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  1. Mims is a head case. He will be permanently out of the league by the end of the 2023 season.
  2. The nice kid from California also held out. He wasn't a "stone-cold killer." Darnold was a cotton ball soaked in hoo-ha juice. A hold out for a rookie QB that is expected to start is a terrible look, for both the organization and Zach Wilson. There is no positive spin. The Jets suck at everything.
  3. The Jets could somehow screw up a bowl of cereal. Use water instead of milk. A plate instead of a bowl. A fork instead of a spoon. The knife is to cut off their nose to spite their face.
  4. Chiefs would be a perfect landing spot. He is from California. Bolts? Rams? Raiders? The Jets are at the absolute bottom for landing spots.
  5. Attempt to trade down a handful of spots for an extra 4th or something. Take a Chubb, Taylor, Tyreek, Davante... and then have another pick in the early-mid round range where very good players often slip.
  6. Cancer is brutal. I'm so sorry. The only thing I can say is from my own experience with family. I believe the formula to beat it is three things; 1) The right doctors and treatment plan. 2) Remove all, or as many as possible, day to day life stressors. 3) Positive attitude.
  7. That seven-step drop on 3rd and 17 in Pittsburgh was a real beauty.
  8. Darnold sucks. The guy never played a solid game in 3 years. He had a handful of good halves. That's it. The "he never had a chance crowd" were watching a different player than me.
  9. There was something off about Mims' college tape. I mentioned this before, did not like his effort when he knew he wasnt getting the ball. Something off about him. Everyone raved about his run blocking. I saw a guy that was effective, not great, but only when he felt like it. I much preferred Michael Pittman's effort in everything he did. Mims made that stupid comment about Philly being a 'dirty, trash city' right before the draft? How dumb do you have to be to do that?!?!? He fell in the draft for a reason. My guesstimation? He probably interviewed poorly and is below par be
  10. It was awful seeing it live. Like many, i thought he died on the field.
  11. Foles' list of "students"; Wentz. Minshew. Trubisky. None of those guys improved. He must teach about as well as Freddy Shoop... before the field trips.
  12. The days of a 3/4 full stadium with Tony Eason have returned. That is the only game worth attending for them.
  13. Welcome to the site... To answer your question; 1) He has been hurt every season. If a player can't stay on the field, he is already behind the 8 ball. 2) Inaccurate. I saw Darnold live in Jacksonville, in said rookie season. He missed multiple open receivers that day, and continued to miss them throughout his 3 years. 3) In fact, the ONLY two games he was good for 60 minutes was against the Colts and Packers that first year. 4) Darnold never played better in the 2nd half when he stunk in the 1st... which happened a lot btw. 5) Clearly doesn't raise the pla
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