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  1. I really wanted a QB draw. NOT a sneak. A draw... with the option for a jump pass if the crease wasnt there.
  2. Just be thankful New England took "Sorry" Sony "sucks" Michel one pick ahead of Jackson...
  3. Darnold should run this in for a TD. QB draw. Not a sneak. Draw.
  4. I think Stafford is going to give strong consideration to retirement. He has taken a beating, a broken back twice. He plays for a cursed franchise in which two superstars quit "early." His wife had a brain tumor removed. He has his health and kids to think about. Not. Worth. It.
  5. I used to beat up the "home" fans for not being loud enough, showing up late, etc. Not anymore. How can anyone expect them to kill a whole day to show up and watch this? Yesterday sounded like even though they won, it wasn't entertaining. I read this board. But I have only watched 5 games this season. Something that would have been unimaginable 5 years ago. I discontinued Directv Sunday ticket. I don't go to the bar. They are not worth my time... and certainly not worth my money. Shame... because Le'Veon Bell is my favorite player.
  6. This appears to be one of the best WR drafts ever. As long as the Jets don't take Ardarius Stewart instead of Godwin or Golladay... drafting one or two and signing another couple as UDFA's will be suffficent.
  7. Well... you're right. But if you recall, I made a big adjustment to my attitude around here after being banned. I am not in a position to be too critical of others.
  8. I wasnt going to respond, but since you antagonized me for a second time... I drove 8 hours from Denver to Arrowhead to see opening day in 2005. I drove over 9 hours on some icy roads from Northern Michigan to Pittsburgh for the AFCCG in 2010. I was also at the AFCCG in '98 at Old Mile High Stadium. I have been to Jet games in all of the stadiums in Florida. I have seen the Jets in Cleveland. I have been to a game in Detroit. I saw them in Indianapolis. I saw them in Houston. I was at the draft in Dallas when they selected Sam Darnold. I have the right to call myself "RoadFan." I am 41. I hardly missed a snap for over 20 something years. I have been watching the team regularly since I was old enough to sit in front of a television. This team has sucked recently, and is not worth my time every week. I spend time fishing and with my wife. Far more rewarding than the pile of crap the Jets trot out on Sundays. If you have anything else snarky to say... by all means, have at it. My next response will be the ignore button.
  9. I agree with both of you... to an extent. The Jets didnt answer when things started to go wrong against Buffalo, Vedvik failure notwithstanding. No answer against Jacksonville. Nothing against Miami. Zero against the Bengals. These teams are not world beaters and Sam was playing.
  10. Disclaimer: I did not watch the Bengals game, but I read the game thread. I have only watched the Jets play about half of their games this year due to apathy, the Pee-Wee Herman word of the season. It seems like the Jets were flat and/or things didn't go their way early, fell behind, and had a lousy first half. So why didn't they come out and play great in the second half? Instead they collectively decided it's not our day, let's just go through the motions and get to next week? In fact, have they showed any balls playing from behind at all this season? They have certainly had plenty of opportunities. I was behind the Gase hire. I am trying to support him through the ups and downs of a bad roster. But seemingly accepting loss in winnable games before the final whistle is outrageous.
  11. I love this place. But the team has, at least temporarily, lost me and the men in my family. Decades of Jet fandom dissipated. We never used to miss a snap. Now we watch like 6 games.
  12. He is a 2nd round pick of the New York Jets. He was doomed the minute the card was turned in. That said, I haven't watched 3 out of the last 4 Jets games... so I cannot confirm nor deny if he is actually playing lousy.
  13. Lions fans are completely numb. I was in Detroit for the Jets game in 2010. The Lions had that game wrapped up... the Jets played like sh*t for 56 minutes except for one play, a long TD pass to Braylon Edwards. The Jets came back to tie out of nowhere and then won in OT. The Lions fans walked out as if nothing happened. Like "whatever." I felt more sorry for them than I was happy the Jets won, but it was unnecessary. They dont let the team sting them. Many Jets fans are in the same place now. I am. More are on the way.
  14. It's called apathy. The Jets are losing their fans.

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