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  1. Almost tore a tricep today doing dips. Tried one too many and my left arm gave out. Lucky, got away with it…
  2. Lost all quick twitch and speed. NO! /end thread
  3. What I take from this is that Mahomes is so friggin’ good, his WRs don’t matter at all. He just needs Kelce…
  4. Banished to the 8th circle of WR hell. Only Chicago is below. He can lift his leg to dog pee. Will go nicely with Chris Ivory’s squat and dump in the city known as the Mistake by the Lake. Have fun dude…
  5. Getting a draft pick for Braden Mann would require a Jedi mind trick…
  6. I find Joe Benigno very entertaining. I like listening to Colin Cowherd, especially enjoy his clever analogies and metaphors. They have an audience so I can’t be the only one…
  7. If high end OL signings miss and you’re forced to look at 2nd/3rd tier… then make sure they can play multiple positions.
  8. Support while cringing and holding my nose. Rodgers’ narcissism is just repulsive. Hard to be “all-in” on him…
  9. This was a big part of what I came away with from the interview.
  10. I listened to Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee show and am sure there are other takes in the thread, but here is mine. AR said the Jets knew he wants to play for them on Friday. Said the delay is that the Packers are digging in their heels on compensation. He mentioned being an MVP a couple of times and sounded butthurt about how the Packers handled wanting to move on from him to Jordan Love. “There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way.” I don’t know if he wanted a red carpet on the way out the door or what? My take: We already knew he is a smug guy, this interview confirmed it again. However, he is not wishy washy about wanting to play for the Jets. He did not give the Jets a list of demands, he discussed a few teammates and described their value. That about sums it up…
  11. I think this is a wash with Corey Davis, not sure which player is better. I think Corey probably but Lazard is more durable.
  12. The Jets narrative has gone from being ‘a strong roster that just needs a QB,” to another meme contest. smh. This had better work…
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