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  1. We just had a long thread, among other things, that mentioned how difficult it is to break in around here as a new guy. You have valid concerns above... but your post had a reasonable chance of going unnoticed. Unfortunate. I have a huge case in support of signing Le'Veon Bell. My best response, aka the short answer to your concerns, is the Jets need first downs. Too many times the offense is headed back to the sideline after just 3 plays. Sometimes they go entire quarters without going 10 yards. Le'Veon Bell, singlehandedly, moves the chains almost as much as the two guys on the chain crew holding the signal poles. You're right, the Jets are taking a chance one way or another. But Bell is by far the best gamble in my opinion.
  2. I will make my extensive case for Bell again at another time. I know the bold is a popular sentiment, but I don't believe it is true. I was surprised by how many felt CJ Anderson was really filling in for Todd Gurley. The Rams offense was not the same. I am not super big on metrics stuff, and believe the eye ball test is more important. But it does have some merit. Whatever case the guy below is making, says Conner did not replace Bell all that adequately. Conner is pretty good, but Bell is significantly superior in my opinion. I think the nature of running back statistics plays a role in minimizing the real dropoff from star to backup... or starter to backup. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2019/02/15/leveon-bell-trade-rumors-nfl-free-agency-james-conner/stories/201902140182
  3. It really is good advice. Very good advice. You broke character, went out on a limb, and it's a bit of a struggle for readers to come to the conclusion that you were actually mostly serious for a change... I read it a second time just to make sure. and bustin' chops...
  4. To those that acknowledged or elaborated on what I said... thank you. To those that are glad to have me back... I appreciate the sentiment and it is good to be back in the game. To those that have no idea who I am... that was part of my point. To those that cracked jokes at my expense... I expected it and said it was fine. I will be sure to mention it to my therapist after my estrogen hormonal therapy. To the one poster who isn't ready to forgive and forget. I absolutely love Smokey Robinson, although I prefer "Tracks of my Tears."
  5. I haven't posted since January 5th. I was issued a two week ban for violation of board rules, justifiably so I might add. The remainder of the leave of absence has been voluntary. I have read the board regularly though so I am up to date... I wanted to share some of my thoughts and reflections from my time away from the interactive side of the board. I am pretty sure that a few of you are going to make some jokes at my expense, and that is OK. Have at it... First, I believe I had become somewhat addicted to posting here. It became clear when I placed Adam Gase at the top of my list after John Harbaugh's name could be crossed off. I was only able to make a couple of positive posts towards him when I first began to think about it. The next day or so he was my #1 choice and I couldn't make the case because I was banned. It was rather frustrating at the time... but a total positive in the long run as the addiction has clearly waned. Second, I found that reading from a distance gave me a different perspective on posters and how what they say affects others on the board. The only posters that seem to get noticed at JN have either been here around for ages, contribute something special, or have an unmistakable schtick. As for most everyone else, a group that includes some really solid and smart posters mind you, it is all just back and forth dialogue that doesn't accomplish much. Truthfully, many people don't seem to change their mind about much of anything Jets related until they are forced to do so by action on the field or circumstance. The opinions of other fans typically make little impact. A disappointing realization to be sure, honestly, but I think it's fairly accurate. Which brings me to my next reflection... The Jets clearly don't listen to us. Other fans don't budge that often from their stance on things. So what is the point of all this? I can only answer that question for me... and I'll get to that shortly... The only reasons I might have been noteworthy at JN are for my reputation as a condescending jerk, and the other is my utter contempt for free agency, aka fraud agency. So I am taking this opportunity to say that I now recognize that there is literally zero reason to get into heated arguments with anyone on the board, apologize for my behavior, and to say that I will attempt to make my points minus the speartip in the future. And now back to what is the point of spending so much time posting on a message board about what a sports team should or shouldn't do... when what I say and think has no impact on the outcome? Again... I am just answering for me. I think the answer is simply sharing a devotion to the New York Jets with others around the world at any time of day. Maybe that should have been obvious all along? But I didn't quite get it until now... Lastly, since I have been away for a while... I might as well sneak in an opinion. The fraud agency frenzy is beginning to heat up like it does every spring, gross overspending for a collection of JAGs. I will take this moment to stress yet again which player I feel is the best option to overpay... by far. Le'Veon Bell. That is all... RF
  6. I suppose I can unban myself from the thread to answer this question. I believe Rhule was brought in to "clean up" the program's image following the sexual assault cases at the university. I wasn't aware of the stats you dug up... but they don't seem to tell the same narrative we're hearing, do they?
  7. RoadFan

    Peyton Manning?

    Not a bad idea. One way or another, we all expect the Jets to hire the wrong guy... even if it is the guy we want, we still subconsciously expect him to fail. Not even subconsciously... more like a certainty. Being a New York Jets fan. smh
  8. RoadFan

    Peyton Manning?

    Nice! But you forgot "Omaha! Omaha!"
  9. RoadFan

    Peyton Manning?

    Wise. All just speculation and banter... What's the difference? Whoever they hire will be the wrong guy anyway. /end the board
  10. RoadFan

    Peyton Manning?

    Where have you been the past few days?
  11. RoadFan

    Matt Rhule

    I noticed your thread last week, stream. But I certainly didn't want to make a thing out of my issue with him around here until it became a bigger possibility. I don't know if that makes you feel better that somebody paid attention? Notice how quickly I jumped on the other thread...
  12. RoadFan

    Matt Rhule

    Dude... my wife is sleeping. I am busting up under my breath, borderline in tears! Had to go out in the living room so I wouldn't wake her... Great one-liners... brilliant.
  13. RoadFan

    Matt Rhule

    I voluntarily banned myself from the other Rhule thread. But I can post in this one for something like the below. The other thread went from serious... to a little off topic... to pretty testy... and now it is really funny! This is a shout out to @Spoot-Face who is straight up rolling in the other thread. Comedian-level stuff!
  14. Well... I am gonna take myself out of this thread permanently. Maybe it will return to football. I did say the guy is probably a good football coach. I would prefer Adam Gase... That is all...
  15. The feeling is mutual. And I wouldn't worry about defending KRL from me. I have a sneaking suspicion he has me on "ignore."

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