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  1. Up until a few years ago... it was Kotite. Now? Idzik. Maybe because it's fresher and Kotite has been outta sight, outta mind for a long time. What Idzik did with 19 draft picks is almost criminal. At least bad enough that STHs and fans should have legal grounds to sue his ass in civil court.
  2. WR.. Robby Anderson ~ ~ ~

    Robby has an extremely high ceiling that he still hasn't approached. Anyone that couldn't see that last season is blind. The kid creates more separation than the vast majority of the WRs in the NFL with limited motion, and route-running that is still a work in progress. /end thread P.S. I am as high on Robby as I was low on Calvin Pryor.
  3. Which posters are you referring to? There were only two posts and I haven't said one word about Lamar Jackson because I haven't seen him play a single snap. When I do attempt to study him, I will certainly make my opinion known on the board.
  4. I do. He had a horrible night, against a good defense, in a game which they couldnt run the ball at all (2.5 ypc), on a short week, on the road at one of the most difficult venues to play in the league. The Titans did just win 4 in a row... "What have you done for me lately," eh Phil?
  5. If you hope not because you think the QB class isn't very good... that is your opinion and certainly OK. If you hope not because of this bullsh*t cliche of "mortgaging the future"... then you need a reality check. THERE. IS. NO. FUTURE. WITHOUT. A FRANCHISE. QUARTERBACK.
  6. They should have traded up for Mariota, Wentz, or Goff. I haven't watched this class yet...
  7. Calvin Pryor ~ ~ ~

    Dredging up RoadFan's favorite woodshed resident. Pryor never belonged in the NFL.
  8. USMNT not going to World Cup

    Heartbroken. Furious. Thinking other things that I won't say... The every 4 years 'Merica' crowd have no idea how devastating this is. Fox Sports does after bidding the GNP of a small country to broadcast it in the U.S.
  9. Interesting Francessa points

    "QB or I'm done"
  10. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    In other words... You are only an overly positive, rah rah utopian if it supports your viewpoint?
  11. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    kevin90210, We are way passed the "Jet up" stage. Time to shut up.
  12. I have been wrong about some things this year. Namely, I thought the Jets would go 2-14. The effortless separation and special talent of Robby is something I nailed on the head.
  13. QB or I’m done

    Any Jets fan that doesn't feel like "QB or I'm done" by now is a delusional pea brain.
  14. Some can still spell at a 6th grade level and become POTUS.
  15. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Hawkeye, Vast majority of your posts are excellent. But I disagree here. You may be right. Petty is almost certainly not a long term solution. However, I believe he has earned a chance to play in this system. One that suits his skill set significantly better than the previous. He also should get a shot with a TE that can actually catch the ball. I really feel he might be a quality backup. A couple of other teams wanted to trade for him for a reason. Perhaps, he is good enough to bridge if the guy they draft isnt ready right away.
  16. I don't want to hear, or see, the word playoffs again on the board this season. The Jets are not winning 8 games.
  17. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    I have cut down on my NFL hours a ton. Honestly? I don't know why I watch at all anymore. The flags on every play is destroying whatever enjoyment was left. This is infuriating.
  18. Seahawks-Cardinals TNF

    Flags on every fn' play. They are making games almost unwatchable.
  19. Seahawks-Cardinals TNF

    I am pissed. Have Lockett going in two leagues. Wilson had him for a long TD and underthrew it.
  20. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    My whole family, on the male side that is, used to watch the Jets and NFL habitually for hours on end. We all still watch, but only in a part-time casual fashion. As others have pointed out; Over-saturation. Too many flags. Lousy coaching. College has the better coaches these days, it's really a shame. Teams without a QB have virtually no chance for success as the league is currently constructed. The only thing we aren't bothered by is politics in sports. A certain narcissistic con-artist made this a way bigger issue than the players ever did.
  21. What difference does it make? They will probably draft a defensive player or O-lineman in the 1st... and another QB bust in the 2nd.
  22. Interesting fact. But as I have stated before... the coaches in the booth are highly unlikely to get back on the sideline. They make good money where they are and have 1/10th the stress. Why would they go back to?; The weight of a city on your shoulders. Working 18 hour days, 7 days a week in season. Merciless criticism for every move you make that doesn't work out. No time for family and hobby. It puts their health at risk. A handful of coaches have had serious health problems in recent years. We watched Todd Bowles age 10 years last season in 4 months. In fact, Cowher would have to be crazy to return to that.
  23. If the Bucs shut him down for anything less than the rest of the season... they are complete and total morons. DON'T. F*CK. AROUND. WITH. A. QB's. THROWING. SHOULDER. The shoulder is a complex device with countless moving parts. Injuries can cause weakness, changes in arm angles and mechanics, constant pain/discomfort, etc...
  24. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    They disrespected the petulant child in Mar-A-Lago that used this as a distraction for easily influenced sheep following his incoherent twitter rants... and he deserved it. Also, it is not just "your" flag and "your" nation. It is theirs too. And the only person bringing shame to the country is that sick narcissist that less than half the country chose to represent it.
  25. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    I'm not gonna lie. I expected this team to be all-time bad... and I was hoping they would be. Clearly, they're not. Nevertheless, this off-the-wall random dancing is the first thing this franchise has done to make me really smile in years. I haven't felt proud of the team in a long time. Strange that it was something like this that did it...