kick. Keep the ball with a chance to really ice the game. Or Houston starts at their own 38 or so. Net loss of 13 yards. THIS WAS A NO-BRAINER. BUT BLOWES AND THESE OLD-SCHOOL, GOOD OL' BOY NFL COACHES ARE INCAPABLE OF THINKING MATHEMATICALLY. ONLY USING THE SAME ARCHAIC LOGIC THAT THEIR PREDECESSORS HAVE ERRONEOUSLY USED FOR DECADES. You think McVay kicks that ball deep? Not likely...
  7. Pay this guy = Lots of first downs. Lots and lots of first downs...
  8. I saw what Trumaine Johnson was when they lost to Cleveland.. hence my thread following the game; "Trumaine Johnson was a disgrace last night" He should not be on the field. I don't care what he gets paid. Those recent interceptions were a mirage. Calvin Pryor made a few plays in 2015 too.
  9. RoadFan

    Monumental drops...

    You forgot Herndon dropping one. And maybe the worst of all... Kearse not taking one lousy step back towards the ball on the final opportunity for a well thrown ball down the seam.
  10. He takes one step back towards the ball... and that's a completion. What a stiff.
  11. The move was an onside kick... Try to keep the ball. Worst case? You sacrifice 15 yards of field position.
  12. Onside kick from midfield right here...
  13. Probably not. Different problem. Still, I throw whatever Le'V wants at him plus a little extra... Let the chips fall...

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