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  1. Bridge will be out of work once Aaron Rodgers is traded to Denver. Same goes for Rhule when Carolina fans figure out that Darnold is lousy.
  2. Urban is doing all the wrong things. 1) Hired Schitty as OC. 2) Etienne in the 1st round with J-Rob on the roster... a cheap UDFA who not only played great but is probably popular in the locker room. 3) Tebow? AYFKM?
  3. STHs selling their tickets is plenty effective enough...
  4. Cimini is a damn good writer. I get that many of you hate his snarky comments, but they are usually just dry humor that happens to be accurate. We do the exact same thing on this forum every day. Cimini's shots at the Jets would be far more appreciated as a JN poster, instead of a beat writer.
  5. Last season teams were saying the turf was hazardous. NFLPA demanding a switch to natural grass. Has there been any change? I haven't seen much about this since like October... The stadium already looks like a "prison toilet." (Kudos to the JN member that coined that nickname, whoever you are). We had that stray black cat expose the rat problem on MNF. The turf also being dangerous is just embarrassing...
  6. He is guaranteed not to play a full season. Pass.
  7. Perine is a JAG. I saw him in person a few times in Gainesville. The only thing I believe he does better than average is goal line. The guy was a very reliable college player, but Perine is not athletic enuf to be an NFL running back. Major whiff by JD and scouts...
  8. Like some of you, I haven't given up on Herndon. The Jets did not draft a TE, so they haven't either... Usually after a year like he had, I write a player off as trash. I think Herndon will rebound big time with the new staff.
  9. The Jets appear to be gearing up to play a 4-2-5 with athletes in the secondary. A couple of corners, and 3 hybrid safety/LBs. Makes sense in a passing league. At least Douglas and Saleh seem to have a unified vision.
  10. Sam Darnold's ceiling is Jake Plummer. Anybody want to pay $30M per year for that? With the exception of a few games, Darnold stunk for 3 years. He was inaccurate, showed zero balls, lacks competitiveness, and essentially accepted losing. A fresh start at QB on a rookie deal was not just an option, it was the only choice.
  11. Crowder isn't going anywhere. Moore was drafted to replace him for 2022... while also being given plenty of opportunity to contribute this season.
  12. One more note. The Falcons offense is going to score a lot of points. Mike Davis has basically no competition in that backfield. He has the opportunity, skill set, relatively low mileage, and durability for a very big season. The hype machine will unfortunately ramp up on him, but believe it.
  13. If it were me, I keep McCaffrey. I find the Etienne pick to be extraordinarily strange. I have serious doubts about Urban Meyer. We already know Schittenheimer is a turd. I think you'll be able to redraft Robinson at a far better value than a 4th.
  14. I would think Douglas learned his lesson about guys with injury history? Half his draft class last year hardly played. Most important ability is availablility...
  15. Inches from being a Bronco. PFM at towards the end of his career... Now ARodg? Denver is a strong place to play...
  16. JJ has been dealing with a bad foot for years. At some point, he will turn into the 2020 version of AJ Green. Pass...
  17. I didn't hate Charlie Weiss. As for Schitty... yeah... I wouldn't hire him to coordinate the offense of a singles tennis player.
  18. I thank Wayne. Cotch. Marvin. Victor Green. Klecko. Mo Lewis (no snarky remarks please, yeah we all know.) Toon. Aaron Glenn. Bryan Thomas. D'Brick. Mangold. Byrd. Darnold is a cotton ball. His ceiling is Matt Hasselbeck. Buh-bye...
  19. Cowardly Casserly? He Twitter blocked me when I told him to return the money he took for "helping" the Johnsons hire Blowes and the Barista.
  20. That's an interesting take. I feel the opposite. I think the fact that Wilson processes information fast and has a very quick release bodes well for the Jets OL.
  21. Both view points can be correct. Optimist and SOJ... Yes, Douglas appears to know what he is doing... especially as a negotiator. However, his first draft class was unable to do the most important thing... stay on the field.
  22. Think of other QBs put in bad situations. Mediocre QBs. Even some bad QBs. I am sure you will come up with a handful that inspired the team to a comeback win down 14-0 early or something like that. A second half charge. Darnold. Not once. It's just not there.
  23. Darnold is not competitive. He doesn't hate losing. The great ones DESPISE losing. They hate losing more than they enjoy winning. Never once has Darnold displayed that characteristic in any game he has played in 3 years.
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