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  1. Nicely done. Berrios a lock, but other than that, hard to argue anything else. Dark orange certainly fits, but Jonathan Marshall will make the team…
  2. Cimini calls it like he sees it. Positive and negative. We should appreciate that, not criticize him for it.
  3. I think we might be complaining about Ulbrich soon enough?
  4. Biggest concern for this team is that Jeff Ulbrich might suck. Not encouraging to pluck someone that was involved with the Atlanta Falcons defense from 2015-2020, and then ran that horrendous Jets unit last season.
  5. Saw him a lot with the Bucs. Whitehead has good instincts. Regularly gets himself in the right spots to attack the ball.
  6. One thing is for certain. Even if Becton plays great the next couple of seasons, there is no way in hell the Jets should give him a big second contract. He will go Mo Wilkerson and then be on my 600 lb life before the age of 40…
  7. A lot of great kickers listed, but there is no debate at the top. Justin Tucker is from another planet.
  8. Best; Raiders. Under-appreciated; Vikings
  9. The concept that players recover quickly from serious injuries happens way more frequently than 20+ years ago is accurate… but it is still hit or miss.
  10. Easiest position for a rookie to step in. Carter and Tevin can take 3rd downs to protect ZW until Breece is ready. He can play 1st and 2nd downs right away even if he misses a little camp
  11. Harry’s college tape was slow and lacked separation. Total shocker that it didn’t change in the NFL. I have real concerns about Drake London. He moves better than Harry, but not significantly better.
  12. He does look about right in that pic.
  13. https://www.profootballhof.com/hall-of-famers/becoming-a-hall-of-famer/ look at the above list, find their emails, and tell these guys…
  14. Klecko has some BIG name sportswriters in his corner like Peter King. I think he will get inducted within the next 3 years. Frustrating it still hasn’t happened…
  15. When was that? Colts?
  16. Jeff Ulbrich is who we need to be concerned about…
  17. 4 tix shouldn’t be that difficult to find. I am waiting for the prices to come down. They will.
  18. I’m going. Flight booked, no game tix yet
  19. The only thing that comes to mind is maybe he feels slighted that Jets traded up for Breece? IDK Carter also was the #2 in college behind Javonte. Carter is a heck of a player. He and Breece should complement each other and reduce the hits each of them take.
  20. Guys, I went to the World Cup in Brazil, 2014. Was right behind the goal when Brooks headed in the late winner against Ghana! FIFA used a ticket lottery system which was quite an adventure to navigate. If I recall, you had choices to enter the lottery for specific teams and/or venues? Maybe specific matches too? The varying prices were not for specific seats, but for sections and levels. I don’t exactly remember…
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