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  1. Nathan Peterman is still on an NFL roster…
  2. What you say is logical. But something is off about Mims. I think a UDFA or similar is going to make an impression in camp, maybe who also contributes on special teams, and it’s bye-bye Mims. A few catches in the pre-season and maybe a team that is really thin like Chicago makes a move and it will be the old “fresh start” cliche.
  3. I think they will try to showcase Mims in the pre-season and then trade him. Glad to hear he is working hard in the off-season. I’m still not buying the hype. Mims couldn’t sniff the field last season when the Jets barely had a single WR healthy enough to play...
  4. Does that metric mean the Lions would be an 8 point favorite over the Jets?!?!
  5. Jermaine Johnson is a well-rounded player. But if they wanted more of a pass rusher… Karlaftis was the pick.
  6. A different mentality. They are used to winning, and they expect to win. Just spoiled. But a positive kind of spoiled. I’ve seen ugly in; Miami, Denver, Tampa. Seen pleasant; in KC, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indy. Douchebaggy; in Cleveland and Jacksonville. Numb; in Detroit.
  7. I did describe them as spoiled. I went to Lions game that season also. Jets were horrible for 56 minutes. They won anyway with late comeback. Lions fans walked out numb, like they had seen that show 100 times. Numb. Jet fans would have been crushed, angry, something…
  8. Not sure I understand this. I was at AFCCG in 2010. They were quite friendly. Before the game, and even when the Jets fought back in the 2nd half. Steeler fans are spoiled, but friendly. I advise anyone going to not lean forward at all. I got hit twice in the face with a towel before I learned that lesson.
  9. I’m thinking the same thing. GB and add a charter trip. We are saltwater, so some walleye and muskie sounds fun! These opportunities are every 8 years…
  10. The Jets on SNF for opening weekend seems like a Rich Strike long shot. I really don’t want that anyway, especially against New England. Miami would be just fine.
  11. Jets fans wanted an upgrade at TE. JD knew it was our biggest weakness, especially with a young QB. So… JD didn’t just make them better at the top TE, he upgraded the entire depth chart… CJU was an excellent signing for so many reasons!
  12. @Warfish sort of beat me to it… I was gonna say on the waiting list for the 2025 all electric BMW
  13. A combo of the game slowing down, and his quick release getting faster….
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