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  1. Guys, it's just the first game please relax a little. I didn't hear too much about any rookie yesterday did any of you? The way practices are now set up the whole league is a little behind things will get better
  2. Just from Geno limiting the 3 and outs he will help the defense.
  3. This team beats 4 wins easily.
  4. When they let you go ahead of the scheduled deadline you are damaged goods. Also we have enough WR decisions to make.
  5. Not a guest, read you guys every day, several times a day, most often it's very insightful. You guys are great at what you do. Keep up the good work all.
  6. If I recall correctly Pace did start out as a DE and was switch to OLB with the Cardinals because it wasn't working out. maybe Coples at end?
  7. I don't want to start the conspiracy theory but could it be that Rex & Co. just don't want to open that pandora's box with tebow? That's why they only put him in when he cant succeed
  8. If we had horses they would have giddy yuped some sacks by now
  9. What happened to the rook, and Wilkerson. I had high hopes for our pass rush
  10. havent had one since forever I guess we will do alright without
  11. Wasnt the most pleasant of comments so why would Manning ever get jealeous
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