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  1. RoadFan

    Raiders love Oliver

    I think the Raiders are planning to pull the trigger on Dwayne Haskins at #4. Private workouts. Rumors from a plugged-in source a month ago, LaCanfora, that they were high on him before all this BS. Had him throwing passes to Antonio Brown. Now this weird stunt with the scouts? To me it says QB position...
  2. RoadFan

    Cowherd Mock

    Totally agree. Sometimes very intelligent people are pompous because they know they are smarter than most. Adds an element of conceitedness to their repertoire...
  3. RoadFan

    Cowherd Mock

    I believe Cowherd to be one of the smartest guys in sports. He is my favorite to listen to by a wide margin. Being wrong doesn't make someone stupid, especially in something as unpredictable as sports. Nobody is right all the time. Spitting out the same tired cliches is what I can't stand from the vast majority of his colleagues. Colin throws clever analogies at the listener, as well as strong opinions... sometimes wrong... sometimes he's right on the money when most aren't.
  4. I followed Chris Henry's career for fantasy reasons. Immense talent. Same with Martavis Bryant. And now Preston Williams. Maybe a human element too... hoping they would/will overcome and succeed. Henry was obviously a troubled kid, probably a bad kid to begin with. But I have to mention that his autopsy showed he had CTE in multiple parts of his brain.
  5. To play defensive end... Add to the coaching staff for strategy...
  6. RoadFan

    What We Don't Know

    I admire optimism. It is a better attitude than being a pessimist like myself. Even a mild optimism like Fish. But according to what I saw last season, Trumaine Johnson spent most games competing with Spencer Long for the label of worst player on the field. The only positive I can find about Tru is actually a negative. His effort last season stunk, so maybe he is capable of more.... Nevertheless, I can't even bring myself to expect average play from him. He was dreadful at every aspect of playing defense.
  7. RoadFan

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    Charts...sharts... The value of draft picks is subjective to each individual team based on how they grade the players, and their own current situation. I don't have a Harvard education, but I see it as the player value determines the value of the pick. Not the other way around...
  8. He hit you with a tough question. I would tell your son this season is not about making the playoffs. It is about watching Sam get better, filling a few more holes on the roster, and getting ready to win the whole thing in 2020. It would be a nice surprise to make the playoffs this season, but nothing more. Maybe a tough concept for a kid that hasn't experienced decades of losing... but I feel it's the truth.
  9. RoadFan

    Colorado State WR Preston Williams

    The bold is a problem. I believe you 100% when you say you saw these things. We know that a player won't succeed in the NFL if he doesn't grow up and refine his technique. That is guaranteed. But an all too common error I feel that NFL scouts make is that they put too much stock in the stopwatch and not the production. Drafting on potential instead of what a player has already shown to be capable of. The knock on Williams should primarily be character, and that is a justifiable concern. I think it is a huge mistake to worry about timed cone drills when his numbers and a significant portion of his tape tell an entirely different story.
  10. RoadFan

    Colorado State WR Preston Williams

    I have plenty of respect for your opinions, and often feel similarly... our Le'Veon Bell disagreement notwithstanding... But I trust my eyes with this kid more than what a stopwatch says, and I saw what I think is an NFL receiver that day. I've been wrong plenty. I was wrong about Mariota, although I think I was right about Jameis so I'm calling it a near wash. I missed on OBJ and Michael Thomas. Didn't see them as special. The difficult thing is I don't get to sit in an interview room with Preston Williams, or talk to people that know him, have played with him, coached him, etc.
  11. Cornerback. But that isn't necessarily what they should use the resources on in this draft.
  12. This is almost certainly a mute point as it pertains to the Jets because he has a red flag incident with an ex-girlfriend. A Macc no-no. It kept him from getting an invite to the combine. He was originally at the University of Tennessee. 6'4" 210. I saw Williams play in person in Gainesville against Florida back in September. He scorched them with 9/106. And I'm telling you... if the QB didn't miss a few throws, it would have been more like 12/200/2. He was the Rams' only offensive threat, and the Gators secondary was no match for Williams. He was beating press, man, zone, double teams, everything. They knew what was coming, and were helpless to stop it. I couldn't take my eyes off the best offensive player on the field that day. He didn't have the ideal pro day as for timed measurables. But his stats of 96/1345/14 line during his senior season speaks for itself. Nobody seems to be talking about him because it is so uncertain where he will be drafted, and some teams probably even removed Williams from their board entirely. He could be selected anywhere from the 2nd round to the 6th. I am a believer in this kid's talents...
  13. RoadFan

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Jets are here in Florida in back to back weeks. Jacksonville and Miami are a long way from each other. But I wonder if the team will decide to stay in Florida after the Jags game to get ready for the Phins?
  14. RoadFan

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    Useless player. Can't separate. Can't get yards after the catch anymore. Struggled with dreadful drops the last few years. Might read a few positive camp reports about him like Jordy Nelson in Oakland. He'll make a couple of plays. Then be washed out of the league... If he even makes their roster.
  15. I never said anything about 2019. I have been saying 2020 should be the goal of this rebuild for 2 years now. They are headed in the right direction.

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